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Anarky World

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Our goal is to introduce new users to the world of the blockchain. For that reason our games are designed to be as simple as possible in terms of learning curve.
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About Anarky World

Special use of virtual spaces: Our museums have a lot of free space, this is intentional. Our plan is to use spaces like this, to place special advertising spots where artists can sponsor their collections in other users’ museums. As in a real museum, an advertising spot will be placed in strategic sites and the rental of these spaces will vary in cost according to the number of active users on the platform and the popularity of the artist in whose museum the advertising spot is being placed.


Primary Sales: All our games have a unique collection in OpenSea, to play, every user must buy at least one asset from the collection that corresponds to the chosen game.


Secondary Sales (trading fees): Anarky World takes a 10% fee from all secondary transactions of NFTs.


Microtransactions: The customization of the museums is completely free. But we will offer some special premium materials that must be purchased directly from the museum.


Subscription Model: eventually a subscription service will be offered where you can get all the premium items from the virtual gallery in a single subscription.


Special sponsorships: users may request to receive sponsorship on our networks and platform for a specific collection for an amount agreed between the parties.

Anarky World Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Anarky Museum
    *Launch of our Virtual Museum(Beta).* Marketing campaign for Museum
    Launch of Anarky Token
    *Launch of Anarky Token *Presale ANR
  • Phase 2

  • Launch of Triple Triad!
    *Launch of our first game Triple Triad NFT(beta). *Triple Triad NFT Marketing campaign .
    Add support for multiusers in Anarky Museum
    * This will allow multiple users to enter a museum and hold a group event where they can interact in a virtual world. *The possibility for each artist to organize special events and virtual parties in their museum will be enabled.
  • Phase 3

  • Expansion of Ecosystem
    *Improvements and expansion of games and services.*Add online multiplayer to our already published games. *Add new museum models to expand options for active users. *Add new materials and customization options in the Anarky museum.
  • Phase 4

  • Ports to other Platforms
    *Make ports of our games for: android, IOS. *Desktop version for Mac, Windows & Linux.
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  • Phase 5

  • Expansion of our community
    *Reach more than 20,000 active users per hour on our platform.
  • Phase 6

  • Launch Of Craft Adventure
    Our second game on the platform (currently in alpha stage). A survival game in the minecraft style. Accomplish the objectives of the game and earn rewards in Tokens.
  • Phase 7

  • Launch Of Shyminon Terra
    Our third game on the platform (currently in alpha stage). A platform game where the objective is to find the hidden treasures and for each treasure found you can earn rewards in Tokens.


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Anarky World Team

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Manuel Naim
Oscar Naim
Co-founder/ CTO
Oracio Camacho
Co-founder/ Lead Programmer
John Canelon
Co-founder/ Brand Manager
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