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Created using Figma
Created using Figma
1“When there is a need for emergency financial assistance, a loan or a microloancan help out with the current situation. However, what if a loan or a microloanwill be provided via the blockchain technology with the lowest interest rate on the planet and in the shortest possible time for anyone who has access to the Internet?”–this is the main idea of our project
1 month presale & 3 month ICO
Mar, 2019
Aug, 2019
26% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 30 000 000.00 USD
Cap 2 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 AIB
    0.05 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Public tokens – 70% – 600,000,000 tokens
Economic reserve – 10% – 85,000,000 tokens
Advisory – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Bounty – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Partnership – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Marketing – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Accepted Currencies
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Additional Details
Platform, Banking

About AI Bank Global

The AI Bank: The New Avenue for Both People and Finance

Entirely decentralized virtual bank utilizes the blockchain to deal with loans and other banking procedures, with no human input whatsoever

April 3rd, 2019: The AI Bank, a completely decentralized global financial entity, has announced its innovative plans which, according to the bank, aim to revolutionize the areas of banking and finance. It’s a completely new idea that many have called the next step in financial evolution, while others consider it to be a reflection of current norms and a culmination of recent technological trends and advancements. However, the general consensus appears to confirm that the idea of a decentralized bank that entirely operates with artificial intelligence is highly ambitious.

The idea for the AI Bank has been influenced by one Mohammad Yonus. Yonus, creator of the Grameen Bank, changed the way banks perceived loans and established the basis of microfinance. Although his ideas have helped many people, more evolution is needed to bring banking services to people that still cannot find their way to finance solutions. The only to do so, as per the AI Bank and many leading experts, is the complete decentralization of the banking process, something that allows the customers to initiate complete control and completely do away with human involvement. The results are not just efficient and entirely free of human errors, but they are also very fast. That’s just what the AI Bank is going for.

The AI Bank is based upon a completely non-profit ideology that aims to deliver the chance to avail microfinance opportunities to anyone around the world. The aim behind the bank’s services is to make use of the blockchain and offer microloans using the blockchain’s decentralizing features to bring microloan opportunities to those that need it, without any human participation whatsoever. The AI Bank understands that for the world of banking and microfinance to move forward, a completely uninterrupted and focused service needs to be introduced that gives control to the customer rather than organizations. That’s exactly what the blockchain offers, with artificial intelligence powering the transactions and loan procedures.

The AI Bank is a highly ambitious project that aims to not just revolutionize and change the financial world, but also bring about positive change for humanity as well. It’s a non-profit start-up that aims to empower people who could not normally avail financial opportunities, with microloan and banking services that are aimed to help them in their work, their lives, and also improve their living conditions. The AI Bank hopes to be the change that it feels the world needs right now not just to change, but also to improve. It’s an ambitious project that brings its weight with focus towards human needs and solutions that aim to satisfy them with exemplary service.

Technical Info

Token price: USD 0.05 the price of one AIB token
Token emission: 856,750,000 tokens
Token standard: ERC20

USD 250,000 private pre-sale of tokens, 5,000,000 tokens. Bonus with a private pre-sale of 35%.

Softcap: USD 2,000,000
Hard Cap: USD 30,000,000

Token distribution:
Public tokens – 70% – 600,000,000 tokens
Economic reserve – 10% – 85,000,000 tokens
Advisory – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Bounty – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Partnership – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Marketing – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens


AI Bank Global Roadmap

  • Oct. 2018

  • Idea
  • Nov. 2018 - Feb. 2019

  • Team building
    Token, website
  • Mar. 2019 - Apr. 2019

  • Private Sale
  • May 2019 - September 2019

  • - ICO
    - Agreement with IT companies
    - List Token on main Exchanges
    - Agreement with banks on the placement of a fiat fund of AI bank
    - AI Bank product development
    -Writing pseudo code for AI Bank


30 Days Growth:

AI Bank Global Last News

5.0 11
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