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Cross-chain launches are becoming ‘the new normal’
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As the crypto landscape has evolved to include more and more blockchains, most projects now begin their initial planning based on the assumption that they will launch on multiple blockchains and/or launchpads. With the resounding success of BSCPad, we are able to cover multiple bases - however, we are still reliant on third parties to carry out operations on the ‘Ethereum side’ of project launches.

Existing Ethereum based launchpads are susceptible to sniping bots and other manipulative tactics

From the very beginning, we have placed an absolute priority on finding ways to thwart manipulative tactics on launch days. Over time, we have noticed a very distinctive pattern. When we control the variables surrounding a launch, things tend to go smoothly and price discovery tends to happen naturally without interference.

Without citing specific names, we have run into issues with some launches when one of two things happen: a) the project opts to handle parts of the listing process independently, or b) there is a second launchpad handling Ethereum operations, which opens a secondary opportunity for bot tactics which is beyond our control.

Reliance on third party solutions is holding our ecosystem back

In our eyes, the most effective solution is to bring our expertise and marketing to bear and solve the problem directly. It is time - in fact, it is OVERDUE. The time has come for ETHPad.


FEATURES The forthcoming update to Ethereum, EIP-1559, will bring deflationary aspects to Ethereum’s tokenomics. Inspired by this, we will be building deflationary mechanisms into ETHPad’s token structure. These burns will be programmatically tied to selling, staking, and IDO participation functions - ensuring a consistent reduction in the total supply over time. Backed by the full force of the BSCPad marketing department

Since the massively successful launch of BSCPad, we have demonstrated again and again that our team knows how to ‘move the needle’ with crypto marketing. In fact, at the time of writing this article, the BSCPAD token is one of the top trending tokens on Coingecko, several months after launch.

Both BSCPad and TRONPAD have delivered immense value for our early investors, boasting 300x+ ROIs, massive levels of awareness on social media platforms, and several successful launches. The power behind the TRONPAD marketing effort was so big that not only did it trend on Coingecko, Coin Market Cap and Dextools for over a week, but it was also trending on Twitter.

All of this marketing power is fuelled by the strongest KOL line up in the industry, which is growing by the day. Our social engagement and reach is higher than every competitor in the market on any chain and our consistent month on month growth since inception is testament to our reach.

The simple fact is, we have the resources, knowledge and experience to deliver winning launchpad products - and ETHPad will be no exception.


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