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BYTZ is an open-source decentralized peer-to-peer currency featuring a Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm designed to empower content creators through transparent media analytics and blockchain tokenization.
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The BYTZ network features three layers. The first is the core code that makes BYTZ a decentralized currency. It is composed of all users and powered by the permissionless staking network. The second is the Guardian Validator Node network which consists of enterprise companies partnering with BYTZ to operate validator nodes to help secure, guide, and grow the network. The third is the Token layer, designed for creators and users alike to help deliver a powerful and new way of sharing and collecting content.




BYTZ will allow creators to tokenize their media, regulate access to it, and track every view. User engagement data is the basis for effective advertising. Transparent Media Analytics means that advertisers can track their ad spend and returns with precision and allocate their advertising budget to the greatest advantage. It also means that creators who attract attention can get paid proportionally for the value they contribute. TMAP transforms the model from content ownership and consumption to one of true incentivized partnership in which content creation, distribution, and engagement all earn proportionate rewards.




Unlike other open source projects, creating an NFT on BYTZ will be as simple as a click of a button, accompanied by a sustainable fee model. Your unique token will live on the BYTZ blockchain, secured by the BYTZ network, guaranteeing its scarcity and authenticity. Design your token, preview, and save it to the blockchain. BYTZ is also launching an integrated NFT marketplace to make trading easy. Users can buy and sell NFTs with full confidence in token authenticity and transfer of ownership




BYTZ will make it easy for platforms to offer or swap rewards. Corporations can also catch up with the latest financial technology by integrating cryptocurrency onto their platforms with a powerful API that facilitates the mainstream adoption of BYTZ. Functions featuring the ability to auto calculate over a hundred local currency conversions for payments and settlement, as well as auto transaction batching which allows large sends to minimize fees.

BYTZ Roadmap

  • q2 2021

  • BYTZ hard fork ONE will consist of the following upgrades:

    Core code migration
    Delegated masternodes (GVNs)
    Block reward reduction
    New core wallet release
    BYTZ will be listed on the following digital asset exchanges:

    Pancake Swap
    Metamask integration
    The first GVNs will come online to start the GVN Network

    GVN operator announcement
    Validation addresses made public
    BYTZ NFT protocol launch via CLI (Command Line Interface)

    Advanced users can create NFTs on the BYTZ chain
    First BYTZ limited edition NFT drop
  • q3 2021

  • BYTZ organization major partner will announce launch plans for new enterprise platform
    BYTZ exchange initiatives will include:

    Major exchange listings (Top 10)
    Coin Marketcap tracking (BYTZ)
    BYTZ will release the following wallets and integrations:

    BYTZ Web Lite Wallet
    iOS & Android BYTZ XP Wallet
    Nano Ledger integration
    NFT creation tool launch will make it easy for anyone to make BYTZ NFTs:

    Web-based token validation tool
  • q4 2021

  • BYTZ Transparent Media and Analytic Protocol (TMAP) launch:

    Custom dashboard and on-boarding made available to media platforms
    Multi-tier transparency
    BYTZ Electrum wallet launch:

    Fast syncing capabilities
    Improved multi-signature experience
    Windows, OSX, & Linux support
    BYTZ organization to initiate coin burn

    1 of 5:

    Burn address to be made public
    Burn 1: 500,000,000 BYTZ burn
    BYTZ will release a BETA NFT Marketplace with select limited edition collectibles:

    Verified Marketplace launch
    Open Marketplace launch
  • q1 2022

  • BYTZ partner will launch highly anticipated entertainment platform:

    Binge: The Future of Gaming Entertainment
    BYTZ currency adoption
    implementation of TMAP
    Enterprise Reward API Beta launch:

    Reliable live and aggregate price return functions
    Reward swapping capability, the worlds most transparent user upload marketplace for media and digital assets:

    Creator Content
    NFT Marketlace
    New GVN governance and second layer upgrades:

    Verified marketplace expansion
    On-chain arbitration/petition functions


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