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Triall is laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s digital playing field in clinical trials 🌍 📱. is bringing web 3.0 to medical research by building a tokenized ecosystem of blockchain-enabled software solutions that secure and streamline clinical trials. Our blockchain infrastructure makes medical data tamper-resistant and enables secure and efficient connections between the isolated parties involved.
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Clinblocks B.V.
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May 7, 2018
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Ja , von Jul 1, 2021 bis Sep 28, 2021

Über Triall

The clinical trial process typically takes 10 years and has become increasingly complex, data-heavy, and fragmented over the past decade 🤯 . As a result, the majority of clinical trial stakeholders experience a lack of oversight over their clinical trial operations. This leads to significant delays and an enormous unnecessary costs. ‼️

As the world’s first organization to implement blockchain in a live and running clinical trial, we are a frontrunner in applying blockchain to address two industry-wide needs:
🕵🏼 promoting traceability and auditability of clinical trial operations.
👮🏼‍♀️ enabling the safe and compliant transfer of clinical trial data between organizations and systems.

Triall has been in development since 2017. We have a first working product that is used in real clinical trials today, and are backed by a growing community of partners and investors.

Awarded by a Seal of Excellence by Horizon 2020 (European Commision) by underlying concept.

Project info:
👉 Founded: early 2018
👉 Industry: clinical trials (±$200B industry that evaluates the safety and efficacy of new therapeutics and vaccines in patients)
👉 Token type: ERC20
👉 Initial listing: Uniswap
👉 Listing price: $0,25
👉 Listing date: September 28
👉 IDOs: and
👉 Smart contract auditor: (100/100)


This chapter describes the first range of core applications that will be offered inside the Triall Ecosystem. These applications specifically target issues and bottlenecks faced by the clinical research industry and will be developed in collaboration with a consortium of expert partners that each bring their own unique know-how and capabilities.

1) Verial eTMF. Clinical document management solution with blockchain proofs of data integrity and authenticity. It's a working product is currently being onboarded by 6 commercial clinical trial projects across 3 countries involving an approximate total of 2500 participants.

2) Triall CTMS. Clinical trial management dashboard, reading metrics from blockchain API-connected eClinical solutions.

3) Atena PRM. Multi-sided partnering directory, vendor selection and management platform with blockchain proofs of fair tender and bidding procedures.

Triall Roadmap

  • Q1, 2022

  • Release of Triall CTMS - Clinical trial management dashboard, reading metrics from blockchain API-connected eClinical solutions.
  • Q3, 2022

  • Release of Atena PRM: Multi-sided partnering directory, vendor selection and management platform with blockchain proofs of fair tender and bidding procedures.
  • Next stages

  • Ecosystem growth and support: Triall Community Fund, DAO, strategic partnering, third-party integrations, expansion into adjacent markets


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Triall Mannschaft

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Hadil Es-Sbai, MSc
President | CEO
Niels Klomp, MSc
Dr. Linda van de Bur...
Rob Posthumus, LL.M.
General Counsel
Raymond van der Waal...
Head of Marketing
Dr. Joost Flach
Head of Clinical Affairs
Mark van der Waal, M...
Head of Product
Sergio Karavanets
Marketing manager

Triall Interviews

Hadil Es-Sbai, MSc
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Hadil Es-Sbai, MSc., CEO and co-founder at
I am leading the Triall team on its mission to enable a future of smarter, safer, and more-efficient clinical trials.

Majored in analytical chemistry at the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Background of 20+ years in clinical development and assumed several roles within the pharmaceutical and clinical contract research industries. I became an entrepreneur in 2006 and have since combined several functions that are all related to business development and innovation in the pharmaceutical and clinical domain. Co-founded several service-driven pharmaceutical companies, including the contract research service providers Herakles Life Sciences Group ( in 2007 and CR2O ( in 2008.
What do you think about idea?
The covid-19 pandemic seems to have changed our lives forever. Where clinical trials initially faced major disruption, we now see emerging technologies like telemedicine, Electronic Health Records, decentralized/virtual trials, and digital therapeutics being embraced at record speed. We believe that the Triall ecosystem will bring all these innovations together for the benefit of faster, smarter and cost-effective clinical operations.

We bring together a consortium of clinical researchers, IT specialists, and blockchain engineers to build towards the world’s first multi-sided platform for all types of clinical research professionals. Applying an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, Triall will host a series of modular eClinical solutions that directly tailor to identified pain points that make clinical trial operations overly complex, lengthy, and resource-inefficient.

Triall’s first deliverable: a blockchain-integrated eTMF solution to verify the integrity of essential documents, ease filing workload, and establish an immutable audit trail for clinical operations.
Dr. Joost Flach
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Joost has worked in various positions within the contract research industry. He is an experienced clinical project manager and research scientist, through which he manages and consults on clinical trials for industry and academia. He has an academic background in neuropharmacology and business management and holds a PhD in microbiology. Throughout his career and PhD research, Joost has built ample experience in clinical operations, medical writing, and regulatory approval strategies.

As head of clinical affairs, Joost sets out to advance medical innovation by bringing the promises of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, to end-users within the clinical research community.
What do you think about idea?
Joost ultimately ensures that all of Triall’s software solutions meet the needs of clinical research professionals, paving the way for novel therapeutics with positive societal impact.
Mark van der Waal, MSc
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Triall: "Mark is an academic entrepreneur and management consultant who combines a thorough practical and academic background in health technology innovation. As a PhD candidate, he analyzes the dynamics of intangible resources and intellectual property (IP) rights in the Life Sciences & Health domain. Coming up with new models to leverage the full potential of these hidden organizational assets in processes of health technology innovation and stakeholder value creation is at the core of his doctoral thesis.

Mark performed research into the applicability of blockchain technology for managing intangibles and IP assets, which resulted in a publication in Science. Prior, he investigated science-based product and service innovation in neurosciences, vaccines, and microbiota, designing peer-reviewed management tools to address identified innovation barriers in these domains.

Besides his research projects, Mark has worked as a management consultant, assisting biomedical innovators in communicating value propositions, building strategic value networks, mapping the optimal route for company growth and for staying on track for innovative success. Mark is a passionate (self-taught) graphic designer, and has been involved in UI / UX design projects for business and academia for many years.

Mark his creative capabilities, structured approach to problem-solving, and phenomenal attention to both detail and the bigger picture are at the core of Triall’s solutions."
What do you think about idea?
Mark: "Blockchain and decentralized identity technologies provide incredible opportunities for improving the way we organize clinical trials, and our digital world at large really. But they are means after all, and not ends in themselves. I’m motivated to apply these technologies as enablers of great user-centered solutions, with smooth user experiences, targeting real-world problems, needs, and demands."
Sergio Karavanets
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My role is to help building a marketing strategy and raising awareness about Triall Ecosystem and $TRL pre-sale.
What do you think about idea?
Triall is just in time project given to the pandemic of COVID-19. Humanity can benefit a lot with the help of Triall's software solutions and vision of our team.
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