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Stargaze is a decentralized and community-owned network for NFTs. It is built as an app-specific Cosmos Proof-of_stake chain, running the Tendermint consensus engine. It’s goal is to be similar to OpenSea, except governed by a community via a curation DAO and a protocol DAO.
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Über Stargaze

Stargaze will allow users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. It will also allow trading NFTs across other IBC-enabled chains. It will also interoperate with Ethereum over Gravity Bridge.

STARS is the native staking token that is used for:

Fees for processing transactions and storing data Running validator nodes on the network via staking STARS tokens Voting in governance for protocol upgrades and parameter changes Voting in the DAO to curate NFTs and fund creators Mint and bid on NFTs

Stargaze tools include:

Stargaze node software to run validators, full nodes, and perform command-line operations

How many STARS coins are there in circulation?

Stargaze mainnet launched on October 29th, 2021 with 1 billion STARS tokens created at genesis. New coins are minted each year via inflation. Inflation follows a “thirdening” schedule where it is reduced by 1/3rd each year. Inflation for year 1 is 100%. Details of the release schedule can be found at

Who are the founders of Stargaze?

Stargaze is founded by Shane Vitarana, Jorge Hernandez, and Jake Hartnell, all programmers with extensive software engineering experience.

Shane and Jorge met while working at TruStory, one of the first protocols to be built with Cosmos SDK. Jake met Shane 3 years ago, and have worked together for over 2 years. Jake is one of the maintainers of cw-nft, the NFT repository for CosmWasm, the smart contract technology used in Stargaze.

Shane has been programming for nearly 3 decades, and has published some very popular iOS apps including Drum Kit, and TED. Before building apps, he was contributor to the open source web framework Ruby on Rails, and was one of the first hires at Groupon. He also worked at and Motorola before that. He holds an M.S in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Electromagnetics, and a dual B.S in Computer Engineering and Computer Science.


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