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Decentralized, On-chain Wrapped BTC on Ergo and Cardano 👼
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About anetaBTC

AnetaBTC is a fully on-chain, decentralized protocol that allows Bitcoin to be directly wrapped on the Ergo and Cardano blockchains. AnetaBTC enables Bitcoin holders to unlock the value of their assets in a secure and efficient environment to provide yield, without selling any Bitcoin and without any third-party custodian involvement, as in the case of wBTC which is on the Ethereum blockchain and is the largest wrapped Bitcoin protocol today with over $14 billion of locked Bitcoin value.

Wrapped Bitcoin has the potential to provide the Ergo and Cardano platforms essential liquidity required for most all DeFi applications by transferring the full value of Bitcoin on a 1:1 basis — the total current market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeds $1.1 trillion, while the total value of wrapped Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain nears $20 billion.

AnetaBTC is crucial infrastructure to progress blockchain technology and decentralization — true decentralization, without any third-party intermediaries. AnetaBTC will be entirely on-chain using Ergo smart contracts and fully compatible with cross-chain decentralized exchanges on Cardano and Ergo.

The blockchain industry has somewhat veered from the initial concepts and principles that were laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto. As blockchain adoption increases, a vast majority of platforms have forsaken decentralization in exchange for transaction throughput and convenient implementation of smart contracts at the expense of security and censorship resistance.

There are two blockchains in particular, however, that have been structured and implemented to be two of the most truly decentralized blockchain platforms in existence today: Ergo and Cardano.

With the introduction of Ethereum, decentralized finance has grown rapidly with the advent of smart contract capabilities. The total locked-value on blockchain DeFi platforms currently exceeds $100 billion from zero just a few short years ago.

Wrapped Bitcoin allows holders to utilize Bitcoin in a wide array of DeFi applications such as yield-earning products, derivatives such as futures and options, and one of the most important pillars of the entire blockchain DeFi ecosystem going forward — stablecoins.

In 2019, investors were introduced to the first wrapped Bitcoin product, WrappedBTC (wBTC). The creation of wBTC by BitGo, Kyber Network, and Ren, formerly known as Republic Protocol was revolutionary in its own right, but wBTC is entirely centralized due to BitGo being the sole custodian for wBTC and this entity, partly owned by Goldman Sachs, has full legal control of all locked Bitcoin wrapped in wBTC.

Unlike wBTC, anetaBTC is entirely non-custodial, and all Bitcoin backing anetaBTC on a 1:1 basis is locked by fully-audited and open-source smart contracts that allow Bitcoin holders to directly mint and redeem anetaBTC. AnetaBTC seeks to be a truly decentralized, wrapped Bitcoin product on a secure third-generation blockchain platform with low and predictable transaction fees.

Aside from being centralized, wBTC is built on Ethereum, meaning wBTC users are subjected to the arbitrary high fee structure of Ethereum. AnetaBTC is built on the Ergo platform with a predictably low deterministic fee structure and will also be fully compatible with the Cardano blockchain. With Ergo and Cardano both having a predictable, low-cost fee structure, we are confident DeFi applications utilizing anetaBTC will have tremendous utility compared to wBTC with transaction fees exceeding at times $500 per transaction on Ethereum compared to anetaBTC with expected transaction fees of less than $1 allowing for far greater DeFi activity, even high-frequency trading that has a potential capacity of well over 70 million transactions per second.

The current transaction fee for Ergo stands at 0.0011 ERG, which is approximately $0.01 per transaction. Additionally, Ergo has built-in security and privacy tools such as ErgoMixer, which allows users to freely trade their native Ergo assets privately, somewhat similar conceptually to Monero ring signatures. Interoperability is another significant consideration, and tools like ErgoDEX allow for users to swap anetaBTC with any native Ergo and Cardano asset.

With anetaBTC, users are empowered to unlock the value of their Bitcoin holdings in a decentralized, secure, and convenient manner thus allowing participation in the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem, earning yield without selling any Bitcoin.

anetaBTC Roadmap

  • Stage 1 → Q4 2021 (Completed)

  • Release Litepaper
    Launch Community Airdrop Fund
    Research wrapping protocols (wBTC, REN, tBTC, sBTC, interBTC)
    Research decentralized asset-backed stablecoin
    Research Dynamic Market Maker
    Research most secure ADA, BTC, and ERG wallets
    ErgoScript testing
  • Stage 2 → Q1 2022 (Completed)

  • Release Tokenomics
    Announce Aneta Foundation and allocation to Ergo Development DAO led by Ergo Foundation
    Complete NETA Airdrops (successfully airdrop 5,000 outputs in one transaction)
    Establish and announce Strategic Partnerships (ErgoDEX, Minswap, KyberSwap)
    Develop and deploy Analytics Dashboard
    Participate in ErgoHack III
    NETA/cNETA listed on ErgoDEX, Muesliswap, and SundaeSwap
    cNETA listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
    Launch Community Team Fund
    Research and develop Ergo and Cardano voting/governance mechanism
    Develop Aneta Improvement Proposals and Aneta Governance Proposals (AIPs/AGPs)
  • Stage 3 → Q1/Q2 2022 (Ongoing)

  • Launch Liquidity ISO (LISO)
    cNETA Listed on Minswap
    Acquired 1st assets of LISO (ADA, BTC, ERG, MIN, KNC, NETA/cNETA)
    Release Tokenomics Part II
    Develop Aneta Wallet V1
    Begin community testing of Aneta Wallet V1
    Design anetaBTC UI
    Develop anetaBTC UI
    Develop NETA/cNETA staking
    Integrate Yoroi and Nautilus Wallet integration on anetaBTC (Ergo Network)
    Develop TosiDrop, a platform for claiming cNETA rewards from LISO (Cardano Network)
    Develop TosiDrop, any project can airdrop their tokens to their community (Ergo Network)
    Begin claiming of cNETA tokens via TosiDrop
    Launch TosiDrop (Cardano and Ergo)
    Launch Aneta Wallet V1
    Release Aneta Wallet iOS
    Launch NETA/cNETA staking
  • Stage 4 → Q3 2022

  • anetaBTC contracts (Ergo Network)
    Start BTC/ERG and BTC transaction fee oracle
    anetaBTC contracts public audit (Ergo Network)
    anetaBTC Testnet (Ergo Network)
    anetaBTC wrapping dashboard
    Onboard first community-run vaults (Ergo-BTC bridge)
    Launch anetaBTC voting/governance mechanism
    Implement new collateral assets
    BTC compatibility with Aneta Wallet for mobile (Android and iOS)
    ADA compatibility with Aneta Wallet for mobile (Android and iOS)
    anetaBTC Mainnet (Ergo Network)
    anetaBTC protocol improvements (Ergo Network)
    Develop Aneta Wallet for desktop (ADA, BTC, ERG)
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  • Stage 5 → Q4 2022

  • Develop anetaBTC front end with CIP-30 wallet integration
    anetaBTC contracts (Cardano Network)
    Start BTC/ADA transaction fee oracle
    anetaBTC contracts public audit (Cardano Network)
    anetaBTC Testnet (Cardano Network)
    Onboard first community-run vaults (Cardano-BTC bridge)
    NETA/cNETA listing on Tier 1 exchange
    anetaBTC Mainnet (Cardano Network)
    anetaBTC protocol improvements (Cardano Network)
    Publish anetaBTC research and release Whitepaper
    Launch Aneta Wallet for desktop (ADA, BTC, ERG)
  • Stage 6 → 2023

  • Stable anetaBTC release
    Develop and launch other wrapping protocols such as anetaKNC → Cardano and Ergo interoperability with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Cronos
    Develop and launch asset-backed stablecoin
    Develop and launch AnetaDMM


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