What are the top ways to earn free bitcoins?

What are the top ways to earn free bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which offers several incredible features and is immensely popular. It is a valuable digital currency which is why most people also treat it as an investment. Everybody wants to own bitcoins, but it cannot be afforded by everyone. So, if you want to get some bitcoins without spending any money, you can try the ways mentioned below.

Make online purchases

One of the best uses of bitcoin is online shopping, but you will be surprised to know that you can also earn bitcoins by shopping online. There are some cashback services which offers you bitcoin cashback on every purchase you make on any particular e-commerce website. These services have several online partners which you can use to make online purchases, and you will receive bitcoins rewards on every purchase made by you. One of the most popular cashback services is Lolli.To earn bitcoin with Lolli, you need to first download its browser extension.

After downloading it, whenever you will visit any of its partner websites, it will alert you to turn on the cashback. So, when you make an online purchase, it will confirm your cashback and deposit the earnings in the wallet. You can later transfer the bitcoin rewards from the Lolli wallet to your bitcoin wallets. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn bitcoins without spending any money on it. All you need to do is enjoy online shopping and earn bitcoins.

Use a bitcoin interest account.

If you want to earn some free bitcoins, there is no better option than using a crypto interest account as it allows you to store your bitcoins safely and earn interest on them at the same time. If you buy bitcoins as a long-term investment, then it obvious that you will have to store them for a long period at https://bitiq.app and use a crypto interest account for storing bitcoins as it will allow you to earn free bitcoins as interest.

There are several bitcoin-interest accounts, and each one of them offers varying interest which is why you must do proper research before choosing an interesting account to deposit your bitcoins. It is quite simple to create an account, and the interest will start building from the day one itself. These accounts pay interest to the owners as they lend the funds to other institutions, and they pay interest to you from the amount they receive from them. It is quite straightforward as all you need to do is deposit your bitcoins in an account and earn interest while sitting at home.

Bitcoin mining

Another fantastic way to earn bitcoins is bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transactions to the blockchain ledger. It is the way through which bitcoins are created as bitcoin miners use super-powerful computers and software to solvecomplex mathematical problems known as blocks. The receive a bitcoin reward for each block they solve and add to the blockchain. So, it is an excellent way to earn bitcoin, but it requires great expertise, knowledge and powerful computers which cost a lot. Professional bitcoin miners use ASIC; Application Specific Integrated Circuits which allows them to mine bitcoins in bulk.

If you don’t have enough budget to afford expensive hardware for mining, you can use the software provided by companies like Honeyminer as it is affordable and easy to install. Once you have installed it on your computer, it will start using the computing power of your system for mining. The more bitcoins you will mine, the more bitcoins you will receive a reward. But you must keep one thing in mind that using this software will have a negative impact on your computer as it will degrade its performance over time.

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites where you can find simply jobs and get paid in bitcoins for completing. There are different tasks offered on these platforms such as filling surveys, watching an ad, sharing a link, etc. These are easy tasks, and if you complete them efficiently, you will be paid bitcoins. It is a great way to earn bitcoins if you have some spare time that you won’t use for some productive purpose.

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