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AXN is an ethical, community-driven crypto that rewards long-term investing with high-yield interest rates and weekly dividends.
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Über Axion

Axion offers a first of its kind blockchain powered venture fund alongside high interest time-locked savings deposits (stakes) that earn investors high interest of ~8% plus additional dividends. Axion also acts as a scalable, spendable global currency with its native token AXN. Pay for anything in everyday life using AXN and BTC dividends with our strategic partnership with Connect Financial, who offer a true
world class VISA-sponsored crypto credit card that works directly with our native digital token AXN, Bitcoin, and more.
Axion allows anyone to earn on their investment via venture capital auctions and time-locked deposits on the blockchain with the AXN token. Share rates in the Axion ecosystem are the most valuable asset as they determine the payouts drawn from reward pools / investment pools / dividend pools. Shares as they are in the Axion ecosystem are earned by staking AXN, with the share rate determined by the accumulation of users’ share(s) divided by the total shares in the ecosystem multiplied by the payout for each day’s reward cycle. Network participants earn higher share rate(s) by staking AXN for larger and longer periods of time (much like CDs) in order to accumulate more dividends/rewards. Staking AXN tokens earns investors liquid dividends while simultaneously earning interest on their principal AXN that is staked on our platform. Our innovative dividend-producing mechanisms provide investors and AXN shareholders rewards in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies, which are immediately liquid while their AXN accrues interest upon its principal via our smart contracts for the users’ desired period of time, based on their stake length. Trust and transparency in the Axion network is based on mathematical principles, blockchain technology, and smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Additionally, our highly experienced team and cooperative community members offer an unparalleled level of support to ensure a simplified, safe, and secure process in understanding and participating in our decentralized platform.


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