The Stoned Frogs

The Stoned Frogs

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8400 unique frogs coming to grow on the #Solana blockchain
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Über The Stoned Frogs

They were no different from their relatives; living typical froggy lives and munching on flies. Until an outcast of the community ventured beyond the pond into the unknown.



Get immersed in the world of amphibians, the one they don't teach you about at school.

Take a closer look into their natural habitat and discover the lives of your favourite interdimensional spirit animal, surviving the elements the only way they know how.



The battles are the way frogs train and entertain themselves while awaiting the arrival of their sworn enemy, the dreaded lizards...



Plant your $SEEDS to grow into Cannabis Trees! Harvest the Cannabis Trees in time to gather additional $SEEDS.



At the end of the journey, you will have made it to your destination, the sacred pond. The pond will be a real world cannabis coffeeshop, where you will join your fellow members of the community in a real world setting. Share joints, stories, and profits of your journey together. Welcome to your new home, and nevertheless, don't forget to pass the joint.




Come test your luck after the sell out. We will have a mystery box containing $100,000 worth of prizes. By owning a frog, you will automatically join the game. The more frogs you have the more chances you will get.

Good luck!

More details coming soon!



Stake your frogs to get daily earnings in $SEEDS.

Staking will also automatically put you in one of the 3 colonies depending on the number of frogs you stake to earn a percentage of the cannabis coffeeshop's profits.

Tokenomics and more details coming soon!


We will be creating an Online Store on our website to allow users to purchase products using $SEEDS which will include:

- Cannabis

- Cannabis Products—Ashtrays, Rolling Papers, Lighters, and more!

- CBD Products

- Merchandise—T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, and more!

- Miscellaneous—Seasonal gifts and products!

As a Stoned Frogs NFT holder, you will receive a discounted-price on all Online Store Items.

The Stoned Frogs Roadmap

  • Community Building

  • Building a strong and active community to ensure the project's success.
  • Minting Day 4/22

  • Our pond will release 8400 frogs on the Solana blockchain.
  • The Mystery Box

  • Soon after selling out, stoned frog holders will be able to open their mystery boxes and reveal their prizes. Mystery boxes will include up to 100,000$ worth of prizes.
  • P2E Game Development

  • Grow your farm and earn $SEEDS. Battle against other frogs, master the game, and bet on your fights using our token. Chill by the pond with your friends, and remember, don't get high on your own supply.
  • Weiterlesen
  • $SEEDS Token Release and Staking

  • The launch of our token $SEEDS. Stake your frogs to earn $SEEDS daily.
    You can use them to bet against other frogs in battles, HODL, buy products from the online store and buy weed in the cannabis coffeeshop!
  • Reefer Parties

  • The locations and times will be agreed/voted on by Holders and free to attend.
    The events will feature multiple competitions for prizes including strain tastings, create-your-own strain and much more!
  • DAO

  • We will be offering whitelist (pre-sale) opportunities for other projects, investment opportunities (alpha calls) and giveaways exclusively to members of our DAO.
  • Online Store

  • This will include CBD products, merchandise, T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, ashtrays, rolling papers, Lighters, grinders and more!
    As a Stoned Frogs NFT holder, you will receive a discounted - price on all Online Store Items.
  • Game Launch

  • Our stoned frogs play to earn game will go live
  • The Stoned Frogs Cannabis Farm

  • We are already working on legalities and procedures to purchase a growing license in one of the legal countries in Europe and the community will vote on strain crossing to create The Stoned Frogs strains.
  • The Stoned Frogs Cannabis Coffeeshop

  • The Stoned Frogs Cannabis Coffeeshop will open in either The Netherlands, Spain, Malta, Germany, or Thailand. Holders will generate passive income and will have exclusivities using the $SEEDS token. The more frogs you have the more income you make.
  • Royalties

  • One of the many ways to make profits is staking your frogs to enter the colonies and earn a percentage of The Stoned Frogs cannabis coffeeshop's profits.
    We're not done yet. Beware of the Lizards! They're coming fast carrying more utilities.


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