Mini Utopia

Mini Utopia

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Mini Utopia is the leading decentralized exchange of NFTs (based on voting power) across all EVM Networks Matic Network. Miniutopia An NFT ecosystem where the community decides the prices/value of a non valued NFT. Why pay more? Mini Utopia runs on Matic Network, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Trading fees are lower than other top NFT Collectible exchanges too, so that's a double win for you
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Über Mini Utopia

Mini Utopia

You can participate in the operation of the network by allocating NFTs (memes and other NFTs) that will be voted for in other to get the price factor from the community votes.Due to this mechanism, transaction processing is decentralized, which allows a person to be not only a user, but also a participant.

Mini Utopia Transactions

Transactions between Mini Utopia users are carried out over the Polygon Network which makes the transactions much more reliable

Safety & Reliability

Your wallet is already protected during the transaction process and its safety doesn’t depend on the network’s reliability

No Deflation

Mini Utopia doesn’t have a deflation problem. Emissions are decreasing slowly, which protects the currency from economic shocks


Mini Utopia emission is an open process. Any user can join the Mini Utopia network and take part in the emission process (thus, bringing NFTs )

What is Mini Utopia?

Mini Utopia is a private, decentralized Token with the aim that allows everyone to take part in the Mini Utopia network development. Privacy and security come naturally from using MiniUtopia.

Mini Utopia Market Value

Actually, all things considered, the easiest thing to do for the beginner is to follow someone who knows what they are doing. With more than a hundred Tokens on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will make a good investment and which ones are better to exclude.

Mini Utopia initial price of IDO


It is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses NFTs, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the Prices of assets.

Growing Global

Mini Utopia is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto community. Lots of real companies and exchanges will adopted our coin soon. There is much more to come. Stay tuned.


Completely Decentralized

The important part of Mini Utopia is the Decentralization of NFTs.

Active Development Team with Many Contributors

The basic idea is that developers can come as they wish and work on any part of the platform both in ideas and NFTs.

Excellent Support from the Community

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Service is the most important factor in platform viability.

MIni Utopia Network is Ready for Mass Adoption

Don`t be afraid try something new! Cryptocurrency industry is growing and has experts to guide you.

Ultra-Fast Contactless Transactions

It`s a new word in payment solutions: new technology will make transactions even easier for the end-users.

Open-Source Currency

The system and trading cannot be stopped. Every aspect is transparent including the NFTs.


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