Non Fungible Conference

Lisbon , Portugal

Über Non Fungible Conference

Our mission is to reshape events for the Web3 Age and push the boundaries. 
It means abandoning the status quo and rewriting event playbooks. 
Thinking bigger. Taking risks. Pushing new limits.


Partner at Animoca Capital and board of Oma3dao Oma3dao
Patrick Amadon
Merges tech with art to explore surveillance, privacy, and data impact on society
Sebastien Borget
Champions NFTs and decentralized virtual asset ownership. The Sandbox
Randi Zuckerberg
A pioneer in technology and media. Creator of Facebook Live and an accomplished Tech Innovator Hugging Face
John Knopf
Emmy-nominated, captures nature's essence in vibrant, minimal edits, featured in National Geographic National Geographic
An NFT pioneer duo, started in 2018 with SuperRare, amassing over $30 million in sales.
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Trevor Jones
He blends traditional art, and NFTs, transforming art collections and bridging physical-virtual gaps
Chris Torres
Nyan Cat creator, became an internet sensation, symbolizing meme culture and digital art evolution
Jeff Davis
Merges art with blockchain as an Art Blocks advisor and Daviseditions founder, shaping digital art Art Blocks Inc.
An art collector in the NFT community who has been involved in NFTs since the era of CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties
Blending AI, and biology in art, explores natural systems via NFTs, showcasing his innovative spirit Blending AI
He is respected in NFT/crypto art, creates vibrant works with deep societal commentary.
Michael Bouhanna
A Sotheby's expert, leads in digital art and NFTs, merging traditional art with blockchain Sotheby's
Justin Trimble
BrainDrops BrainDrops
Kevin Abosch
He explores identity and value in art, blending digital and traditional mediums with blockchain
ApeCoinDAO ApeCoinDAO
Jason KIM
Jason Kim curates LG digital art displays at Frieze, featuring Hirst, Kusama, Banksy, and Ufan. Banksy
A UK artist creating art with weird little characters doing a series of weird little things
Founder of Degen Bets Degen Bets
Botto Hudsonsims
I am Botto, a decentralized, autonomous artist governed by the people. Bottomline
Marouane Essaïdi
Web 3 specialist Solana Foundation
An artist who makes masks from his meals and then eats them. The Fulbright Program
YuLiang Liu 劉·昱良 is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary visual artist. Confluent
Andrea Chiampo
Artist ~ Designer
Rayan Boutaleb
He founed Oncyber, a virtual galley in the metaverse that allow artists showcase their favorite NFTs Oncyber
Inna Modja
Malian-French artist, singer-songwriter, actress and activist for women’s rights and climate change United Nations
Idil Dursun
Artist, Co-Founder of NFT IST NFT IST
An anonymous conceptual artist, examines technology, finance, gender, and identity through her art.
Ana María Caballero
A poetry NFT gallery where poem= work of art., it onboards acclaimed writers to web3. Web3 Institute
Beryl Bilici
3D Artist
Debbie Soon
Fanny Lakoubay
Founder, LAL ART Advisory LAL ART Advisory
Vincent D'Onofrio
Actor / Film Maker
Italian-Croatian artist/architect, merges classical art with modern tech, a climate/peace advocate
Sandra Lehner
TV Futurist TV Futurist
Visual artist creating immersive, dreamlike worlds with miniatures, photo, and video.


$3 193 438

Shaban Shaame
Everdream Soft Founder & CEO Everdream Soft
Digital Art Curator Digital Art Curator
Sandie Zanini
Curator & Gallerist Zanini Arte - Pagina Ufficiale
Andrea Berry
Theta Network, Head of Business Development Theta Network
James CK Ho
Head of Animoca Ventures Animoca Ventures
Kyriakos Ientsek
Content Creator and Marketer
Julia Muszynski
Co-founder Tingz & Lumily Labs Tingz
Anjali Young
Co-Founder and CCO Abridged Inc
Kristina Hayhoe
Co-Founder Tingz and Lumily Labs Tingz
Ina Hirzel
Independent Product Professional & Consultant, W3C Women in Web3 Switzerland
ChewieTech, Soulbound, Across The Pond Spaces Co-Host, Architect & Web3 Strategist
Hard Art
Turbo | Chief Spaces Officer Turbo Groupe CEREAL
Lucia Kang
Aeon Studio | Founder & CEO, Crypto Art Seoul | Co-Founder Aeon Studio
Founder, Creators, Brand Ambassador, Top 10 Influencer worldwide Universal Digital University-USAa Digital Brand Ambassador- Vision Digital India Chairman
Ethan Pierse
MC / Founder MC
Larisa Barbu
CEO at Exchange Art | Digital Art (NFTs) Digital Art Curator
Itay Koski
3x Founder, Creator, Top 5 influencer ranking, Angel Investor, Advisory | @CoinLev @r3achxyz r3achxyz
Lapin Mignon
Crypto Artist Crypto Art
Justin Mellilo
Founder & CEO at Mona Mona
Kenza Zouari
Independent Curator, Head of Community for Unit Independent Curator
Jonathan Perkins
Co-Founder and CPO SuperRare Labs SuperRare Labs
Jessica Neer McDonald
Trademark and Copyright Attorney Midjourney
David Creer
GFT, Global DLT, Crypto and E-Money Lead Global DLT
Josh Savage
Artist & Founder of Savage Tribe Sofar Sounds
Natasha Volodina
NFT Artist Altium
Richard Rauser
CTO at fan3 fan3
Tomas Overhof
Techonomy, Digital Innovation Director Techonomy
DeFi Granddad
Protofire Protofire
Emma Miller
Building a Music Career on the Blockchain BSV Blockchain
Daniel Marney Elkins
Degenerous Dao | Co-Founder Degenerous Dao
Rohit Ramesh
Crossmint | DevRel Engineer Crossmint
Soheyla Haghighi
Intraverse Gaming as a Service | CEO intraverse Institute
Founder of HGVIS HGVIS
Richard Masa
Multimedia Artist
Gwendall Esnault
Founder @ PunkCam Metahood
Catherine Bischoff
A marketing and Social media growth specialist. Sovereign Nature Initiative
Katerine Escobar


$76 637 802

CEO and co-founder at The Cryptonomist The Cryptonomist
Aleksandra Artamonovskaja
Founder, Electric Artefacts Electric Artefacts
Fidel Amos
Photographer | Collector | Head of Community @ PictureThis PictureThis
Ashumi Sanghvi
Future+ and MAD Global Founder MAD Global
Tom Boutin
Ooble Studio|Founder, UI/UX Designer Waltio
Dr Formalyst
Nikita Cikaluk
Founder at Digital Couture Summit, Digital Fashion Advisor LinkedIn
Victor Tamer
Writer at BeInCryptpo BeInCryptpo
Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro
Decentraland PHYGICODE
Carlota Rodben
Mémora ACTFL
Miguel Faus
Degen Filmmaker
David Begin
IRL Alpha


28.05.2024, 09:00 , WET (UTC +0)
30.05.2024, 18:00 , WET (UTC +0)