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Abell World is a platform of decentralized games base on blockchain.
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About Abell Coin

Abell World is a platform of decentralized games base on blockchain. But we prefer people to regard Abell World as a parallel world. If you also agree with us, it will be an immersive Internet universe beyond the physical form. Abell World will store data on IPFS to ensure data security, which will be super cool! And combining the advantages of DEFI and NFT to build the economic foundation of the entire metaverse, while bringing players gaming experience and economic benefits. The team’s goal is to create a colorful, open and decentralized metaverse by constructing different virtual spaces and games. We will intervene the ecosystem and modify the rules as little as possible, making the rules as simple and effective as possible from the beginning, and focusing on the development of fun and system architecture. In addition to some NFT capsules (blind boxes) will be released initially, players can self-cast NFT by collecting resources in the latter stage. Abell team will not hold any coins and virtual assets within the Abell Worldproject to ensure fairness and openness of the project. The main income of the team is the commissions in marketplace and the income will be used to maintain developing progress and community governance. In the future, multiple games and virtual worlds will be developed in Abellworld to build multiple spaces and make them interconnected. The ecological coins is $ABC, which will be issued on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). We connect diverse economic systems through $ABC and realize the connection with the real world economy. Utilizing blockchain technology to issue in-game currency and main props as crypto assets. And player can freely exchange in game and marketplace. Abellworld team also welcomes the community to introduce other projects and ideas through fair governance to jointly build Abellworld and a colorful open metaverse.


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