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2key Network

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
2 key is building a distributed Global Referral Network for beginners so that everyone can seamlessly mobilize the human web to achieve valuable outcomes. Our revolutionary technology adds multi-step tracking capability and integrates Smart Contract into referral link to rebuild the link, tracking, recording, and automatic rewards for all people who passed through We will make it possible. We are building a future where everyone can create an innovative introduction chain that will benefit the entire community.
Nov 1, 2018
Dec 1, 2018
100% completed
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Jun 1, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
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About 2key Network

2key is developing a blockchain protocol which fuses together smart contracts and HTTP links to allow decentralized multi-step referral tracking and auto conversion to be embedded into every link.

We’re using this novel protocol to build the 2key Network – an innovative​ platform empowering anyone to create referral campaigns and incentivize the human network to achieve results of value.

2key is creating a future where the simple act of sharing useful information with one another on the web will be fairly rewarded.

2key Network Roadmap

  • Q2 2017

  • The 2key concept is born and project launch.
    2key’s core team is formed.
  • Q3 2017

  • Alpha-version full specification is complete.
    Development of technological protocol prototype begins.
  • Q4 2017

  • Full design & architecture for product’s version 1.0 is ready.
    Deployment of the 2key protocol on Ethereum test net.
  • Q1 2018

  • 2key’s whitepaper v1.0 is released.
    Multi-step protocol v1.0 ready.
    Project seed investment of $1M is secured.
    2Key’s community is established.
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  • Q2 2018

  • Private sale launched.
    Product’s alpha version is completed.
    Technical whitepaper is published.
    Releasing the yellow paper.
  • Q3 2018

  • Token Pre-Sale to be launched.
    Delivering platform’s beta version including built-in web wallet for ICOs and lead-generating campaigns Releasing version 1.0 of incentive model.
  • Q4 2018

  • Finalize Token Sale and getting listed on top exchanges.
    Release of offline acquisition referral product.
    Enabling the use of fiat currencies converted into 2key tokens, within the 2key platform.
    Developing 2key’s network back-end.
    Developing 2key’s GRN native mobile apps.
  • Q1 2019

  • Releasing version 1.0 of:
    2key’s recommendation graph;
    online acquisition referral product;
    monetize referral content for publishers.
  • Q2 2019

  • Growing adoption of 2key within the digital marketing industry.
    Completing the final GRN product with new features such as full acquisition campaigns templates and communication tools for users.
    Adding and retaining new community members.
    Improving 2key products: 2key explorer, 2key’s wallet, integration to other tools and new smart contracts templates.
    Scaling 2key’s open-source development community.


2key Network Team

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Erez Ben-Kiki
Founder, CEO
eiTan LaVi
Co-Founder, CTO, CIO
Udi Ben-Reuven
Chief Scientist
Yoram Kornatzky
Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer
Shlomi Zfira
Senior Full Stacker
Andrii Pindiura
Senior Front End Dev.
Ivan Kostuchenko
Backend & Blockchain Dev.


$18 154 875

Roman Shevchenko
Front End Developer
Lior Ben-Kiki
QA Automation Consultant
Amit Kashtan
Marketing Director
Hadas Miron
Graphic Designer
Netta Richter
Director of Content
Shai Mohaban
Token Sale Strategist
Nadav Mizrahi
Graphic Designer
Priel Hackim
Art Director
Noam Sharir Rotholz
Community & Operations Director


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Reshef Meir
Yuval Emek
Roey Tzezana


$45 000 000

Guy Zyskind
Founder, CEO @ Enigma


$2 271 237

Stas Oskin
Blockchain Expert Wings.ai


$2 271 237

Sebastian Stupurac
Blockchain Expert Wings.ai
Idan Lakritz
CPA and token economics specialist with vast exper...
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2key Network Reviews

Over the past 2 years, we have been heavily involved in the ICO space. We spoke to 100s of projects and flew around the world to meet interesting and upcoming projects. Since 2019, we decided the only way to do research is by spending at least 1 week with the teams, working with them on the ground. Investing in startups is essentially investing into people. The only way to get a deep understanding of how these teams think and work is to be there with them. 
We were extremely impressed by how 2keys leadership manages their company. Running 18 developers for almost 2 years on a very small budget is not easy. It requires discipline and teamwork. Many projects just work until they have enough to raise more. 
What puts 2Key apart from any other project that we have seen is their extreme perfectionism towards their own product. Over the past 2 years, 2Key has developed the most extensive Dapp we have ever seen, built on very innovative technology that could be the key to pushing blockchain adoption.
For more information, we would highly recommend reading the 2Key Medium articles that explain all their work in more detail. 
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Midgard Research
2Key Protocol is a layer-two scalability solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Beyond scalability, the Protocol has designed technologies to ease user onboarding for the DApps built upon it:
- Dedicated Exchange Contract that taps into secondary markets any Crypto into the target DApp’s native token. 
- Unique technology that auto-generates a wallet for any user that engages with the Protocol through a normal web browser. 
2Key Protocol has been tested and put to use in the first 2Key DApp: 2Key Network.
2Key Network develops multi-party state networks that provide a way to create Smart Links by embedding smart contracts into web HTTP links; essentially, smart contracts will become a part of every link we use to share content online. 2Key Network ensures that whenever a shared link leads to a business decision, fair payment is made to all those who built the chain of shares that eventually led to the business decision (like a purchase). The 2Key Network uses the 2Key Protocol to give the masses involved in the Smart Link shares their first Crypto wallet.
In simpler words, 2Key Network is a new type of referral marketing system on the blockchain and it uses the 2Key Protocol to achieve DApp scalability, onboard the masses, and make DApp usage possible irrespective of what Crypto a person has (interoperability). 
2Key Network has many use-cases: token sales, crowdfunding, donations, organizing airdrops, getting and tracking leads, creating a valid vote on a DAO, generating product sales, acquiring users, and much more! 2Key has already developed and released its MVP on Ropsten Testnet. Test campaigns are live for people/companies to try.
2Key Protocol, on the other hand, can make DApps scalable, allowing them to share users without them needing to buy DApp tokens, and market to the masses and onboard them from the touch of a link on their browser.
The 2Key Protocol has many partnerships; these are pending announcements. 2Key Network’s interested clientele is also pending announcement. Announcements will be spread for the sake of enhancing community engagement. Meanwhile, 2Key will build a solid community via a partnership with DAO Maker, a social mining platform. 
The project is planning to conduct a TGE soon! 
We have already tested 2Key Dapps and made our own Test Token-sale with our own Smart Link - https://test.2key.io/QmZ5ERE5UZbJ5JuHWmR1HU1KLqd6DQfcnNPRMd7BQWaSy7
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Joel - Crypto Engine
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Crypto Sherlock
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Crypto Calibur
2key Network is another intriguing project with a solid use case and the team is setting out to disrupt the online advertising and referral marketing sectors that have become entirely dependent on large centralized operators. The technology that supports the network is impressive and represents the innovative use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in our opinion. The ability to embed smart contracts into regular HTTP links greatly simplifies the revenue sharing model with regards to referral marketing and does away with the need for any intermediaries.
The project also contains a number of team members with specific industry experience and founders eiTan LaVi and Erez Ben-Kiki have significant experience in online marketing and the more complex aspects of administering and tracking online content. The project also incorporates a comprehensive token model with 2key tokens being used to pay for fees on the network, and engage in staking, and the team has also committed to locking up tokens long term which should prove to be beneficial.
Despite these positives, there are still areas of concern and some points to consider. Firstly, although 2key may be able to benefit from “first mover” advantage and gain serious traction, it may prove harder than expected to consistently attract users and draw people away from modern-day giants such as Google and Facebook. Furthermore, while the digital marketing sector continues to grow at a fast pace and generate large amounts of revenue, blockchain projects operating in that niche are still trying to establish themselves with possibly only Steem and Basic Attention Token being seen as standout successes.
As a result, we are still unsure just how much value can flow into the network within its early stages, and with investors in the project only being given access to 15% of the token supply via tokensales, a significant amount of tokens are expected to be held by network participants. Furthermore, 40% of tokens will be held in reserve by the team and will require sensible management in order to guarantee the stability of the token economy. The project’s early success may very much depend on the team’s initial marketing strategies and partnerships which are still to be revealed, and the right campaigns will capture the crucial early adopters amongst the crypto and digital marketing communities. A successful tokensale will also give the team more of a runway, and allow the development of a “war chest” for taking on the established players. As a result, 2key Network is one to keep an eye on, and the project may become even more interesting as the team begins to detail their go to market strategy and plans for securing adoption.
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