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We are a group of networking technology enthusiasts who can no longer just stand by the sidelines watching what is happening in the present world and seeing how the basic values of freedom in our society are being eroded. We have decided to get involved! We are the 1984 Group.
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Weitere Details

Über Utopia

Our core values

Our main values are the protection of all Human Rights in regards to privacy of communication and freedom of self-expression. We wish to uphold these values to humanity through this manifesto and to build a strong foundation for this in the highly technological society of the future. We want to contribute to the development of a self-regulating society which encompasses both humanism and freedom.

How it all started?

In the fast paced world that we live in today, filled with a vast array of information technologies, reliable communication became one of the most important components of our lives. This all truly began when the first bit of data was sent over to the ARPANet and the first data connection happened. Suddenly we had entered into a new dimension, the informational space. From then on, communication channels have been wrapping our planet tightly and have now given us the ability to transfer tremendous amounts of data in an instant.

Connected people

Networks have provided us with the most crucial element - Freedom. Everyone suddenly had the opportunity to express their opinions and views on any topic on the Internet. Ease of access to the information made it nearly impossible to hide any news from the public. Censorship was almost nonexistent. Many services like e-mail started to gain popularity. However, the ease with which we could share information created an illusion of privacy and anonymity just like an e-mail gave us the illusion that the contents of the letter would remain confidential and would not be read by an unreliable mailman. We have simply forgotten that all of our activities can be tracked and our data can be used for other purposes by governments and private corporations, and unfortunately that is exactly what has happened.

Assault on the Internet

Governments of almost all developed countries are fighting an invisible war with their main enemy - free society. All words and statements regarding freedom, democracy and the fundamental principles on which our world was built are just a campaign to distract, mislead, fool and control free people. Under the legend of freedom and democracy, an ideal police-run-state was formed where the life of every subject has to be fully standardized and known. Democracy in its original meaning - the "rule of the people" - is yet another illusion. By controlling the mass media, and manipulating social media, governments and private corporations are able to create desirable trends and distribute them to masses. Any deviations from these trends are considered unacceptable and are suppressed by the government right from their very beginnings.

No one can control the Internet

Realizing the degree of freedom that networks can provide to groups and individuals, governments decided to subdue and destroy all promising developments in this particular field which increasingly began to appear in the modern world. Governments, in partnership with the world’s largest IT corporations, have the goal of complete information supremacy over the world. To achieve their goals governments have been ready to take every unlawful and unethical step necessary to intercept and analyse every single bit of data that is sent over any network. Governments have used every possible method available, they have installed hardware patches on networking devices, forced IT companies into illegal cooperation, created laws that legalized surveillance and collected private user data from the web.



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