Bitcoin 2024 Nashville

Nashville , United States

সম্পর্কিত Bitcoin 2024 Nashville

Over the last five years, The Bitcoin Conference has become the world's largest gathering of bitcoiners. From breaking announcements and international media coverage to countless meaningful talks by thought-leaders and industry innovators, we are excited to continue our drive for global hyperbitcoinization.

From July 25th - 27th, 2024, we’ll be taking The Bitcoin Conference to the city of music and freedom - Nashville, Tennessee.

Join thousands of attendees for countless opportunities to learn, engage, and network across three days of pure bitcoin signal


Craig Deutsch
BTC Inc. BTC Inc.
Matthew Pines
Director of Security Intelligence ∙ Krebs Stamos Group Krebs Stamos Group
Craig Raw
Developer ∙ Sparrow Wallet Sparrow Wallet
Nick Farrow
Co-Founder & CEO ∙ Frostsnap Frostsnap
Cris Cyborg
CEO ∙ CrisCyborg.Com CrisCyborg
Nick Philpott
Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships ∙ Zodia Markets Zodia Markets
আরো দেখুন (236)
Dan Gould
∙ Payjoin
Nitin Gaur
Global Head Digital Asset and Technology Design ∙ State Street Digital State Street Digital
Dan Held
General Partner ∙ Asymmetric Asymmetric
Peter McCormack
Podcast Host ∙ What Bitcoin Did WHAT BITCOIN DID
Dan Morehead
Founder, Managing Partner ∙ Pantera Capital Pantera Capital
Preston Pysh
Co-Founder ∙ The Investors Podcast Network The Investors Podcast Network
Danny Diekroeger
Founder and CEO ∙ Deezy Deezy Labs
Rob Hamilton
Co-Founder & CEO ∙ AnchorWatch, Inc. AnchorWatch
Dave Smith
Comedian & Podcaster ∙ Comedian Dave Smith The Davenport Group
Rockstar Dev
Bitcoin Uncle ∙ BTCPayServer BTC PAY SERVER
David Bailey
Co-founder & CEO ∙ BTC Inc. BTC Inc.
Tony Giorgio
CEO ∙ Mutiny Wallet Mutiny Wallet
David Zell
Co-Founder ∙ Bitcoin Policy Institute Bitcoin Policy Institute
Troy Cross
Fellow ∙ Bitcoin Policy Institute Bitcoin Policy Institute
Dhruv Bansal
Co-Founder ∙ Unchained Unchained
Director of Satire ∙ thecryptoc0up1e
Dom Bei
Founder/CEO ∙ Proof of Workforce Proof of Workforce
Wolfie Zhao
Head of TheMinerMag ∙ BlocksBridge BlocksBridge
Drew Armstrong
President ∙ Cathedra Cathedra Bitcoin
Efrat Fenigson
Journalist & Podcaster ∙ You're The Voice In Growth We Trust
Ella Hough
Co-founder / Project Lead / Asset Management, Bitcoin Mining, and Research Intern ∙ Bitcoin Students Network / Generation Bitcoin / Galaxy Galaxy
Erik Cason
Cryptosovereignty Cryptosovereignty
Erik LaPaglia
Managing Partner ∙ NextTech Ventures NextTech Ventures
Erin Redwing
CEO ∙ Inscribing Atlantis Inscribing Atlantis
Fabian Jahr
Bitcoin Open Source Developer ∙ Brink Brink
Femi Longe
Program Director, Btrust Builders ∙ BTrust Btrust Builders
Frank Holmes
Executive Chairman ∙ Hive Blockchain Technologies Hive Blockchain Technologies
Gabe Lord
Chief Engagement Officer ∙ Bitcoin Veterans OPERATION BITCOIN
Gary Cardone
Founder CEO ∙ Cardone Digital Ventures Cardone Digital Ventures
Gino Donati
Founder ∙ BetOpenly BetOpenly
Graham Krizek
Founder and CEO ∙ Voltage Voltage
Grant McCarty
Bitcoin Policy Institute Bitcoin Policy Institute
Greg Carson
Managing partner ∙ Humla Ventures Humla Ventures
Guy Swann
Host ∙ Bitcoin Audible Bitcoin Audible
Hailey Lennon
Partner ∙ Brown Rudnick, LLP Brown Rudnick
Haley Berkoe
Program Manager ∙ Spiral Spiral
Haris Basit
Chief Strategy Officer ∙ Bitdeer Technologies Group BitDeer
Harry Sudock
VP, Strategy ∙ GRIID Infrastructure GRIID Infrastructure
Hodl Dee
Support Specialist ∙ Coinkite Coinkite
Ishaana Misra
Co-Founder ∙ Generation Bitcoin Generation Bitcoin
Founder and Lead Analyst ∙ Checkonchain Checkonchain
James Costello
Founder ∙ Phantom Power Music Phantom Power
James Lavish
Managing Partner ∙ Bitcoin Opportunity Fund Bitcoin Opportunity Fund
Jameson Lopp
Co-Founder & Chief Security Officer ∙ Casa CASA NFT
Jamie McAvity
CEO ∙ Cormint Cormint
Jan Smejkal
CSO ∙ Xverse Product Xverse
Jan van Eck
CEO ∙ VanEck VanEck Europe
Janet Mangi
Co-founder, COO ∙ Gridless Gridless
Jason Les
Chief Executive Officer ∙ Riot Riot Platforms
Jeffrey Lucas
CFO ∙ Bitfarms Bitfarms
Jeff Vandrew Jr
General Counsel ∙ Unchained Capital Unchained Capital
Jesse Shrader
Co-founder ∙ Amboss Technologies Amboss Technologies
John Dennehy
Director ∙ Mi Primer Bitcoin Mi Primer Bitcoin
John Wagster
Attorney at Law ∙ Frost Brown Todd Frost Brown Todd
Jordan Gambrell
Chief Entertainment Officer ∙ Bitcoin Veterans Veterans Cannabis Project
Josh Friedeman
Head of Sales ∙ Sliced, Inc. Slice
Julian Figueroa
Filmmaker ∙ Kinetic Finance Kinetic Finance
Justin Ballard
General Counsel ∙ Adakon Energy Solutions Adakon Energy Solutions
Kenny Florian
CEO ∙ KenFlo Corp Token Flow
Kevin Zhang
SVP Business Development ∙ Foundry Government of India
Kgothatso Ngako
Catalyst ∙ Machankura MACHANKURA
Zuoxing Yang
Founder & CEO ∙ MicroBT MicroBT
Kody Low
Head of Developer and Product Support ∙ Fedi Fedi
Zack Shapiro
Managing Partner ∙ Rains LLP Rains LLP
Kulpreet Singh
Open Source Contributor ∙ Independent Independent Reserve
Zach Bradford
CleanSpark ∙ CEO CleanSpark Inc
Lauren Humphries
Counsel ∙ Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC Non Fungible Counsel
Zac Townsend
CEO ∙ Meanwhile Meanwhile
Luke Gromen
Wright Wang
Sales and Marketing Director ∙ MicroBT MicroBT
MacKenzie Sigalos
Tech Reporter ∙ CNBC CNBC International
Wolfie Zhao
BlocksBridge ∙ Head of TheMinerMag BlocksBridge
Margot Paez
Fellow ∙ Bitcoin Policy Institute InSite
Mario Conti
VP Engineering ∙ Midas Immersion Cooling Midas Protocol
Mario Andres Gutierrez
VP of Business Development ∙ Giga Energy Giga Energy
Mark Goodwin
Director of Print Editorial ∙ Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin Magazine NL
Mark Moss
Founder ∙ Market Disruptors Ab(New)Normal Disruptors
Marty Bent
Founder, Partner ∙ TFTC, Ten31 Ten31
CEO and Co-founder ∙ Blockware Blockware Solutions
Matt Dines, CFA
CIO ∙ Build Asset Management Build Asset Management
Matt Hill
CEO ∙ Start9 Start9
Matthew Hougan
Chief Investment Officer ∙ Bitwise Asset Management Bitwise Asset Management, Inc.
Matt Lohstroh
Co-Founder, CEO ∙ Giga Energy Giga Energy
Matt Luongo
CEO ∙ Thesis Thesis*
Matt Odell
Cofounder ∙ OpenSats OpenSats
Matt Corallo
Open Source Engineer ∙ Block / Spiral Spiral
Mayur Gupta
Chief Marketing Officer ∙ Kraken Kraken Bitcoin Exchange
Michel Gustavsson
Cofounder & CBDO ∙ Bitrefill Bitrefill
Mike Benz
Executive Director ∙ Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO)
Mike Cohen
Chief Executive Officer ∙
Mike Germano
President ∙ Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin Magazine
Mike Hobart
Chief Energy Officer ∙ Bitcoin Veterans TechCrunch
Mike Schmidt
Executive Director ∙ Brink Brink
Miles Paschini
Chief Executive Officer ∙ FV Bank FV Bank
Miljan Braticevic
CEO ∙ Primal Primal Capital
Engineer ∙ Chaincode Labs Chaincode Labs
Natalie Brunell
Host ∙ Coin Stories and Hard Money Cathedra Bitcoin
Nico Lechuga
Founding Partner ∙ ego death capital ego death capital
Nico Moran
Host ∙ Simply Bitcoin Simply Bitcoin
Nishant Sharma
Founder & CEO ∙ BlocksBridge Consulting BlocksBridge
Nuri Katz
Founder & CEO ∙ Apex Capital Partners Apex Capital Partners Corp.
Owen Aston
Associate Intern ∙ Onramp Onramp Bitcoin
Pascal Gauthier
Chairman & CEO ∙ Ledger Ledger
Pavel Moravec
Co-founder ∙ Braiins Braiins
Perianne Boring
Founder and CEO ∙ The Digital Chamber The Digital Chamber
Pete Rizzo
Editor ∙ Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin Magazine
OpenTimestamps OpenTimestamps
Philip Zimmermann
Creator of PGP ∙ Phil Zimmermann & Associates LLC Draper Associates
Rachel Silverstein
General Counsel ∙ Firm21m PLLC Firm 21m PLLC
Ray Kamrath
Chief Commercial Officer ∙ Bakkt Bakkt
Ric Edelman
Founder ∙ Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals Digital Assets Week
Rich Rines
Core DAO contributor ∙ Core DAO Core DAO
Rob Warren
Manager of Mining Projects and Operations Analysis ∙ Riot Platforms Riot Platforms
Rob Massey
Global Tax Leader – Blockchain & Digital Assets ∙ Deloitte Deloitte
Robert Breedlove
“What is Money” Show Why bitcoin show
Robert Davidoff
Founder/CEO ∙ Bentaus Energy Bentaus Energy
Robert Mitchnick
Head of Digital Assets ∙ BlackRock BlackRock
Robert Stark
Partner ∙ Brown Rudnick LLP Brown Rudnick
Robin Linus
Project Lead ∙ ZeroSync ZeroSync
Romain Nouzareth
CEO ∙ SATO Technologies SATO Technologies
Roy Sheinfeld
CEO ∙ Breez Breez
Ryan Condron
Co-founder ∙ Lumerin Lumerin
Sam Abbassi
Founder and CEO ∙ Hoseki Hoseki
Sam Means
CEO ∙ Wavlake and Lightning Store Store of Value
Vivek Ramaswamy
President ∙ Office of Vivek Ramaswamy NewChic Capital Family Office
Senator Bill Hagerty
Tennessee Senator ∙ United States Senate United States Senate
Cathie Wood
Founder, CEO, CIO ∙ ARK Invest ARK Invest
Marsha Blackburn
Bill Miller IV
Prospective Chairman and Chief Investment Officer ∙ Miller Value Partners Zaryah Investment Company
Edward Snowden
Whistleblower & Cybersecurity Expert CFTC
Tim Draper
Founder ∙ Draper Associates Draper Associates
Alyse Killeen
Founder and Managing Partner ∙ Stillmark Stillmark
Aaron Arnold
Bitcoin Educator, Founder ∙ Altcoin Daily Altcoin Edge
Aaron Daniel
President, Director ∙ Open Source Justice Foundation Open Source Justice Foundation
Adrii Garanin
CEO ∙ Hiveon Energy Hiveon Energy
Aki Balogh
CEO ∙ DLC.Link DLC.Link
Alekos Filini
CEO, Head of Engineering ∙ TwentyTwo Devices TwentyTwo Devices
Alex Bergeron
Bitcoin scholar, heterodox preacher.
Alex Gladstein
Chief Strategy Officer ∙ Human Rights Foundation Human Rights Foundation
Alex Thorn
Head of Firmwide Research ∙ Galaxy Digital Galaxy Digital
Sam Tabar
CEO ∙Bit Digital Bit Digital
Alex Travis
Deputy General Counsel ∙ Riot Platforms, Inc Riot Platforms
Sam Wouters
Bitcoin Research Analyst ∙ River River Island
Allen Farrington
General Partner ∙ Axiom Axiom
Scott Presler
Founder & Executive Director ∙ Early Vote Action Early Vote Action
Allen Helm
Director, Account Services ∙ BTC Inc BTC Inc
Seamus Rocca
CEO ∙ Xapo Bank Xapo Bank
Allison Yanci
Founder/Owner ∙ Optimal Wellness Airbnb
Seed Signer
Creator and Leader ∙ The SeedSigner Project Seed Signer
Andre Neves
Cofounder and CTO ∙ ZEBEDEE, inc. ZBD
Seed Oil Disrespecter
Seedy App Inc. ∙ Seedy Seedy
Andrew Poelstra
Director of Research ∙ Blockstream Blockstream
Shane Hazel
Private Account Executive ∙ Swan Swan Bitcoin
Anil Patel
Visual Educator Visual Educator
Sophie von Laer
CEO ∙ Strategic Maverick Strategic Maverick
Anthony Bassili
Head of Asset Allocators & Tokenization ∙ Coinbase Coinbase
Steve Myers
Contributor ∙ Bitcoin Dev Kit Bitcoin Dev Kit
Anthony Scaramucci
Founder and Managing Partner ∙ SkyBridge Capital SkyBridge Capital
Taylor Monnig
Chief Technology Officer ∙ CleanSpark CleanSpark Inc
Austin Arnold
Bitcoin Educator ∙ Altcoin Daily
Tim Savage
Tax Partner ∙ Weaver Weaver
Austin Mitchell
Co-founder & CEO ∙ Synota Synota
Tom D'Eletto
Head of Product ∙ Arculus Arculus
Autumn Domingo
President ∙ UNH Bitcoin Club University of New Hampshire
Topher Scott
Chief Technical Officer ∙ BitEscrow BitEscrow
Aydin Kilic
HIVE Digital Technologies HIVE Digital Technologies
Managing Partner ∙ Tor Ekeland Law, PLLC Tor Ekeland Law
Barry Sackett
Managing Partner ∙ Goosmann Law Firm South Dakota Blockchain Institute
Trey Sellers
VP, Enterprise Sales ∙ Unchained Unchained
Ben Carman
CTO ∙ Mutiny Wallet Mutiny Wallet
Tristan Bietsch
Founder CEO ∙ BitEscrow BitEscrow
Ben Cousens
Chief Strategy Officer ∙ ZEBEDEE ZBD
Tyler Laroche
James Seyffart
ETF Strategist ∙ Bloomberg Bloomberg News
Ben Harper
Associate Director of Derivatives ∙ Luxor Technology and Hashrate Index Luxor Technology
Tyler Evans
BTC Inc. BTC Inc.
Max & Stacy
Presidential Advisors ∙ Building Bitcoin Country El Salvador
Ben Askren
MMA Fighter MMA Fighter
Viktor Ihnatiuk
Founder & CEO ∙ Boosty Labs Boosty Labs
Alex Leishman
CEO ∙ River River Financial
Bobby Lee
Founder & CEO ∙ Ballet Ballet
Will Casarin
Founder ∙ Nostr, Damus Inc. Nostra
Michael Saylor
Chairman & CEO ∙ MicroStrategy Microstrategy
Bobby Shell
VP of Marketing ∙ Voltage Voltage
Walker America
Director of Satire ∙ thecryptoc0up1e
Shawn Baker
Chief Medical Officer ∙
Brandon Black
Engineering Manager (Custody) ∙ Swan Swan Bitcoin
Weikeng Chen
Research Partner ∙ L2 Iterative L2 Iterative Venture
Dylan LeClair
Head of Market Research ∙ Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin Magazine NL
Brandon Fetzer
Associate ∙ Debevoise & Plimpton Brandon Fetzer
William Foxley
Co-founder ∙ Blockspace Media Blockspace Media
Fred Thiel
Chairman & CEO ∙ Marathon Digital Holdings Marathon Digital Holdings
Brandon Keys
Founder ∙ Green Candle Green Candle Investments
William J. Pulte
CEO ∙ Pulte Capital Pulte Capital
Aaron van Wirdum
Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin Magazine
Brian Consolvo
Principal, Technology Risk ∙ KPMG KPMG
CEO ∙ Mempool
Amanda Fabiano
Fabiano Consulting Fabiano Consulting
Brian Laughlan
Co-Founder ∙ OrdinalsBot OrdinalsBot
Wolf von Laer
CEO ∙ Students For Liberty Students For Liberty
American HODL
American hodl is a bitcoiner and world renowned zoologist.
Brian Morgenstern
Head of Public Policy ∙ Riot Platforms, Inc Riot Platforms
Zach Bradford
CEO ∙ CleanSpark CleanSpark Inc
Anthony Power
Compass Mining Compass Mining
Bruce Fenton
CEO/Managing Director ∙ Chainstone Labs/Watchdog Capital Chainstone Labs
Steve Lee
Spiral Lead ∙ Block HiBlock
BTC Sessions
Bitcoin Educator ∙ Bitcoin Educator
BTC Zelko
Co-Founder / CEO ∙ RoninDojo RoninDojo
Raph Japh
Ordinals Protocol Ordinals Protocol
Creator-in-Chief ∙ thecryptoc0up1e
Carla Bitcoin
Creator-in-Chief ∙ thecryptoc0up1e
Source Node
Founder ∙ OnlyVibes Inc. OnlyVibes
Chris Kuiper
Director of Research ∙ Fidelity Digital Assets Fidelity Digital Assets
Carlos Toriello
CFO and Elections Leads ∙ SimpleProof
Peruvian Bull
Founder ∙ Lima Corporate Lima Corporate
Dan O'Prey
Chief Product Officer ∙ Bakkt Bakkt
Chanley Howell
Partner ∙ Foley & Lardner, LLP Foley & Lardner LLP
Diverter NoKYC
Head Honcho ∙ Street Mining, LLC
Desiree Dickerson
CEO & Co-Founder ∙ THNDR THNDR
Charlene Hill Fadirepo
Bitcoin consulting firm ∙ Mango Digital Stategies Mango Digital Stategies
Evan Kaloudis
Founder ∙ Zeus Zeus Trust
Charlie Spears
Cofounder ∙ Blockspace Media Blockspace Media
Frederick Krueger
Capitalist ∙ Investor Capitalist
Portfolio Manager ∙ Hyperion Decimus Hyperion Decimus
Isabella Santos
Bitcoin Backstage Bitcoin Backstage
Christian Keroles
Human Rights Foundation Human Rights Foundation
Joe Carlasare
Partner ∙ Amundsen Davis LLC Amundsen Davis LLC
Christian Lawrence
Managing Director, Cross Asset Strategist ∙ Rabobank Rabobank
Head of Product ∙ Amazon Amazon
Christopher Calicott
Co-Founder and Managing Director ∙ Trammell Venture Partners Trammell Venture Partners
Kristen Ragusin
Senior Vice President, Investments ∙ Raymond James Raymond James Financial Inc.
Chief Policy Officer ∙ The Digital Chamber The Digital Chamber
Lisa Hough
VP Strategic Relationships ∙ Custodia Bank Custodia Bank
Colin Crossman
Director of the Business Division ∙ Wyoming Secretary of State Wyoming Secretary of State
Markus Veith
National Leader, Digital Assets Industry ∙ Grant Thornton Grant Thornton LLP
Colin Harper
Head of Research and Content ∙ Luxor Luxor Technology


২৫ জুলাই, ২০২৪ ৯:০০ AM , ACST (UTC +9:30)
২৭ জুলাই, ২০২৪ ৬:০০ PM , ACST (UTC +9:30)
Music City Center