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Akio Labs

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Data insights and infrastructure for blockchain leaders
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Jun 1, 2018
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Big Data, Blockchain

About Akio Labs

Easiest way to get insights from blockchain data

Akio helps you understand users, gather insights, and build custom solutions so you can grow your business.


Know Your Users

Automatically turn wallet addresses into full profiles and find out what you don’t know. Build a personalized product users will love.

Easily Gather Insights

Answer any question by deep diving into every smart contract, token, and project. Drop into your infrastructure without wasting time.

Build Custom Solutions

Power features that seemed impossible to build before. Use data to create trading signals, APIs, and innovative in-app features.

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Akio Labs Team

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Mark Miyashita
Co-Founder & CEO at Akio Labs
Wonjun Jeong
Co-Founder at Akio Labs

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