Seoul Meta Week 2024

Seoul , South Korea

Über Seoul Meta Week 2024

Seoul Meta Week is Asia’s most renowned Web3 & Metaverse Festival! Web3 and Metaverse technologies are no longer existing in the imagination. They are now reality, connecting to the virtual world based on AI and Blockchain Technology. Seoul Meta Week creates opportunities to share the most up-to-date knowledge, trends and information about Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming and Immersive experiences.


Avinash Madasu
AI Research Engineer Intel Corporation Intel Corporation
Marek Kiszkis
Staff Software Engineer Netflix Netflix
Seonuk Kim
Sr. Technical Marketing Manager NVIDIA NVIDIA
Maksym Lefarov
Senior Machine Learning Engineer Spotify Spotify
Cyril Cermark
iOS System Architect Porsche AG Porsche Consulting Group
Icey Jiang
Senior Product Manager Tencent Tencent
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Aayush Mudgal
Staff Machine Learning Engineer Pinterest Pinterest
Philipp Sostmann
Head of Immersive Tech PwC Switzerland PwC
Nicole Yap
Founder 8SIAN 8SIAN
Matthias Nawrocki
Vice President & Head of Metaverse ERGO Group AG ERGO Group AG
Ben Simpson
Founder & CEO Collective Shift Collective Shift
Thanh Dao
Managing Director & Partner Jung von Matt NERD GmbH Jung von Matt NERD


26.06.2024, 21:05 , KST (UTC +9)
27.06.2024, 21:05 , KST (UTC +9)