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About Abix Coin

There are many negative factors such as the extinction of plant and animal species as a result of global warming, fires, binary crises, damage to our world and reduction of habitats. It is aimed to protect nature, reduce living areas with global climate change and industrialization, protect the ecosystem, re-green the forests destroyed by forest fires and increase the rate of clean air. In addition, we instill the awareness of protecting natural life in people.


We shape our world according to our needs. But new resources create new challenges, empower new people, and they give birth to ideas and ideals that will change our lives!

While we were carrying the first spark ignited by our hunter-gatherer ancestors to today's world, we always thought of ourselves, we neglected mother nature most of the time, and today we are not sure whether we will be able to inherit our world not to our grandchildren but to our children as we grapple with the climate crisis.

Time to make peace with Mother Nature!


Climate and Energy

Dependence on fossil fuels not only creates a burden on the economy, but also causes the accumulation of greenhouse gases that cause climate change in the atmosphere. We need to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees in order to prevent climate change from causing irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.

Wild life

We must reverse the trend of declining biodiversity and create a future where wildlife and humans thrive together. Wildlife is disappearing in every ocean, on land and under water on every continent. His fate is in our hands.


Forests provide us with many resources, including food, medicine, and the air we breathe. The lungs of our planet are in danger of extinction with climate change. 300 million people still live in forests. Over 1 million people still make their living from forests.

Food and Fresh Water

The amount of accessible fresh water is less than 1% of the world's total water supply. The existence of sufficient quality water is the most basic condition and problem of ecosystems as well as food, development and therefore the future. Each of us needs nutritious food to survive. Food production suffers from factors such as climate change, rapid increase in temperature in the atmosphere, floods, drought.

Abix Coin Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Listing on Global Exchanges
  • Phase 2

  • Global Afforestation Activities
  • Phase 3

  • Social Responsibility Practice
  • Phase 4

  • Abix 3.0 Virtual Reality
  • Read More
  • Phase 5

  • Strategic Partnerships


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