Confideal is a service that helps you create smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. With the smart contracts that our service helps you create, you can receive payments, pay for goods and services, purchase property, and carry out other types of transactions.

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All you need to start using Confideal is an Ethereum wallet accessible through Metamask extension for Google Chrome. If you store your ETH coins in another wallet, you can either transfer them to your Metamask account (which is the easier way) or import the private key to Metamask. You will need some Ether coins even if you are going to get paid rather than buy. Whenever you initiate a blockchain transaction (even if you send data, not money), you pay “gas”, which means a small processing fee taken by the blockchain. If you are new to the crypto world and have zero coins, we recommend buying them through a well-known service like Changelly. Please note that Confideal acts as a platform for creating and managing smart contracts, not as an escrow agent. The parties create, sign, and manage smart contracts at their discretion; Confideal cannot access and reallocate the funds stored in smart contracts nor restore a private key lost by either party.Confideal Escrow is a uniform tool for creating escrow smart contracts. It will help you out in a variety of use cases where the buyer pays the supplier not instantly and directly but rather has their funds secured until the supplier’s obligations are fulfilled. It may be used for freelance projects, supply agreements, selling and buying property, and other types of transactions that require an escrow account.


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