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Byepix, in addition to being a next-gen multi-layered interconnection protocol that enables all current and future metaverses to flawlessly scale, connect, and communicate with each other, is also a Web3-Based All-In-One and the Most Unified Super Metaverse Platform.
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ICO Phase
100% abgeschlossen
Geleistete Mittel - keine Daten
Ziel 6 112 500.00 USD
Harte Kappe 24 450 000.00 USD
  • 1 EPIX
    0.18 USD
Token Distribution
Game-Fi / Staking / Rewards 30%
Galactic Economy Fund 20%
ICO Sale 10%
Marketing / Listing 10%
Team / Advisors (Locked) 10%
IEO / IDO Sale. 5%
Private Sale 5%
Partners / Foundations 5%
Pre-Sale 3%
Dex Liquidity 2%
Akzeptierte Währungen
"ICO Bonuses
1. Purchase Bonus (Up to 20%)

Early investors will be granted bonus rewards during the ICO that will give them additional tokens.The following dates are when you can get this bonus:
Week 1: 20%
Week 2: 15% (At this moment it's on 2nd week).
Week 3: 10%
In the final five weeks of the ICO, there will be only a 5% additional $EPIX bonus.

2. Land Rewards for each Investment Level

Byepix believes that the ICO investors should be rewarded for their support, which is why it’s giving away land parcels.
Investment -- Reward
$500 -- Silver Land
$1000 -- Gold Land
$2000 -- Diamond Land
$4500 -- Premium land

3. ICO Staking at 90% APY

The first of its kind; ICO Staking, will be activated on September 26. This will allow users to stake their coins while they wait for the listing date.

4. Four Different Referral Bonuses

Token Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)
Land Referral Bonus (Up to Diamond Land with a Mansion)
USDT Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)
Land Sales Referral Bonus (Up to 15%)"
Weitere Details
Binance Smart Chain

Über Byepix

Other initiatives want to be a part of the digital transformation, but they only want to create a small part.

However, Byepix builds a Web3-Based All-In-One and the Most Unified Super Metaverse Platform with many blockchain treasures such as Virtual Life, Virtual Land, P2E, DeFi, SoFi, Gamefi, P2E, NFTs, and DAO also multiple Platforms such as Marketplace, Mission, Finance, Game, Fun, Info and Creation Platforms.

"The Uniting Byepix Super-Metaverse will be accessible to every Metaverse Project and its users."

While integrating all of these digital tools, it uses WEB 3.0 technology to ensure that it will be a safe, fast, and decentralized platform.

Byepix Super Metaverse aims to provide its users with the opportunity to create their ideal life in an ideal world with infinite possibilities and absolute freedom while communicating and having fun with their friends in other Metaverses.

"Byepix's Three-Stage Solution Will Make Byepix the Solana and Polkadot of the Metaverses."

At Byepix Super Metaverse, users will find a totally new financial system and laws defined by its people. In this world, in a faraway star system, Users can imagine infinitely, create, play, and socialize across all the Metaverses, make money while having fun, and also be able to switch from one Metaverse to another in a matter of seconds, communicate with a friend in another Metaverse or Blockchain, as well as keep track and manage all of their assets across all Metaverses in the Unified Single Ecosystem of the Byepix Super Metaverse.

As a Single Digital Portal and Multi-Layered Bridge, Byepix interconnects Metaverses and unites users with each other on across all Metaverses.

The Metaverse is now much more incredible!

While Using the Ethereum Network, Contact a Friend on the Avalanche Network!
Byepix offers seamless transitions for people to experience reality.

"Byepix is a Multi-Faceted Web3-Based Technological Platform that Develops, Converts, Creates, and Provides."

However, to make this vision a reality, many types of protocols must first be edited and modified to fully support and manage such an application. Byepix does exactly that.

In the Byepix tech lab, brilliant web3 engineers have devised a 3-step plan:

1. Byepix is developing a Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain Solution to solve scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility issues.

2. Developing the Super Metaverse Protocol to remove all borders between Metaverses.

3. A Super Metaverse Application, to make the above solutions reachable for the Masses for Byepix to give its users, such as other metaverse projects to use the unifying services, and to give individuals The MOST INCLUSIVE and FIRST EVER UNIFIED Metaverse EXPERIENCE.

Byepix aims to solve scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility problems between all Metaverse projects.

Besides Developing The Solutions Above, Byepix is currently developing the following to integrate into its Game Platform and Creation Platform:

Byepix P2E Protocol


This Protocol is a Technological Solution that allows all existing or new games to be converted to Play-To-Earn within hours. This Protocol will be integrated into our Game Platform.



Metaversification Application


This Application will be integrated into The Creation Platform and allow Users Simply to Build Entire Metaverses, Games, and all their assets with a couple of clicks.



$EPIX Token

We’ve created an exciting ecosystem around the $EPIX token, which will operate as the center of all Byepix Platforms, and the entire Super Metaverse with 15+ different usage areas.

Every day, we come up with new possible use cases for the $EPIX.

That is why we are excited to launch the $EPIX token ICO.

Advanced Technologies that Byepix Brings to the Table

  • Byepix Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain solution,
    BSMP (Byepix Super-Metaverse Protocol),
    BSMA (Byepix Super-Metaverse App),

  • Byepix Metaversification App,

  • Byepix P2E Protocol,
    The Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform,

  • The Game Platform,

  • Byepix Gamification Contract,

  • Virtual Life/Metaverse,

  • DeFi,

  • Game-Fi,

  • Byepix ICO Staking,

  • Byepix Staking,

  • Byepix Yield Farming,

  • Byepix Swap,

  • 3D Builder,

  • Metaverse Blockchain,

  • NFT Marketplace,

  • NFT Swap,

  • NFT Staking,

  • NFT Search,

  • Zero Fee NFT Creation & Listing,

  • Lottery,

  • Prediction,

  • SocialFi,

  • DAO.


The Purpose of Byepix "Our purpose is to develop applications and protocols that will bring WEB 3.0 innovations together for the benefit and comfort of humanity."

The Mission of Byepix "To produce sectoral solutions by creating a Super-Metaverse with the Byepix Virtual Star System." It will do so by Developing Protocols to provide solutions for Blockchain scaling problems to make Metaverse Environments safer, cheaper, faster, and more connected/interconnected, as well as implementing these WEB 3.0 protocols into VR, AR, and Web XR systems.

Byepix will function as an interconnected bridge, or the Internet, so to speak, connecting users to one another and projects to business owners or to other projects within and between all Metaverses.


Byepix's Short-term / Mid-term goals

Short -term Goals

Gaming Platform v1.0
Legal Opinion: During the ICO Roadmap V2
Byepix Swap
Publishing the Gems Hunter on Android Play Store and Apple App Store
Listing Nov, 10
Listing price goal $5
Top 5 Exchange Listing

Mid-term Goals

Metaverse Blockchain
Super Metaverse - Super Metaverse Protocol and Application
Gaming Platform V2 Alfa (With P2E Protocol)
NFT Swap
DAO's 3D Creations
NFT Free Listing
Byepix Earn Platform


How About the INVESTORS, Are they taken care of?

YES! Exceptional web3 engineers thought of the supporting investors also. As a result, they have designed the first two revolutionary systems worldwide to ensure that ICO investors have huge profits.


Byepix Investor Protecting Program

1. Groundbreaking BYEPIX MPP makes it possible to send EPIX tokens in a locked manner to the users’ wallets through a mutual agreement that the buyer approves by purchasing.

This agreement makes the tokens not owner-bound nor buyer-bound but time-bound. Once $EPIX tokens (Governing token of Byepix) are Purchased by the buyers, the blockchain allows the sending of the purchased $EPIX tokens to the buyers’ wallets in a Secure Safe, where this safe gets opened automatically only when its defined time comes. MPP also has a very unique release system that makes sure that these tokens won’t be released at the same time into Circulating Supply.

Since $EPIX Tokens will be released with time-bound or Limited amount conditions Circulating Supply will be under control and this will eliminate pump-and-dump, and enable prices to increase organically, so investors may benefit hugely from their Early Investments.

The Circulating Supply remains limited, which means EPIX price will skyrocket."”

As an example, after the first week of Byepix’s listing, there will be only 100k to 120k $EPIX Tokens in circulation instead of 5 million. It means within the next 20 days after the listing, the price will definitely be up to 20 dollars and increase upwards.

2. Another revolution by BYEPIX Tech Lab Web3 Engineers, and a kind way to see Byepix’s intelligence in caring for its investors: ICO STAKING,

A First in DeFi History!

"With Byepix ICO Staking, investors can start making money as soon as the $EPIX purchase is made."

With Byepix MPP, your money does not sleep; it works!”

Even though tokens are locked through the MPP, investors can make use of the Byepix ICO Staking and Stake / Unstake their tokens freely at a 90% APY rate and make even more profit by increasing the number of $EPIXs that they own. Huge profits are to be made.

Why is Byepix Safe to Invest In?

It's a double win-win with Byepix. While the Maximum Profit Program will keep the $EPIX Price stable and rising, ICO staking will increase the amount of $EPIX in investors' hands by 90% APY.

The Short-term Profit Prediction of $EPIX is 30X to 50X, and the Long-term is 100X.

To be a part of Byepix

One can participate in the project now by purchasing EPIX, the platform's Governance token. By investing in EPIX via the Byepix ICO, the user will have access to vote within the Byepix DAO and will be able to influence the development of the project. For example, EPIX holders will soon be able to choose exchanges to list Byepix.

- Byepix has the safest ICO ever published, Byepix has integrated a special, ground-breaking mechanism called MPP for its users to make the most of their investment.

-100s of Youtube Contents and Articles are published to show the world how special The Byepix is and how it's contributing to the World.

-Byepix's Members and strong community, which Byepix calls the Angel Army of 100.000 Byepix Supporters on the Byepix Telegram Global, are ready to support and eager to help Byepix overcome any obstacle.

- Hurry up there are limited days left until the end of the ICO sale. If the participants do not buy EPIX soon, they will miss a considerable profit. EPIX prices will skyrocket. In the first phase of Byepix's listing, there will be only 100k to 120k $EPIX Tokens in circulation instead of 5 million. After 20 days of the listing, the price will be up to 20 dollars and increase upwards.

Byepix Roadmap

  • Before Presale Phase

  • • Pre-Creation of the Project
    • ICO Staking planning
    • ICO Stage planning
    • Development of WEB3 Payment System
    • White Paper planning
  • Presale Phase

  • • White Paper 1.0
    • Land Paper 1.0
    • Audit Report
    • Presale Release
    • First look to the Metaverse
    • Land App
  • ICO Phase

  • • White Paper 2.0
    • ICO Starts
    • NFT Token Release
    • NFT Marketplace Release
    • Daily Tasks - Mission Platform
    • Game Platform v1.0
    • P2E - Game
    • Byepix Swap
  • Phase 1

  • • Lite Paper v1.0
    • NFT Search Integratıon
    • Creation
    • NFT Staking
  • Weiterlesen
  • Phase 2

  • • Byepix-DAO
    • Byepix Lottery
    • Yield Farming
  • Phase 3

  • • 3D Builder
    • Byepix Prediction
    • Creation-DAO
  • Phase 4

  • • NFT Swap Release
    • Creation Functions Update
  • Phase 5

  • • NFT Publish & Free Listing
    • 3D Builder Functions Updating
  • Phase 6

  • • Metaverse Blockchain - Beta - Release
    • Gaming DAO
  • Phase 7

  • • Metaverse Blockchain - Alfa - Release
    • Game Platform v2.0


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Byepix Mannschaft

Verifiziert 67%

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27 ICOs

$10 043 209 175

Krystelle Galano
Marty Culhan
Patrick Hill

Byepix Interviews

Marty Culhan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As CEO of Byepix Super Metaverse, I am responsible for leading the company's daily operations and supervising the platform's development. It is my personal mission to ensure that Byepix becomes one of the greatest Metaverse, Layer 2 Blockchain, Protocol, and Dapps Developing Tech Labs of our lifetime.
What do you think about idea?
Byepix is a very special All-In-One project with the goal of improving the blockchain and providing the Most exclusive and Unified Metaverse EXPERIENCE to give users a chance to create their dream life in an ideal world with Infinite Possibilities and absolute freedom. Where users will find a totally new Financial System and Laws defined by its People. In this World in a far-away star system, Users will be able to infinitely imagine, create, play, have fun, socialize across all the Metaverses, and make money while they are having fun.

We have been working on this incredible project since October last year and it just gets better and better. Thank you to my Team and the Byepix Community for Making this happen.
Patrick Hill
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My role at Byepix is to contribute to the advancement of collective technology that will enhance humanity's safety, well-being, and comfort. My current objective is to build scaling solutions for the Metaverse and Blockchain, which is Byepix's primary goal.
What do you think about idea?
Byepix is the Metaverse Project that connects individuals and facilitates communication across multilayered networks.
Byepix focuses on scaling solutions for the Metaverse and Blockchain as well as connectivity solutions.

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