Fintech World Euro Summit Evolution of Blockchain Technology April 4th London

London , United Kingdom

সম্পর্কিত Fintech World Euro Summit Evolution of Blockchain Technology April 4th London

Fintech World ICO’s Cryptocurrency Euro Summit,
Evolution of Blockchain Technology
Digital Wallet | Easy Digital Currency Exchange‎
Level39 Canary Wharf, London
Blue Chip ICO’s Road Show
April 4th, 2018, London 

8 ~ 9 AM
Registration & Breakfast Networking

9 ~ 9:15
Sydney Armani
Fintech World

9:15 ~ 9:15
Barry James
Founder/ CEO: ICO Radio

9:30 ~ 9:45
Keynote Presentation
Mike Raitsyn
Founder ICO BOX

9:45 ~ 10
Keynote Presentation
Wojtek Kaszycki
CEO of

10 ~ 10:55
Evolution of Blockchain Technology

11 ~ 11:15
ICO Presentation

11:15 ~ 11:30
ICO Presentation

11:30 ~ 11:45
ICO Presentation

11:45 ~ 12PM
ICO Presentation

12 ~ 1:00

1:00 ~ 1:45
Expert Panel
ICO Euro Regulation

1:45 ~ 2:00
ICO Presentation

2:00 ~ 2:45
Expert Panel
Blockchain Revolution

3 ~ 3:15 PM
ICO Presentation

3:15 ~ 4:00 PM
Expert Panel


Registration & Networking

Welcome & Introduction

Cryptocurrency, Tokenized Payments, and FinTech Disruption

Blockchain and Cybersecurity Disruption

Blockchain and Healthcare Disruption

Reception and ICO Demo

ICO’s and Venture Capital Fundraising

Blockchain Technology for Enterprise & Consumers Market

Thought leaders industry insights sharing and QA

Pitch Session: Featured Growth Stage Startups*

Smart Contracts for IOT – Connected Cars – Robotics

Thought leaders industry insights sharing and QA


Crowdfunding Meet Blockchain ICO’s -The State of the Industry, When Crypto and Securities Collide, Wall Street & Digital Asset: A huge increase in ICO investment, surpassing VC funding in Blockchain market

The Future of Cryptocurrency
Crypto Bank of Institutional Investors

ICOs, Fraud or the Future?

Blockchain: Opportunities for Healthcare

Regulatory Landscape of Cryptocurrency
Blockchain revolution. Applying Venture Funds metrics to Blockchain investment
How to raise capital from the Family Office and Hedge Fund Communities
10 Common Capital Raising Mistakes
Regulators do not regulate ‘technology’
Developments in the Blockchain, DLT, and BitcoinLaws, Rules, Regulations for Title III & Initial Coin Offering (ICOs)

ICO’s continue to go wild, and now institutional VCs are taking part

“ICOs: Compliance in a Nutshell”

Pros and Cons of Blockchain ICO’s

The Role of Digital Money in Crowdfunding; Security Compliance Audits;

Digital Economics and Blockchain Technology&Artificial Intelligence – Robo Advisors

Challenges facing companies who adopt Blockchain technology:

Health; Education; Government; Energy; Logistics; transposition; DAO Tokens; Digital Asset
Open Roundtable Discussion Q & A

Is ICOs Risky Business?

Wall Street Blockchain; Functionality; Integration and Security”

Artificial Intelligenceconomy; Future of Digital Currencies Exchange

Thought leaders industry insights sharing and QA

Pitch Session: Featured Growth ICO’S

Cryptoeconomic Regulations and Policy

Thought leaders industry insights sharing and QA

Industries Focus (B2C/B2B): – Artificial Intelligence – Big Data/Analytics – CyberSecurity – Blockchain – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

After Hours Networking Event

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