Assemble Protocol

Assemble Protocol

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ASSEMBLE Protocol is a global reward point integration platform based on blockchain, matching point providers, point consumers, and retailers.
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About Assemble Protocol

ASSEMBLE Protocol recognizes the fact that there are still pervasive issues, such as lack of places where consumers can redeem their points despite the global reward point market’s rapid and aggressive growth. A variety of enterprises including airlines, credit card companies, department stores, and outlets have adopted the concept of a loyalty program in order to maximize their profits, attract potential customers, and for other marketing purposes. Yano Research Group, a Japanese research company, estimated that the Korean reward point market is worth roughly 20 trillion KRW, whilst the global reward point market is worth more than 200 trillion KRW. Although a number of enterprises introduced loyalty programs solely for marketing purposes and to increase sales, their systems are now already regarded to be outdated and need improvement. After all, the reward points are recorded as a liability in point providers’ balance sheets, and yet consumers have almost no opportunity to make purchases with their points.

ASSEMBLE Team introduces ASSEMBLE Protocol which is a blockchain-based global point integration platform. ASSEMBLE Protocol provides a reliable service based on a transparent and safe token ecosystem by exploiting blockchain technology. Consumers can use their loyalty points, with the same attitude as they use cash, everywhere in the world without any time or place restrictions, while companies can expand their businesses and access diverse user pools. ASM Token issued by ASSEMBLE can widely be utilized in various areas such as education, cultural activities, hobbies, fashion and beauty. With its plug-in system, ASSEMBLE will allow easy access to the platform and build a network for ASSEMBLE partners. and YWMobile are the major partners of the ASSEMBLE Protocol. Existing point consumers and usage places previously secured by the partners will help ASSEMBLE settle in the market, this in turn will become ASSEMBLE’s point of differentiation. Hence, and YWMobile are the core partners of the ASSEMBLE Protocol:
1) possesses 520,000 subscribers on their platform, 3,000 partnering firms and accumulated 1 billion KRW in sales revenue 

2) YW Mobile is the provider of chauffeur services, that has 100,000 app downloads and has 2.1 billion KRW in
total sales revenue.

The point consumers and the usage places secured through the core partners of ASSEMBLE will contribute to the popularity of our platform and make it widely recognized both in online and offline domains. This in turn will become the competitive advantage of ASSEMBLE Protocol.


  • Point Exchange ASSEMBLE provides an opportunity to exchange various points for a single token. The various points can be integrated and converted into a single ASM Token or can be cashed out through a simple process.

    When a consumer incurs payment for a product and receives points from the point provider, the customer can then exchange the collected points for ASM Tokens at the ASSEMBLE Platform's PX.
  • Marketplace The MP is a place where product transactions occur with ASP Tokens. Consumers can purchase products from the seller under fair conditions. Moreover, consumers may earn additional rewards through community participation or by leaving reviews about their post-purchase experience.
  •  Data Infra The ASSEMBLE platform will have a data infrastructure. Consumer data is accumulated in the database, and advertisers can effectively run advertisements based on the data.

Assemble Protocol Roadmap

  • 2019 Q3~Q4

  • Team Building
    Application & Service Concept Formation
  • 2020 Q4

  • White Paper Release
    ASM Token Generation Event
    Partnership Establishmnet with
    Partnership Establishmnet with Club Pass
    Tech Partnership Establishment with Wanchain
    Tech Partnership Establishment with Luniverse
    ASP Plug-in Point Accumulation API
    Development Completion
    Commercializaition of the ASP Plug-in of the
    Partner Company "Club Pass"
  • 2021 Q1

  • Assemble Wallet Development
    Assemble Wallet Alpha and Beta Testing
    Assemble Wallet Launching
    Point Exchange Function Development
    for Android & IOS App
    Point Exchange Function Release
    for Android & IOS App
  • 2021 Q2

  • Assemble Market Development
    Assemble Market Alpha and Beta Testing
    Launching Assemble market
  • Read More
  • 2021 Q3

  • Deploying the Plug-in API Development Guide
    Assemble Wallet and Point Exchage Function
    Desktop Version Development
    Assemble Wallet and Point Exchage Function
    Desktop Version Alpha & Beta Testing
    Assemble Wallet and Point Exchage Function
    Desktop Version Launching
  • 2021 Q4

  • Assemble Wallet & Market & Point Exchage
    Language Pack Development
    Assemble Wallet & Market & Point Exchage
    Language Pack Alpha & Beta Testing
    Assemble Wallet & Market & Point Exchage
    Language Pack Launching


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