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Fight Legends

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Fight Legends is a blockchain-powered 2.5D fighting game utilizing cryptocurrencies and NFTs towards creating a truly unique fight game experience.
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Über Fight Legends

Fight Legends is a live-action game featuring the best fighters throughout the Multiverse. Players will collect in-game assets while fighting each other for fame and glory. They will trade, level up and customize their Fighters in a player owned economy where users truly own the in-game resources they earn.

Players can earn prizes by competing in unique, regularly scheduled and rotating, challenges. Prizes can even include in-game NFT assets and free entry into esports tournaments.

Fight Legends is an exciting new PVP & PVE play-to-earn blockchain game featuring the best fighters in the Multiverse fighting each other for fame and glory.

Collect, trade, level up, and customise NFT Fighters and other NFT items in a player-owned economy where you truly own the in-game resources you earn.

Fight Legends is, first and foremost, a free-2-play competitive fighting game with e-sport in mind. This is an homage to the old school fighting games we all grew up with, mixed with industry-defining innovation with crypto and NFTs.

Fight Legends is first a videogame, improved with crypto technology to add value to the players. Unlike a lot of crypto-games in this space, that are just trying to shove money-making schemes in a game-like app.

Fight Legends is focused on building a free-to-play competitive fighting game with PVP & eSports at the forefront of development and design decisions. Fight Legends is fight gaming, simply improved through blockchain technology as opposed to being the center of attention at the behest of gameplay that’s dynamic and fun.

Fight Legends Roadmap

  • Q1

  • First playable TEST demo for NFT holders

    Announce playable characters of combat sports stars and blue chip NFTs

    Continue signing additional min of 20 industry partners

    Rewards for testers
  • Q2

  • Advanced game testing with NFT holders

    Large prize tournament for NFT holders

    Companion NFT Drop


    In-game Marketplace
  • Q3

  • Early Alpha: NFT owner access

    Early in game rewards activated

    Large prize tournament for NFT holders

    5k Trainer NFT Drop 1
  • Q4

  • Full Alpha: full public access

    Full reward / NFT functionality (Alpha)

    Large prize tournament for NFT holders


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Fight Legends Mannschaft

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Will Fagan
Founder & CEO
Anton Harrison-Kern
Meagan Henderson


$1 302 000

Dalton Grant Jnr
Walid Alouani
Network Engineer
Chidi Nkwocha
Solidity Developer

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