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Easy Booking, Ticket. meet Blockchain Airo-Network. AIRO NEWTORK is building the next biggest project capable of easing many functions like flight operations, booking, monitoring, maintenance and repair overhaul . When compared to the blockchain, traditional technologies are ineffective when applied to these areas as they lack the elements of reliability, transparency, and protection which are offered by Blockchain
Sep, 2018
Dec, 2018
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About Airo Network is the first decentralized platform for the airline industry that combines aviation management automation with a ticket distribution system. By using Smart Contracts on the Blockchain, we store information about any given airplane, along with full technical summary and schedule. This allows to instantly communicate complex sets of data within seconds, without any human involvement or possibility of making mistakes. Which enables us to solve complex problems in the industry and establishes as a technologicalleader inairlinemanagement.

We believe our platform will become the industry standard by offering a safe and secure way to connect the airlines with Blockchain – therefore streamlining daily operations, scheduling and ticket distribution. We offer a simple way to instantly book and store tickets as well as eliminate the need for middle-men and ticket resellers entirely by moving all operations onto a Blockchain. When the marketplace becomes more democratic, ticket prices naturally go down and trustless transactions allow to book affordable flight directly from the airlines. comes with an automated ticket management system that operates on tokens, built for instant transactions and forever stores information about all purchases. This means that there is no way to lose purchase data, while all information about any given flightis always stored on the Contract and updateswhenever there are delaysorschedulingchanges. Most importantly, the system is impossible to tamper with.


Airline Record Keeping:
Airlines collect vast amounts of data related to passengers and flights. While a portion of this data has to be reported to authorities like the Federal Aviation Administration for compliance purposes, most of it are not stored in a systematic way. A blockchain is an obvious solution for this challenge, which encourages pilots to log flight data , ticketing information on a blockchain thereby adding transparency and efficiency to the industry..

Travel Insurance
What if your flight is overbooked or another type of delay occurs and you want to cancel your trip entirely? Traditionally, passengers have had few good options in this type of scenario. Airlines rarely issue ticket refunds except in extreme circumstances. And while you could buy travel insurance to provide a refund in the event of a flight delay or cancellation, obtaining the refund usually requires collecting documentation of the problem, submitting a claim and waiting for a refund to arrive. This process adds inconvenience to passengers who have already been inconvenienced.

Lost Luggage
The incidence of misplaced luggage is another frequent woe for air travelers whose impact could be reduced with the help of a blockchain. The solution here is simple to envision: If passengers registered each piece of luggage on a blockchain when they dropped it off, and registered it again when they picked it up, it would become much easier to find a misplaced bag or suitcase in the event that it ends up on the wrong flight, the wrong passenger picks it up and so on.


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