Web Summit Rio 2024

Rio de Janeiro , Brazil

সম্পর্কিত Web Summit Rio 2024

Web Summit is “where the future goes to be born”

Politico said we run “the world’s premier tech conference”, the Atlantic that Web Summit is “where the future goes to be born”, and Reuters that we assemble “the biggest names in tech and business”.

Web Summit Rio is part of the roster of international events organized by Web Summit, taking to the world stage alongside Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Qatar in Doha, Collision in Toronto and RISE in Hong Kong. In 2023, Web Summit Rio gathered more than 21,000 people at Riocentro.


Meredith Whittaker
President Signal Signal
Gabriel Braga
Co-founder & CEO QuintoAndar QuintoAndar
Luciana Santos
Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Government of Brazil
Mike Brock
CEO TBD at Block TBD
Monica Long
President Ripple Ripple
Gilberto Gil
আরো দেখুন (68)
Justina Nixon-Saintil
VP & Chief Impact Officer IBM IBM
Konrad Dantas
Founder & Director Canal KondZilla KondZilla
Hernan Kazah
Co-founder & Managing Partner Kaszek Kaszek
Emily Chiu
Co-founder & COO TBD at Block TBD
Mate Pencz
Co-founder & Co-CEO Loft Loft
Bianca Andrade
Influencer & YouTuber Boca Rosa Company
Robson Privado
Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer MadeiraMadeira MadeiraMadeira
Mikayel Vardanyan
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer Picsart Picsart
Aline Oliveira
Co-founder Traive Traive
Vasco Pedro
Co-founder Unbabel Unbabel
Txai Suruí
George Arison
CEO Grindr Grindr
Gabriel Vasquez
Partner Andreessen Horowitz Andreessen Horowitz
Tarciana Medeiros
CEO Banco do Brasil Banco do Brasil
Sebastián Castro Galnares
Co-founder Kushki Kushki
Helena Gualinga
Co-founder Indigenous Youth Collective of Amazon Defenders Sigma Squared Society
Luis Silva
Founder & CEO CloudWalk CloudWalk
Mari Maria
Daniel Vogel
Co-founder & CEO Bitso Bitso
Claire Diaz-Ortiz
Author & Investor Kleiner Perkins Kleiner Perkins
Luccas Neto
Creator & Actor
Yat Siu
Co-founder & Executive Chairman Animoca Brands Invest Hong Kong
Brittany Kaiser
Founder Own Your Data Chateaushi
Gerry Giacomán Colyer
Co-founder & CEO Clara Clara
Tiago Dalvi
Founder & CEO Olist Olist
Camila Loures
YouTuber, Digital Influencer, Actress & Singer
Luis Manuel Rebelo Fernandes
Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Government of Brazil
Ugne Buraciene
Group CEO Payabl payabl.
Fernando Machado
Izabel Gallera
Partner Canary Canary
Robin Forbes
Global CEO R/GA R/GA
Silvina Moschini
Founder & Chairwoman Unicoin Unicoin
Todd Olson
Co-founder & CEO Pendo pendo
Marcelo Freixo
President Embratur Embratur
Laura Constantini
Co-founder & Partner Astella Endeavor
Daniel Scandian
Founder & CEO MadeiraMadeira MadeiraMadeira
Deborah Brosnan
Climate Scientist & Marine Biologist Brosnan & Associates Oregon State University
Lars Silberbauer
CMO Nokia Phones & HMD Global HMD
Cinthia Merlos
Co-founder & COO Vexi Vexi
Juan Pablo Ortega
Co-founder & CEO Yuno Yuno
Tamara Steffens
Managing Director Thomson Reuters Ventures Thomson REUTERS
Maejor Brandon Michael Green
Singer, Songwriter & Producer Maejor
Jens Nielsen
Founder & CEO World Climate Foundation World Climate Foundation
Otaviano Costa
Actor UOL
Elaine Reyes
Anchor CGTN America CGTN America
Lucas Herscovici
Chief Direct-to-consumer Officer AB InBev Anheuser-Busch InBev
Monique Evelle
Founder Inventivos Inventivos
Rachel Maia
Founder & CEO RM Consulting Pacto Global
João Pedro Resende
Co-founder & CEO Hotmart Hotmart
Anna Luísa Beserra
Founder & CEO Sustainable Development & Water for All Sustainable Development & Water For All
Co-founder & CEO Veriff Veriff
Gaston Irigoyen
Co-founder & CEO Pomelo Pomelo
Marcelo Braga
President at IBM Brasil IBM IBM Industry Platforms
Márlyson Silva
CEO Transfero Group Transfero Group
Kyra Gracie
Martial Arts Practitioner The Gracie Family Gracie Kore
Wagner Ruiz
Co-founder & Board Member EBanx EBANX
Miryam Lazarte
CEO Global Startups GSA Ventures
Cristobal della Maggiora
Co-Founder & President Betterfly Betterfly
Flávia Alessandra
Actress & CEO Utreino
Magnus Grimeland
Founder & CEO Antler Antler
Amanda Graciano
Visiting Professor Fundação Dom Cabral Fundação Dom Cabral
Alex Pasternack
Contributing Editor Fast Company Fast Company
Nicolle Merhy
CEO Black Dragons Game Code
Tony Jamous
Co-founder & CEO Oyster Oyster
Carolina Nucci
Co-founder Women in Business Marketing de Gentileza
Fábio Kestenbaum
Founding Partner Positive Ventures Positive Ventures
Alexey Potapov
Chief AGI Officer SingularityNET SingularityNET
Anuradha Muralidharan
COO Expensify Expensify


১৫ এপ্রিল, ২০২৪ ১২:৫৩ PM , BRST (UTC -2)
১৮ এপ্রিল, ২০২৪ ১২:৫৩ PM , BRST (UTC -2)