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A cloud computing network composed of social idle computing capacity. Committed to building asset-light, low-cost, high-availability computing platform. Alita builds a verifiable computing model based on TEE. It already supports both ARM and X86 servers and edge devices. And it is the world's first MapReduce framework to support Android.
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About Alita Network

Alita is a public chain at the bottom of the whole industrial chain covering upstream and downstream nodes of the industry, which is a huge distributed computing network built by idle hashrate, committed to the platform integration and optimization to the social idle hashrate resource. It utilizes container, BlockChain and trusted hardware to expand low cost hashrate supply, so that provide users with cheaper, safer and better experience of cloud computing service, and get idle hashrate. 

Alita is a supercomputing network consist of social idle hashrate resources, and a transaction platform for global hashrate in decentralization and asset-light mode, committed to the motivation mechanism “Who owns who benefits, and who uses who pays” built with BlockChain technology, and create a new type of hashrate industrial ecosystem that participated and beneficial by everyone. Currently, Alita’s verifiable computing model built on the basis of TEE, has supported ARM, x86 architecture server and edge device. Its global first MapReduce architecture supporting Android system can handle complex edge end analysis task rapidly, so that provides customers with low cost and high availability computing service. 

Alita as an innovative mode for BlockChain empowering data economy, it collapses conventional systemic architecture of hashrate industry, and integrates the idle hashrate resource into a hashrate platform with flowing, connecting and sharing features, and establishes a new type of rashrate ecosystem of the whole industry chain embracing hashrate supply client and application client, so that it certainly will vitalize current idle hashrate resource, effectively reduce application cost of hashrate, and reach dynamic balance of hashrate supply and demand, thus es-
tablishes a solid foundation for the enterprise and institution to utilize hashrate to analyze and solve problems, discover trend, and create new products, as well as explore market.



High Availability

Heterogeneous P2P resource management, large-scale distributed scheduling network, calculating the most recent locations in the data, more redundant nodes

Big Data Compute

Support edge-level MapReduce computing framework to process massive data

Data Security

Trusted computing based on hardware TEE, combined with big data computing framework
to solve both computing scale and
data security issues

Easier Integration

Provide microservices and Serverless architecture services, graphical big data processing platform, easy integration

Low Cost

Light asset cloud computing business model, making full use of idle resources, low cost, and sharing business dividends with the community.

Application Scenarious

Complementary to public cloud, providing edge computing, joint computing and data exchange solutions for multiple solutions


Technical Info

-Alita follows the objective law of the development of computing power industry, digitally transforms various elements in business logic, and provides users with value flow tools for large-scale commercial collaboration based on blockchain technology, and the responsibility and rights of upstream and downstream industrial chain nodes.

Benefited on smart contracts to create a smooth, stable and complete industrial chain. 

-A lita uses the exclusive research and development of big data algorithm to mark the idle computing power, establish a relational connection between different objects through intelligent contracts, and map the real world through the combined modeling and customization of multi-layer intelligent contracts. Different business activities.

-Alita accurately records the activities of each node of the computing industry chain on the blockchain, maximally integrates the upstream and downstream node resources and information, realizes the digitalization and systemization of all parties' cooperation, and automatically synchronizes the corresponding value flows. 

Execution, so that the overall cost of the industry is reduced, efficiency is improved, and distributed optimal deployment of resources is realized.

-Alita uses a consensus mechanism similar to PoS+PBFT to elect a leader in the network. The election rules determine the Leader based on the effective ALT quantity based on the ability of the miner to provide the VCU, that is, the verifiability of the proof. The Leader Mines Union produces the current block.

Alita Network Roadmap

  • 2021/05

  • Testnet Launching
  • 2021/12

  • First DApp based on Smart Contract at Testnet
  • 2022/Q1

  • MaintNet v2: Accounting Network Refactor based on Substrate.
    Staking Plan with Computation Power.
  • 2022/Q2

  • Data Privacy Solution based on Federated Computation.
    Data Economy Inspiring Engine: DataDEX
  • Read More
  • 2022/Q4

  • Data and Computation
    Power Mining stage II.


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