I. History of the currency

As you know, in the primitive times of mankind, people used goods to exchange goods directly. Due to the inadequate value of exchange between goods, mankind devised intermediaries to exchange goods with each other (shells, feathers, …) When the need to exchange goods of people was increasing day by day many, shells and feathers were no longer enough to trade, mankind used rare metals such as, gold, silver, copper to exchange each other and coins were born from there. And then use checks, banknotes to make payments faster and easier.

The advent of the Internet helped people to think of new payment methods by using bank transfer, card payments, the era of internet banking, and the introduction of electronic money

The advent of the Internet helped people to think of new payment methods

In 2009 the first cryptocurrency to be created was called Bitcoin, it was created by complex algorithms through a peer-to-peer network called Blockchain. Bitcoin was born to eliminate third intermediaries such as banking systems or government control. As a result, its transaction time is faster and the cost is saved more.

More and more people, organizations, or governments are accepting Bitcoin. That widespread acceptance pushed Bitcoin’s price from $0.01 to $20,000 in 2017, which means it has increased a million times over its original value. Because cryptocurrency is different from legal cash in that it is created by algorithms, its number is limited as a bitcoin of only 21 million was created. The bit will be never permanently printed as cash, making it free of inflation and the higher the scarcity, the higher the value. However, Bitcoin is a success story of early financial investors, so there are always certain drawbacks such as:

  • Bitcoin has no real owner.
  • Bitcoin was born in 2009, so this technology has become obsolete with Revolution 4.0.
  • To create a Bitcoin, we have to use supercomputers with extremely powerful configurations (solving algorithms) and a huge amount of electricity to exploit. This leads to economic inadequacies, affecting the power supply to other industries and causing serious environmental pollution. It can be seen that the amount of Bitcoin generated each year is halved.

Bitcoin is strongly advocated as it is the true value that brings a positive change to modern life, but with limited problems or difficulties in mining needs to be overcome immediately to make progress outstanding.

Bitcoin always has certain drawbacks

TrustCoin was born to help decipher all the limitations of Bitcoin. Now we will learn more about this promising coin project.

II. How does Trustinvestment work?

Trustinvestment’s head office is 919 North Market Street, Suite 950 Wilmington, Delaware 19801USA. Branch is 20 – 22 WENLOCK STREET, LONDON N1 7GU in UK.

With a team of experts who have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies, Trustinvestment is aim to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency service suppliers on multi-algorithm cloud platform. Trustinvestment will be the world’s first autonomous mining solution to focus on alternative energy sources.

This service has exclusive management and involves mining cryptocurrency for customers from small to large scale. Technology from Trustinvestment for solar mining clusters ensures modular maintenance, mobility, flexibility, low maintenance, self-contained maintenance costs for optimal operation speed.

In May 2019, TrustInvestment signed a contract to supply solar technology and equipment with one of Australia’s most famous corporations, Lyon Group.

Their flexible strategy is based on the following 3 main technologies:

1. Green Energy

They produce renewable green energy using solar power and CSP with heat storage for their 24/7 operation.

2. A new technology – ASIC

ASICs are devices with circuits and chips specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. It is referred to as a “plow” because of its higher performance, in order to distinguish it from the “buffalo” – the VGA digger – which uses traditional computer graphics cards to mine cryptocurrencies.

3. Artificial intelligence science

AI with artificial intelligence can make definitive decisions about where to place orders, cut losses or allocate funds appropriately to maximize profits. The amount of profit you gain can be from 5 to 30% monthly by AI Trader.

Their flexible strategy is based on the following 3 main technologies

III. The advantages of Trustcoin

Trustcoin is considered as the 3rd blockchain generation. Bitcoin represents the first generation, and the second generation is led by Ethereum. Ethereum is very rudimentary as it is leading technology in blockchain generation 2.0. Currently, Ethereum’s upgradability and scalability must rely on the management system. With a blockchain 3.0 project like Trustcoin, developers can detect the drawbacks and difficulties of previous projects and develop more efficient networks.

An outstanding innovation of Trustcoin is that it is one of the first Blockchain coins to use proof-of-stake algorithm while Bitcoin and most other digital currencies are based on proof-of-work algorithm. Trustcoin can be expanded and designed in separate layers, so that software can be easily upgraded later.

The difference between Trustcoin and Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency lies in PoS consensus mechanism, while Bitcoin relys on PoW consensus mechanism. Trustcoin Network is developed on two layers: CSL is the first layer which is similar to Bitcoin but using PoS consensus. CLL is the second layer that supports decentralized applications (Dapps) and Smart Contracts but remains independent of CSL.

This separation enhances the upgradability and flexibility of Trustcoin. The system is separated into 2 independent layers to ensure system’s security and speed. By adoption of PoS, the project’s electricity cost is reduced while the consensus process is quickly achieved. The upgrade mechanism does not affect the community as Bitcoin’s hardforks do.

IV. The potential value of Trustcoin

The coin of this potential project is Trustcoin. Trustcoin has a clear owner, so a strong and sustainable pricing strategy will help attract the community and create a positive spillover effect:

For every 100,000 Trust allocate to the community, the value of the Trust will increase by 1%.

  • 1,000,000 Trust allocate to the community, the value will increase by 10%.
  • 10,000,000 Trust allocate to the community, the value will increase by 100%.
  • 100,000,000 Trust allocate to the community, the value will increase by 1000%.

If the current price of the Trust is $ 0.1, then with 100,000,000 Trust allocate will raise the minimum price to $ 1.1, which is up to 10 times the original value.


In addition, with diverse ecosystems, Trust is put into application with many attractive incentives:

  • Investors who deposit Trust to invest on will immediately be added to the account 10% of the investment capital.
  • Investors receiving daily profits in Trust will be completely exempted from transaction fees.
  • Investors who keep a minimum of 10,000 Trust on their account will be added 10% commission when ref link.

V. Policy of the Trustinvestment?

With an investment of $100 to $100,000, you will be withdrawn at any time, if withdrawing before the deadline will receive 90% of the capital. The interest rate corresponding to the term of specific investment packages is as follows:

  • 3 months: interest rate of 8% / month
  • 6 months: 10% interest / month (Bonus 5000 Trustcoin for investment from $5000)
  • 9 months: 12% interest / month (Bonus 10,000 Trustcoin for investment from $5000)
  • 12 months: 15% interest / month (Bonus 20,000 Trustcoin for investment from $5000)

About policies for referrals:

  • Referrals do not need investment
  • You will receive 40% daily profit of subscribers
  • Receive an additional 10% profit if the account maintains 10,000 trust or more
  • Profit will be paid daily by ETH or Trustcoin

This is an attractive investment opportunity with one of the 10 most potential coin projects in 2019. Bitcoin still exists but cannot grow forever, so Trustcoin will be the next precursor that you cannot miss. Do not lose this opportunity to increase this powerful assets offline.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity with a new coin, the trend of 2019 – 2020. Success comes only when you are prepared and seize the opportunity.

Investors can contact us directly or join information channels to update the market and get our best support.



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