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Anonymous Crypto-Based Loans
Mar 18, 2019
Mar 31, 2019
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About Alendoo

Innovative technologies such as cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain were invented about ten years ago. Many experts believe that the Bitcoin, which is the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency, can become a true legal tender recognized by the laws and accepted in all parts of the world. On the other hand, the Blockchain is regarded as a revolutionary technology that can be used in all types of industries such as finance, healthcare, data management, IT, Space agencies, Smart Contracts, and Dapps, among others.

There are over 5,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. However, only a small percentage offers real value. Many of the coins or tokens exist only for a short time and become obsolete for reasons such as failure to develop the project, an exit scam occurred, or the investors were too few. Also, market conditions have a significant impact on the success of cryptocurrency projects. The well-known FOMO and FUD form an intrinsic part of the market that influences the success of such projects.

The Alendoo project already has active products. We have been referred to as a “crypto bank” that offers services similar to the traditional banks. However, our operations are based on only cryptocurrencies at the moment. Alendoo customers can take loans with the leverage of their crypto. Customers can also lend crypto and gain fair interests in return. In addition, customers who decide to hold crypto in Alendoo wallets are rewarded with 12% APR interests, at a value higher than what is offered by regular banks.

Our team is impressed by the level of customer satisfaction regarding the Alendoo project, and we plan to extend our offer to become more competitive in the market. To accomplish this goal, Alendoo has decided to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of their token – Alendoo Token (XAL). The company plans to raise funds to launch a Near Field Communication (NFC) payment application which will be based on cryptocurrencies. Currently, Alendoo Loans are paid out in USDT only, with the aim of giving customers access to a commonly used currency. The company remains committed to offering the benefits of anonymity; hence the traditional Debit or Prepaid Cards cannot be issued because the process will require KYC and AML procedures. Our team found the best solution for the NFC payment project that does not require any card to be connected while it functions. There will be a daily limitation due to standard AML regulations, but the anonymity of our customers will be protected.



Alendoo’s main mission is to keep their customers anonymity, to do so they’ve had to ‘think outside the box’ to fulfil its existing promises to customers and find a way to extend their offering by adding loans paid out in FIATs. An innovative solution has been selected for this issue. Alendoo decided to design an NFC mobile application that will be loaded with cryptocurrencies and without the need to register a debit or credit card.

The design of an NFC application and creating the right infrastructure for the entire process will require large funding. Alendoo cannot handle this project independently, which is why this investment opportunity is now available.

The company has made plans to launch an Initial Coin Offering for their token - the Alendoo coin (XAL). XAL will serve essential complex purposes due to its properties as utility coin.

There are 85,000,000 XAL tokens available to sale for $0.1 each. Additionally, there are discounts available and in the presale, purchasers can get the Alendoo Coin for just $0.07.
The presale starts on Monday, 18th of March and the main sale starts on Monday, 1st of April.

The company sets the soft cap at $3,000,000 and that is the minimum that must be raised to start the development. If the soft cap is not reached, all collected money will be returned to the customers.

The XAL token has functionality beyond the fundraising, it will also serve as a utility coin at Alendoo platform and enable token holders to participate in:

Discounted Loan interests - the collateral made in XAL will be presented with a 50% discount to APR.
- Revenue shareing - 20% of the revenue generated by Alendoo will be shared among all users holding XAL on the Alendoo platform.
- Increased Lending interests - every Lending made in XAL will be rewarded with a 10% bonus to the standard interests.
- Extras - Alendoo has established a cooperative agreement with many crypto related companies, and there is a plan to offer extras to their customers, for example, a discount to some products, etc.

Alendoo Roadmap

  • Q1 2019

  • Launch the Alendoo website.
    XAL presale.
    Aggressive marketing campaing.
    XAL ICO.
  • Q2 2019

  • Bounty event.
    Adding more privacy coins (ZEN, AEON, etc.).
    XAL ICO sale last round.
    Implementing XAL usability in the Alendoo platform.
    Listing XAL on the exchange.
    Recruiting development team.
    Finding IT and financial partners.
  • Q3 2019

  • NFC app development.
    Loan and Lending audit.
    XAL revenue program introduction.
    Roadmap update.
    Contracting of advisers.
    Ambassadors program.
  • Q4 2019

  • NFC app development.
    Closed NFC beta tests.
    Alendoo annual report.
    Increasing the team .
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  • Q4 2019

  • Public NFC beta tests.
    Crypto loaded NFC app launch.


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