What blockchain experts are saying about blockchain trends

What blockchain experts are saying about blockchain trends

Lalit Bansal

Advisor | Founder and CEO – EIY SYS | Director – Revinfotech


What are your thoughts on launching a dedicated platform Huobi Prime for token sales?

Huobi Global is the latest to join the growing trend among the Cryptocurrency exchanges to launch token sale platforms. The name of this all-new token sale platform is Huobi Prime. It is a premium coin offering service unveiled by the Singapore based company Huobi.

Huobi Prime is the platform which is totally focused on the pre-release of token-sales. This platform will enable investors to access new tokens which are not exchanged yet. They have confirmed that any company which wants to participate will first have to go through a vetting procedure and only successfully tested will be able to participate. According to its rules, there will be three flash sales, each one lasting half an hour.

On my opinion, their success will obviously inspire many platforms which are focused on giving strong support for the companies who are entering this new profitable area.

We have already seen a pretty clear inspiration in the Binance’s model for Huobi, so the successful model will probably be continued.

Recently, Bittrex has also initiated a similar service called Bittrex International. The thought is that the platform would be used to host ICOs using its native token RAID.


What crypto startups would you call the most promising in 2019? And why?

The way Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has entered the market as a dominant tool of raising funds for crypto and blockchain projects in 2019, it seems to become the most popular and promising crypto startup of the year. Over the last year, the ICO industry has witnessed a massive downturn due to the emergence of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The mechanism of IEO helps to develop higher trust between the token issuer and investors while weeding out bad factors in the earlier stage.

In the case of IEOs, project investors don’t need to send crypto to a smart contract created by the developers. Instead, they would send the coin to the project account from their cryptocurrency exchange accounts. To participate in an IEO, investors would need to know the exchanges that are upheld by the project and the cryptocurrencies that would be acknowledged as a means of payment.

One of the advantages of IEO is that token issuers don’t need to go with the hassles of listing as it comes naturally as a part of the deal with the exchange conducting IEO.
Also, in terms of the token sale security and efficiency execution, IEOs take an edge over the ICOs. However, the listing costs in IEOs could vary considering the early stage collaboration with popular exchange platforms.

To register on the platform one needs to complete all the necessary KYC and AML verification processes. Once the account is activated, the further step is to fund your wallet with fiat or cryptocurrencies that support the IEO.



David Roberts

Founder at ReVerb


What are your thoughts on launching a dedicated platform Huobi Prime for token sales?

The good thing about Huobi Prime is that it selects projects carefully, and then presents them with intelligence. Huobi Prime gives investors a chance to evaluate new projects closely, and their time is not wasted with unprofessional business plans. Huobi Prime provides access to startups that are yet to be listed on other exchanges, so investors have early access to a plethora of juicy projects. In many cases, those startups are offered at below market prices.
Besides the obvious criteria, such an innovative business model, a strong financial backing and an experienced Huibo team will cater to the tastes of the most demanding investors by introducing projects that:

  • Represent technological breakthroughs in their industry.
  • Developed from reputable founders well know in the industry.
  • Backed by highly respected experts and investors
  • Supported by investments from Huobi Capital or Global Ecosystem Fund.

The future of the ICO is in providing good startups with backing, and Huobi Prime supports this.


What crypto startups would you call the most promising in 2019? And why?

I like ShipChain, an end-to-end logistics platform, designed to provide a trustless and transparent tracking for all aspects of a supply chain. From the moment a shipment leaves a factory, all the way until it arrives at a customer’s door, ShipChain uses blockchain to track and verify each and every step.

Most logistics solutions require human monitoring. Using smart contracts to manage logistics cuts costs sharply, and also will prevent some of the snafus that arise when the legacy logistics is used.

Also the Saga Foundation stablecoin. We have seen many stablecoin launches in the past year, but none have applied a compliance loading to the package. That’s what Saga does, requiring coinholders to pass an extensive know-your-customer and anti-money laundering verifications. This should make Saga’s coin very useful as company’s listed ICOs begin to flourish.



Karthik Vemula

Product building & Venture building


What are your thoughts on launching a dedicated platform Huobi Prime for token sales?

I think crypto is garnering a lot of attention worldwide for the right reasons of course, and having a dedicated platform for token sales at this crucial stage is nothing less than great news! The challenge with crypto and people’s attitude towards it germinates from what people believe is true and what reality actually is. There are many who believe that crypto is something premium and only for those with loaded pockets. The reality varies greatly. We need to break and change that mode of thought. With Huobi Prime being launched as a dedicated platform for token listing and sales, I think we are going in the right direction. The platform, at least for now, promises safer and more convenient access to crypto projects and is certainly more customer focused. Also as a coin launch platform, it targets and caters to both professional and personal use. That certainly opens the market to a very wide user base. Also, Huobi Prime can be regarded as a precursor to a different tomorrow. The crypto scene is innovating and it’s great to see new ideas and approaches being adopted.


What crypto startups would you call the most promising in 2019? And why?

To begin with, I think it’s incredible how the crypto and blockchain ecosystem is transforming. The growth is remarkable and there’s something to watch out for all the time. There’s so much good work happening in crypto that it’s painful to pick just one or two start-ups and congratulate their work. But saying that, I do feel that Cryzen has the potential to make it big in the future. Why? I am placing my bets on Cryzen, because it has made really good use of technology. They have effectively used bots to help do the trading, which means that every single move is an analytical decision. This is a remarkable feature and a commendable one. Also, what’s interesting is that users can dig deep into their strategies, current and previous ones, to evaluate them and assess if it’s worth putting their money on. It’s this proper combination of tech and strategy for effective decision making that appeals to me, and why exactly I feel that this is one promising start-up.



Shovon Hossain

Marketing adviser в Refine Medium


What are your thoughts on launching a dedicated platform Huobi Prime for token sales?

Huobi global is one of the top Exchangers in the world with lots of users and Potential investors. They recently launched huobi prime which is dedicated to help potential ICOs to fulfil their dream what they desire to build. Huobi prime has recently launched their First IEO which is “top network” and sold out in 7 sec also the price went up to 250% when trade began. So, in my opinion, they are focused on both token price value maintaining as well as on their investors. If any potential ICO wants to do IEO I think Huobi prime is a very dedicated platform for them.


What crypto startups would you call the most promising in 2019? And why?

There are several promising Crypto startups in 2019 some of them have ended their ICO some of them will start their ICO. Let me add some startups which can be high-potential in 2019.


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