Blockchain Life 2024 Dubai

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

সম্পর্কিত Blockchain Life 2024 Dubai

Dubai awaits the global crypto community for the 12th edition of the legendary Blockchain Life Forum, which takes place on April 15-16.

This highly anticipated event attracts over 8000 attendees from 120 countries, making it the perfect meeting point for anyone interested in web3, cryptocurrencies, and mining.

As one of the most prestigious events of its kind, Blockchain Life 2024 will host industry players, government officials, heads of funds, investors, promising startups, and, of course, world Crypto Whales.

What to expect:

– Leading voices of crypto from all over the world
– Global expo of the latest Web 3.0 technologies (more than 150 booths)
– Wide range of networking formats
– Top-notch speakers with world-changing insights and insider analytics
– Breakthrough smart networking app “Networking 2.0”
– The legendary AfterParty only for VIP attendees and speakers


Xinxi Wang
Co-Founder of Litecoin Foundation Litecoin
Sebastien Badault
VP Enterprise at Ledger Ledger
Chief Innovation Officer at OKX OKX
Marwan Alzarouni
CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center Dubai Blockchain Center
Brian D. Evans
Founder BDE Ventures, Partner Apexblock Capital BDE Ventures
Marcel Robert Harmann
Thorchain Representative Thorchain Representative
আরো দেখুন (123)
Lennix Lai
OKX Chief Commercial Officer OKX
Vineet Budki
CEO and Managing Partner of Cypher Capital CYPHER CAPITAL
Ryo Matsubara
Representative Director RX Global
Rajat Sakhuja
Blockchain and Digital Assets Manager at Mastercard Mastercard
Max Luck
Head of Growth at Flare Labs Flare Labs
Sabeen Ali
Global Head of Developer of Consensys Developer
Antoni Zolciak
Сo-Founder of Aleph Zero Aleph Zero
Sergey Shalyapin
CTO at Singularity NET Singularity NET
Yeou Jie Goh
Head of APAC at Chromia Chromia
Robert Sasu
Core Developer at MultiversX MultiversX
Andrei Kutin
CEO of Match Systems Match Systems
Arpit Sharma
Managing Director, India, SE Asia and Middle East at NEAR Foundation NEAR Foundation
Elias Ahonen
Columnist for Cointelegraph CoinTelegraph
Tone Vays
Trader, Economic Trends Expert and Analyst
Riccardo Sibani
Chief Product Officer of My Neighbour Alice My Neighbor Alice
Tom Ngo
Executive Lead of Metis Metis
Michaël van de Poppe
Founder of MN Trading MN Trading BV
Alessia Baumgartner
Business Partner Ecosystems at DWF Labs DWF Labs
Alena Afanaseva
CEO and Founder of Beincrypto BeInCrypto
Luke Dorney
General Manager & VP of Sales - EMEA at Blockdaemon Blockdaemon
Lomesh Dutta
Vice President of Growth at DFINITY DFINITY (ICP)
Head of Product at xPortal MultiversX
Yannick Myson
Lucy Co-Founder & Delysium CMO LucyOS
Janet Adams
COO of Singularity.Net Singularity NET
Charmaine Lim
Head of VIP Client Services at HTX VIP Client Services
Inal Kardanov
Head of Gaming at TON Foundation TON Foundation
Mehdi Farooq
Senior Tokenomics Analyst, Animoca Brands Animoca Brands
Amin Siala
Growth Consultant at Google Google
Elena Gonta
Regional Business Development Manager at BitMEX BitMEX
Yosuke Yoshida
Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East & Africa emurgo
Bruce Fenton
Founder & CEO of Chainstone Labs Chainstone Labs
CEO of Landvault Landvault
Head of BD and Growth at IoTeX IoTeX
Jess Houlgrave
CEO of WalletConnect WalletConnect
Jinghao Chen
Vice President of Canaan inc. Canaan Inc.
Boris Pevzner
CEO/Co - Founder of LiveArt LiveArt
Balal Khan
Co-Founder of ZKEX ZKEX
Andy Kulikyan
Founder/CEO of Altava ALTAVA Group
Alvin Kan
COO of Bitget Wallet Bitget
Vugar Usi Zade
COO of Bitget Bitget
Vince Yang
Co-Founder of zkLink zkLink
Chef Mochi
lead of the PancakeSwap protocol PancakeSwap
Rick Goddard
MC of Blockchain Life Forum
Oleg Ivanov
Co-Founder of SecondLan
Lilly Douse
MC of Blockchain Life Forum SIGMA
Dr. Evan Luthra
Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)
Sunil Sharma
CEO of CoinGape Coingape
Ernesto Contreras
Board Member of Dash Core Group Dash Core Group
Mario Nawfal
Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Founder of IBC Group IBC Group
Marcello Mari
CEO of SingularityDAO SingularityDAO
Brandon Green
Chief of Staff at BTC Inc BTC Inc.
Jorge Sebastiao
Co-Founder of EcoX SLEX
Sjuul Follings
Founder of AltCryptoGems & AltCryptoTalk AltCryptoTalk
Karnika E. Yashwant
Founder, KEY Difference, Co-Founder, Forward Protocol KEY Difference
Maxim Hamaha
Crypto influencer
Davinci Jeremie
Crypto Educator and Entrepreneur The Educator Magazine U.K.
Arut Nazaryan
Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur
Efe Kelemci
Youtube Influencer Crypto Kid
Leonid Maloletov
Crypto Trader and Entrepreneur
Vladislav Martynov
Entrepreneur and investor, Blockgeeks Founder Blockgeeks
Catherine Mychka
Kirill Malev
Junior Partner at The Open Platform (TOP) The Open Platform
Jack Melar
CCO at Cyberpunk City & Cyberpunk Stake Cyberdeck Studios
Gordon Einstein
MC of Blockchain Life, Founding Partner at CryptoLaw Partners The Crypto Lawyers
Mohamed Sabry Issa
Regional Manager for the Middle East, Chainalysis Chainalysis Inc.
Ahmed Tehemar
Head of Gaming at Core DAO Core DAO
Dirk Lueth
Co-Founder of Uplandme, Inc. Uplandme
Jess Lo
CMO of Hooked Protocol Hooked Protocol
Michael Ionita
VP of Engineering at DappRadar DappRadar
Nikita Sachev
CEO of Luna Media Corporation & Cointelegraph MENA CoinTelegraph
Tony Petrov
Chief Legal Officer at Sumsub SumSub
Gaidamakin Daniil
COO of Jets.Capital Jets.Capital
Matthias Mende
Co-Founder of Dubai Blockchain Center Dubai Blockchain Center
Igneus Terrenus
Public Liaison at Mantle Network Mantle
Mehmet Buyukakarsu
Business Development Manager at BNB Chain BNB Chain
Justin Sun
Founder of TRON, Member of the HTX Global Advisory Board HTX
Tanisha Katara
Independent Web3 Consultant and a Governance Innovation Specialist at Polygon Labs Polygon Labs
Sergei Khitrov
Founder of Listing.Help, Jets.Capital, Blockchain Life
Vivien Lin
CPO at BingX BingX
Paulo Ardoino
Chief Technology Officer at Tether and Bitfinex Tether
Ben Zhou
CEO of Bybit Bybit
Rachel Conlan
CMO of Binance Binance
Chief Innovation Officer at OKX OKX
CEO of Animoca Brands Animoca Brands
Dominic Williams
Founder & Chief Scientist of DFINITY (ICP) DFINITY (ICP)
Dmitry Fedotov
Head of DLT Foundations at Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) DLT Foundations
Pascal Gauthier
Before being CEO at Ledger Ledger
Xinxi Wang
o-founder and CEO of the Coinut CEX Platform. Coinut CEX Platform
Beniamin Mincu
Сo-founder & CEO of MultiversX MultiversX
Danilo Carlucci
Founder & CEO of Morningstar Ventures Morningstar Ventures
Eowyn Chen
CEO of Trust Wallet Trust Wallet
Yat Siu
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands Animoca Brands
Stephan Lutz
CEO and CFO of BitMEX BitMEX


$36 000 000

Dr. Ben Goertzel
CEO of SingularityNET SingularityNET
Andrei Grachev
Managing Partner of DWF Labs DWF Labs


$81 100

Michael Wagner
Co-founder/CEO of Star Atlas Star Atlas
Irene Wu
Head of Strategy at LayerZero Labs LayerZero Labs
Max Rabinovitch
CSO of Chiliz chiliZ
Marcel Robert Harmann
Thorchain Representative Thorchain Representative
Rene Reinsberg
Co-founder of Celo Celo
Alicia Kao
Managing Director at KuCoin KuCoin Exchange
Dr. Sameer Al Ansari
CEO RAK Digital Assets Oasis RAK DAO
Hugo Philion
CEO of Flare Labs Flare Labs
Morgan Krupetsky
Head of Institutions & Capital Markets, Ava Labs Ava Labs
Veronica Wong
Co-Founder of SafePal SafePal
Matthew Graham
Managing Partner of Ryze Labs Ryze Labs
Andrew Taureau
Director of Partnerships, APAC/MENA at CoinDesk CoinDesk
Simon Bush
CEO / NED / Strategic Advisor Australian Digital Health Agency
Edward Chen
General Manager at HTX Ventures HUOBI
Kyle Chasse
Founder and CEO of Master Ventures MV Global
Aurelie Dhellemmes
Head of RippleX Partner Success The RippleX
Thomas Kralow
Founder of Kralow Capital Thomas Kralow
Irina Heaver
The Crypto Lawyer The Crypto Lawyers
Zhang Vincent
Sales Director MicroBT
Helen Liu
Chief Operating Officer & Partner of Bybit Bybit
José Betancourt
CEO of Virtual Labs Virtual Labs
Mohammad Alblooshi
CEO of DIFC Innovation Hub DIFC Innovation Hub
Simon Baksys
Simon Baksys VP of Business Development at LayerZero Labs LayerZero Labs
Shubham Bhandari
Head of Ecosystem at Manta Network Manta Network
David Uhryniak
Ecosystem Development Leader at TRON DAO TRON DAO
Sunny Aggarwal
Co-Founder of Osmosis Labs Osmosis Labs
CEO of Animoca Brands Animoca Brands
Danilo Carlucci
Founder & CEO of Morningstar Ventures Morningstar Ventures


১৫ এপ্রিল, ২০২৪ ৯:০০ AM , GST (UTC +4)
১৬ এপ্রিল, ২০২৪ ৬:০০ PM , GST (UTC +4)