The most popular games in Canadian casinos

The most popular games in Canadian casinos

Gambling in today’s world is more than just recreation. Now it has become a way of life. Think of a bus or subway ride during rush hour. At least one person, among all, watches the results of the matches on which he bet or just plays slot machines on his smartphone. It’s all a modern world of online gambling in which everyone can start playing online casinos for real money in a matter of seconds, the list of which can be found on this link, while on the road or without leaving your own apartment. But in our article, we have described a list of classic casino games that you can play in almost every casino in Canada.

5. The slot machine

The slot machine has been around for ages and is still the classic casino game. It’s everywhere and everyone knows its principle. It’s not really that complicated. A coin and a lot of luck may make you a rich man. It is worth noting that slot machines are still the most lucrative way for establishments, despite the thousands of dollars at stake in the jackpots. Note that to win a lot, you have to bet a lot!

4. Blackjack

Certainly the classiest game in our opinion. Blackjack requires a little more practice than slot machines. The principle is still pretty simple in the main. The dealer deals you cards as you request. Your card total must not exceed 21, but must be higher than the banker’s (the dealer’s) to win. Again, you’ll have to rely on luck unless you know how to count cards!

3. Roulette

“No more bets!” This phrase, which has become popular with everyone thanks to roulette, speaks to the popularity of this game. If you come to a casino it is very easy to identify the roulette tables. The rules are much more complex than in slots. You can play by being outside the table. That is, the dealer asks for the bets, you can then bet without being seated at the roulette table. You must place a chip on an even/odd or red/black bet. Depending on the outcome of the roulette, you either double your bet or lose it all. You can also play in a different way. By sitting at the table, you have the option of playing the roulette numbers. As you can see, this game is all about luck and nothing else.

2. Baccarat

Baccarat is a game for the jet set, but not for everyone. The game is usually played in private rooms because the starting bets are usually very high. Nevertheless, this game remains very popular thanks to a certain 007. The first thing you might think of is the movie Casino Royale, but the British agent, Mi-6, played baccarat in another movie, GoldenEye.

1. Craps

Another game that is extremely popular. Craps is a dice game played at a table. For those who have never seen a craps table, remember that episode of Friends where Monica plays craps at her wedding to Chandler in Las Vegas. As for the rules, we also advise you to watch the episode of “Friends” and you will understand that it is really impossible to understand them! However, if you want to play, do what we did. Get to the table and place bets, a bit like roulette. Except that here you will bet on the luck of the one who throws the dice.


There are many ways to win or lose money in a casino. No matter which game you choose, you will always have the opportunity to have a good time. With a little practice, you’ll quickly become an ace at poker or blackjack. Having said that, it’s important to remember that gambling addiction can be very dangerous, so place your bets and good luck!

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