Zool Pay Token | A New Dimension of Cryptocurrency with Space Satellites for Internet, Mining, Gaming, Shariah based lending and More

Zool Pay Token | A New Dimension of Cryptocurrency with Space Satellites for Internet, Mining, Gaming, Shariah based lending and More

The company was born in 2012 as a search engine and advertising network has now launched “Zool Pay” or “ZOY” (a utility token). A company with 9 years of silent penetration and acquisitions of more than 85,000 high-end advertisers worldwide is presenting a five-year “Zool Vision 2027” plan.

As reported by the company, Zool Ad Network’s organic growth, with its current user base, provides an estimated market valuation of approx. 500 million US Dollars. Judging by this figure, the company is launching a new advertising platform with additional channels such as audio ads, AI-powered external digital cards, and CTV in 2022.

Not only ad networks but also various other products like AI-based 6 feet humanoid, autonomous drones, electric vehicles, food delivery apps, etc were launched in the past 9 years, several companies were acquired like ayha ad network in London, invested in multiple green-tech ventures and expanded its offices in US, Croatia, Singapore, and Russian office is expected in 2022.

Connecting all the products with a single crypto-based payment system via Zool Pay is a revolutionary decision for the company and its users added CEO, Manoj Mahto.

Zool Pay is expected to be a new smart chain (Blockchain) with reduced cost, more security, and flexibility. It will also provide P2P lending on its wallet and “Zool Exchange”. As compared to the estimated 1 million advertisers of Google, Zool plans to expand its advertisers to 800,000 in less than a year`s span of time so users can avail the benefits.

Loans will be issued to advertisers who hold at least 20% worth of their advertising budget in the form of Zool Pay Tokens (ZOY), with good credit history for 60 days (interest free in the view of respect to Islamic sentiments), delayed repayment as per Shariah compliance.

Zool is very focused on attracting advertisers and keeping them on the platform. Changing the payment mode to Zool Pay Token is said to have a staggering demand for tokens in the near future. Company officials also said that expanding the Zool Pay ecosystem to various products and services around the world would allow Zool Pay to become a direct rival to Google Pay.

The company is also in talks with German and Canada based Anime/Manga-based social entertainment platforms and VR gaming companies to reach an $8 billion industry. It may invest in stocks of the company and get into strategic decisions to ensure that Zool Pay Token holders can also take advantage of the benefits in the gaming and anime industry.

Gaming without high-speed internet is incomplete, adding to this, the company also announced the commencement of Zool Internet Satellite along with space crypto mining in the year 2022 for Gamers and Zool Smart Chain users around the globe. Satellite is expected to start in 2022 in the research facility of the company and it will be launched into orbit by either governmental or private agencies.

As per the CEO, another classified agreement will be revealed to the crypto community after securing investment from the Middle Eastern Various Investment Authorities.

Zool recently announced its Pre Sales and ICO of tokens on 24th September 2021 with a mid-cap of USD 100 million and it is focused on HNWI and VCs. The company is already in talks with BITDAO, NFX, Softbank, and various other investment authorities in the Middle East, Europe, and Russia. Public investors may also buy tokens via Pre Sales and ICO.

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