David Roberts

Founder at ReVerb
United States
About David Roberts

Creative, goal-achieving professional with the ability to direct all facets of business and product marketing initiatives and strategies across the global sector. Proficient in media production, social media marketing, graphic design and advertisement development. Well-travelled marketing specialist with experience living and working internationally – and fluent in Russian. Demonstrated success in taking successful risks, executing revenue-generating strategies, breaking into saturated markets and identifying growth opportunities.

Superior leadership talents relating to team initiatives, staff supervision and project management – specifically on a global scale. Exceptional market research and analysis skills. Possess a strong technical knowledge and expertise which is consistently and effectively utilized to achieve business goals and objectives.


  •  - Marketing Management
  •  - Multimedia Marketing
  •  - Multifunctional Staff Management
  •  - International Marketing
  •  - Market Analysis / Planning
  •  - Technical Skills / Expertise
  •  - Animation / Graphic Design
  •  - Market Penetration Strategies
  •  - Relationship Management
  •  - Fundraising / Promotion
  •  - Internet Marketing / SEO
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