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A new Japanese cryptocurrency
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He meaning of “aikoku” is “patriotism”. Aikokucoin is a new digital currency designed for japanese people. Aikokucoin aim to become a new asset class in Japan. Aikokucoin will protect Japanese money from unfair Japanese politics and bank policy.

We will spread out the aikokucoin to throughout Japan, we will create common recognition that aikokucoin is valuable. We will create that common recognition by airdrop programs, cooperation with political organizations, and public relations activities.


Retweets, etc. of the official Twitter  for those who had you public relations,  patriotic coin distributed free of charge and  we will work to spread into Japan. 
We will cooperate with patriotic maintenance sites, media and conservative organizations on various types of net. Listing patriotic coins on exchanges  makes it possible to actually buy and sell.  As the patriotic coin spreads it will further increase the listing exchange.

Technical Info

IKOKUCOIN is a hybrid ERC20/223 standard Ethereum token. 
ERC20 is the most common standard used by Ethereum for nowedays. but, ERC223 is getting attention as an upwardly compatible and improved version of the ERC20.
AIKOKUCOIN is ERC223 standard is compatible with ERC20.
AIKOKUCOIN can work on both ERC20 and ERC223.


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