Digital Asset Summit 2024 | London

London , United Kingdom

সম্পর্কিত Digital Asset Summit 2024 | London

Momentum. London has become one of the world’s hottest crypto hubs. Innovation is thriving, new institutional investors are flocking in, and regulators like the FCA are taking a pragmatic approach to crypto oversight. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has welcomed crypto with open arms and a16z recently set up their first non-US office in London. Across Europe, institutions are getting excited about crypto again thanks to sensible legislation like MiCA. DAS has always been at the heart of institutional crypto adoption and right now, that place is London.

What you can expect:
- Insights on the impact of regulatory implications and the need for realistic policy
- Access to institutional dinners and exclusive networking events
- Unparalleled insights from industry leaders

And more! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be in the room when the future of crypto is decided. Join us and help shape the future of our industry.


Jack Farley
Video Journalist Blockworks Blockworks
Casey Wagner
Senior Reporter Blockworks Blockworks
Matt Fiebach
Research Analyst Blockworks Blockworks
Michael McSweeney
Managing Editor Blockworks Blockworks
David Canellis
Editor Blockworks
Ben Strack
Senior Reporter Blockworks
আরো দেখুন (124)
Riku Koskinen
Research Analyst Blockworks
Dan Tapiero
Founder, CEO & CIO of 1Roundtable Partners 1RoundTable Partners (1RT)
Pascal Gauthier
Chairman & CEO of Ledgerlink Labs
Peter Najarian
Managing Partner of RW3 Ventures RW3 Ventures
Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Ethereal Ventures Ethereal Ventures
Avi Felman
Principal & Head of Digital Assets Trading of GoldenTree Asset Management GoldenTree Asset Management
Vanessa Grellet
Managing Partner of Aglaé Ventures Aglae Ventures
Stani Kulechov
Founder & CEO of Aave Companies Aave Companies
Michael Anderson
Co-Founder of Framework Ventures Framework Ventures
Mark Yusko
CEO & CIO; Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Capital Management Morgan Creek Capital Management, LLC
Santiago Roel Santos
Web3 Investor of ex-ParaFi Capital ex-ParaFi Capital
Daniel Masters
Executive Chairman of CoinShares Group CoinShares Group
Diana Biggs
1kx | Partner 1KX
Tyrone Lobban
Head of Onyx Digital Assets & Blockchain Launch
Waqar Chaudry
Executive Director, Innovation and Digital Assets Product, Financing & Securities Services Deutsche Bank
Melvin Deng
CEO of QCP Capital
Julia Demidova
Head of CBDC Strategy and Product
Vance Spencer
Co-Founder of Framework Ventures Framework Ventures
Pranav Kanade
Portfolio Manager of VanEck's Digital Assets Alpha Fund VanEck's
Evgeny Gaevoy
Founder & CEO of Wintermute Wintermute
Michael Howell
CEO of CrossBorder Capital CrossBorder Capital
Dr Lisa Cameron
East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow | MP Crypto and Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)
Richard Muirhead
Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Fabric Ventures
Jamil Nazarali
CEO of EDX Markets
Joseph Wang
Monetary Macro;; "Central Banking 101" | CIO; Principal; Author
Brian Taylor
Board Advisor of CryptoUK CryptoUK
Catherine Gu
Visa | Global Head of CBDC and Tokenization Visa
Matteo Dante Perruccio
President International of Wave Digital Assets Wave Digital Assets
Julian Brigden
Co-Founder & President of Macro Intelligence 2 Partners Macro Intelligence 2 Partners
Eric Balchunas
Senior ETF Analyst of Bloomberg Intelligence Bloomberg Intelligence
Marcos Christos Veremis
Accolade Partners | Partner Accolade Partners
Tim Grant
CEO of Deus X Capital Deus X Capital
Tara MacAulay
CEO of Lantern Ventures Lantern Ventures
Jonah Van Bourg
Director of Onyx Commodities Onyx Commodities
James Newman
Global Head of Business Development of WebN Group WebN Group
Michael Halligan
Chief Investment Officer & Founder of Nickel Digital Asset Management Ltd Nickel Digital Asset Management
Steven Goldfeder
CEO & Co-Founder of Offchain Labs Offchain Labs
Rebecca Rettig
Chief Legal & Policy Office of Polygon Labs Polygon Labs
Casper Johansen
Co-Founder of Spartan Group
Giovanni Vicioso
Global Head of Cryptocurrency Products of CME Group
Maria Shen
Partner of Electric Capital
Ruud Smets
Partner & Portfolio Manager of Theta Capital Management Theta Capital Management
Xiao-Xiao J. Zhu
Operating Partner of KKR Akkrue Capital
Sébastien Derivaux
Chef & Co-Founder of Steakhouse Financial Steakhouse Financial
Noelle Acheson
Author of Crypto is Macro Now Crypto is Macro Now
William Benattar
Technology Investor of Marshall Wace Marshall Wace
Chris Zuehlke
Partner; Global Co-Head of Cumberland of DRW
Sam Jernigan
Advisor of Scroll Scroll
Sandy Kaul
Head of Digital Asset and Industry Advisory Services of Franklin Templeton
David Kalk
Founder & CIO of Reflexive Capital Reflexive Capital
Michael Sonnenshein
Lucas Vogelsang
Co-Founder & CEO of Centrifuge
Christopher Jensen
Head of Digital Asset Research of Franklin Templeton
Anthony Scaramucci
Founder & Managing Partner SkyBridge SkyBridge Capital
Michael Sonnenshein
CEO Grayscale Investments Grayscale Investments
Nadine Teychenne
Director, Global Head Digital Assets, Securities Services Citi
Brad Garlinghouse
CEO Ripple Ripple
Sergey Nazarov
Co-Founder Chainlink Chainlink
Rune Christensen
Founder MakerDAO Maker
Tony Ashraf
Managing Director BlackRock BlackRock
Gautam Sharma
CEO & CIO BH Digital Brevan Howard Digital
Mathew McDermott
Global Head of Digital Assets Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs
Caroline Butler
Global Head of Digital Assets BNY Mellon BNY Mellon
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Figure Technologies Figure Technologies
J. Christopher Giancarlo
Senior Counsel, Corporate & Financial Services Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP
Ray Hindi
Jose Fernandez da Ponte
SVP & GM, Blockchain, Crypto and Digital Currencies PayPal PayPal
Joseph Wang
CIO; Principal; Author Monetary Macro;; "Central Banking 101"
Lord Chris Holmes
Member House of Lords, UK Parliament UK Parliament
Max Boonen
Co-Founder PV01 PV01
Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer
Author, Speaker, Professor, Adviser & Educator AGC Partners
Matteo Dante Perruccio
Senior Advisor Wave Digital Assets Wave Digital Assets
Eric Balchunas
Senior ETF Analyst Bloomberg Intelligence Bloomberg Intelligence
Leon Marshall
Managing Director, CEO; Global Head of Sales Galaxy Europe; Galaxy Digital Galaxy Digital
Jonny Matthews
Author SuperMacro SuperMacro
Justin L. Browder
Partner, Asset Management Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP
Ian Taylor
Board Advisor CryptoUK CryptoUK
Marc Zeller
Founder Aave Chan Initiative (ACI) Aave Chan Initiative (ACI)
Adrian Larsen
Portfolio Manager Blockchain Fond Blockchain Fond
Sanja Kon
VP, Europe Circle Circle
Brian Quintenz
Head of Policy a16z Crypto a16zcrypto
Paul Kremsky
Global Head of Business Development Cumberland Cumberland
Mara Schmiedt
CEO & Co-Founder Alluvial
Matthew Hougan
Chief Investment Officer Bitwise Bitwise Asset Management
Brian Crain
Chief Executive Officer Chorus One Chorus One
Rachel Anderika
Chief Operating Officer Anchorage Digital Bank Anchorage Digital
Jordi Alexander
Founder Selini Capital Selini Capital
Jonathan Cheesman
Partner Room 40 Capital ChainX
Morgan Krupetsky
Senior Director of Business Development for Institutions & Capital Markets Ava Labs Ava Labs
Leo Mizuhara
CEO Hashnote Hashnote
Eva Sanchez
Chief Legal Officer GSR GSR
David Mercer
Michael Roberts
Global Head of Sales Copper
Chris Zuehlke
Partner; Global Co-Head of Cumberland DRW DRW
Kelsey McGuire
Chief Growth Officer Shardeum Shardeum
Rajeev Bamra
Senior Vice President & Head of Decentralized Finance and Digital Assets Strategy Moody's Investors Service Moody's Investors Service
Nicolas Vanhoutteghem
Founding Partner Numeus Numeus
Felix Stratmann
Head of Research Outerlands Capital Outerlands Capital
Dr Mona El Isa
CEO & Founder Avantgarde Avantgarde
Chuck Mounts
Chief DeFi Officer S&P Global Ratings S&P Global Ratings
Ramon Recuero
Co-Founder Kinto Kinto
John Patrick Mullin
Rita Martins
FS Executive, Board Member, Author FS Executive
Michael Higgins
Global Head of Business Development, Partner, Head of EMEA & UK Hidden Road Hidden Road
Jakob Palmstierna
Shawn Douglass
CEO & Co-Founder Amberdata Amberdata
Chris Donovan
COO NEAR Foundation NEAR Foundation
Chef & Co-Founder Steakhouse Financial Steakhouse Financial
Anatoly Crachilov
CEO Nickel Capital Partners Nickel Capital Partners
Bivu Das
UK Managing Director Kraken Kraken
Laszlo Szabo
Co-Founder & CEO Kiln Kiln
Lee A. Schneider
General Counsel Ava Labs Ava Labs
Charles d'Haussy
CEO dYdX Foundation dYdX Foundation
Sabih Behzad
Managing Director, Head of Digital Assets & Currencies Transformation Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank
Nikita Fadeev
Partner & Head of Fasanara Digital Fasanara Digital Fasanara Digital
Graeme Moore
Head of Tokenization Polymesh Association Polymesh Association
Felix Leupold
Technical Co-Founder CoW Protocol CoW Protocol
Ruca Sousa Marques
Head of Growth karpatkey karpatkey
Adam Reeds
Co-Founder & CEO Ledn Ledn
Markus Infanger
SVP, RippleX Ripple The RippleX
Dove Houston
CEO & Co-Founder Kujira Labs Kujira Labs
Eric Risley
Founder & Managing Partner Architect Partners LLC Architect Partners LLC
Jason Yano
Co-Founder Blockworks Blockworks
Mike Ippolito
Co-Founder Blockworks Blockworks


১৮ মার্চ, ২০২৪ ৯:০০ AM , GMT (UTC +0)
২০ মার্চ, ২০২৪ ৬:০০ PM , GMT (UTC +0)
Hilton Metropole | 225 Edgware Rd, London