The Foundational Layer For Decentralized Networks.

সম্পর্কিত TODA

The TODA Protocol enables businesses to efficiently and securely scale their blockchain implementations without transactional or management dependency on any third parties - including exchanges, miners, cloud, servers, databases, routers, etc.

TODA-T is considered the next evolution of TCP/IP for value transfer over the communication layer in a P2P decentralized setting.  For more information on the protocol, please visit the TRIE Foundation at:

Toda.Network entered into dozens of joint ventures and strategic technology alliances with businesses wishing to enable their development in a complete decentralized setting to benefit from value management and exchange efficiently. 

​It can add value to a multitude of industries, from finance to fashion, space, healthcare, education, IoT and anything else that involves transactions of digital assets and information. Deployment of ledger-based systems (such as Bitcoin) on top of the TODA protocol is also currently being tested.

​TODA provides :

• A decentralized mobile marketplace for merchants and consumers that can support transactions of digital assets, fiat currencies and the Toda Note - a new asset-backed digital currency, which is designed to provide liquidity within a TODA system without binding the platform to a single currency throughout its existence given TODA’s capacity of hosting a multitude of value-exchange systems.

• Two-way atomic transactions to alleviate the need for escrow-based exchanges, allowing trust-free commerce (e.g. a user can purchase a digital good online using TODA and have 100% confidence in both the receipt of that purchase and that the payment channel will not be abused prior to the receipt).

 • Reward points, video game assets, loyalty tokens: TODA allows closed or semi-closed sandboxes to be built in an open ecosystem, providing the advantages of both aspects to the system design.




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