Ankots of Misteria

Ankots of Misteria

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Explore, battle, and earn crypto in a world packed with magical beasts, hidden secrets, and never-ending adventure.
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About Ankots of Misteria

Ankots of Misteria (AoM) is a monster battling and resource minting P2E game with PVP and strategy elements built on Polygon. The game is built using the latest technology in the blockchain space. AoM introduces a fresh take on the popular monster-battling genre with its dark narrative and distinguishable gameplay mechanics that are built using DeFi fundamentals.

Ankots of Misteria with its state-of-the-art tokenized ecosystem is paving a path to becoming one of the most immersive Free to Play P2E games in blockchain gaming. This shall be accomplished through a combination of our unique gameplay mechanics, a rewarding play-2-earn system, strong narrative depth and never-before-seen character design.

Ankots of Misteria Roadmap

  • 2021

  • Phase 1: July 2021
    Idea conceptualization

    Planning of game mechanics

    Project establishment

    Resource naming and world-building

    Lore conceptualization

    Planning of AoM ecosystem and tokenomics

    Planning of technical architecture

    Conceptualization and planning of core gameplay

    Phase 2: Dec 2021
    Launched white paper

    Establishment of gameplay concepts

    Initialization of game design

    Initialization of character and world design

    Launched AoM website

    Initiated community on Discord, Twitter and Telegram
  • 2022

  • Phase 3: Jan 2022
    Launch of marketing plan for brand awareness and community growth

    Launch of offline events, activities and conventions across regional markets

    Launch of ANKT Whitelist

    AoM cinematic trailer reveal

    Planning partnerships and investments

    Phase 4: Mar 2022
    Marketing partnership reveal

    AoM gameplay trailer reveal

    Announcement of Ankot NFT whitelist

    Launch of AoM web user dashboard

    Launch of ANKT referral system

    Ankot NFT reveal

    Ankot blind box airdrops

    Release of ANKT on launchpads

    Launch of ANKT and LVS liquidity pool

    Phase 5: April 2022
    Ankot NFT reveal

    Launch of ANKT referral system

    Completion of Marketplace Development

    Completion of Ankot NFT Smart Contract

    Develop PvP Matching Algorithm

    Phase 6: May 2022
    Completion of Ankot Breeding Smart Contract

    Finishing internal testing of Alpha version

    Completion of In-Game Barter System

    Phase 7: June 2022
    Completion of Land NFT Smart Contract

    Launch of ANKT on launchpads

    Ankot NFT Blind Box Airdrops

    Announcement of Ankot NFT whitelist

    Launch of NFT marketplace and Ankots NFT Blindbox

    Launch of ANKT and LVS liquidity pool
  • 2022

  • Phase 8: July 2022
    Completion of Orbs NFT Smart Contract

    Establishing swap of ANKT and LVS

    Launch of Ankot breeding system

    Reveal of Land and Orbs NFT

    Ankots of Misteria Game Beta Launch

    Phase 9: Augest 2022
    Auditing Smart Contracts for NFTs, Marketplace and Game.

    Land NFT airdrop

    Launch of Land blind box Minting

    Launch of Land NFTs on marketplace

    Phase 10: Sep 2022
    Orb NFT airdrop

    Launch of Orb NFT blind box Minting

    Launch of Orb NFTs on marketplace
    Phase 11: Oct 2022
    Official launch of Ankots of Misteria Game v1.0

    Launch of special in-game event with exclusive NFT rewards

    Launch of Ankot rental system

    Announcement and launch of scholarship program

    Phase 12: Nov 2022
    Announcement and establishment of AnkotDAO

    Designing of AoM Wallet

    Launch of Ankots comic series
  • 2023

  • Phase 13: 2023
    Initializing development of AoM side chain

    Release of Ankots of Misteria collectible action figures

    Initialising of Development of AoM testnet

    Testing AoM NFTs and tokens on testnet

    Launch of AoM Wallet

    Design and development of AoM DEX

    Launch of AoM Sidechain v1

    Transfer of NFTs and tokens to AoM Sidechain


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30 Days Growth:
18 900
30 Days Growth:

Ankots of Misteria Last News

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