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Goldmand is a blockchain-game on WAX developed by FANTASY NFT LIMITED, play-to-earn format. This is not a game where the gameplay means clicking the mining button every hour. Players must also monitor their resources, depending on their race and assets, or trade them with other players.
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At Goldmand, Players will immerse themselves in the role of an adventurous miner by crafting tools, mining on lands, creating an army for the PVP stage of the game and from this, each player will contribute to building a whole metaverse combining multiple unique in-game assets that can be tradable.

At Goldmand, we believe that having these assets is one of the many ways the game can be appealing and engaging, but also rewarding to the players. The intention is to organically create a real economy system within the game. Given our tokenomics, this also aligns the interests of our investors and game participants, thereby allowing the players not only to enjoy the game but also the opportunity to earn from their contribution to the Goldmand economy.

Mine, enjoy and earn. Compared to some other games where players have to play just to ROI while the feeling of anxiousness swallows them alive, at Goldmand we intended to attract different players from different walks of life, regardless of social classes, age and gender. We would certainly like to bring a different meaning of mining to as many crypto enthusiasts as possible, but we would also like to be appealing to non-crypto natives as well as the game develops further. Roadmap

  • PHASE 1 Q1-Q2

  • Mining Game Alpha Testing
    Free Magic Pass Drop
    AtomicHub Whitelisting Checkmark
    Mining Game Beta Testing
    Tools Sale
    Goldmand Mining Game release
    Amulets Sale
    Amulets Update release
    Lands Sale
    Lands Update release
  • PHASE 2 Q2-Q3

  • Mini games
    Referral system
    Battle Arena Alpha Testing
    Battle Arena Beta Testing
    Characters Sale
    Goldmand Battle Arena release
    Free Drop event for Pass Holders
  • PHASE 3 Q3-Q4

  • Binance Bridge and GMD Listing
    Development of Goldmand Adventures
    Goldmand Adventures release
  • PHASE 4 2023

  • Goldmand Gaming Hub for Android and IOS
    Metaverse Expansion and New Games


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