Significance of Geographical Distribution of Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes

Significance of Geographical Distribution of Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes

Misconception about cryptocurrency is a common thing. As per others’ points of view, those who have control over the mining power also have control over the network as well. Accordingly, China has the authority to stop generating Bitcoin. It would hardly impact the miners on their network and their control would be negligible in that case. Blockchain-based networks are not able to be controlled by a single entity because miners are empowered by the economy. Moreover, the form of the network which can run can be dictated by the nodes. Networks can also provide them with political power. Moreover, this political power can be exercised by the consensus mechanism. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit apps like the BITGPTAPP platform.

What is the need for Geographical Distribution of both networks?

As per geographical distribution, the countries which are free to speak, in those countries Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes run at some level. However, these countries can further interact with each other on the basic topic to express different ideas. This means that government organisations are not having the tools to shut Bitcoin and Ethereum down and those people who have nodes on their network are authorized to stop their central organization from overdoing their networks. Moreover, other distribution licensees make sure that the government organization does not take advantage to shut down others’ networks who are willing to use their power within the region. more efforts have to be made with other governments to make extra efforts for success.

Where are Bitcoin Nodes Concentrated?

Now the question comes to mind that Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes focus on which particular spot geographically and how autonomous are they from miners?  Although the answer to this question is somehow difficult in respect of a network’s healthy accessibility.

Although nodes present on the Bitcoin network are more than that of Ethereum. The current availability of nodes over the Bitcoin network is 9,400 as compared to the 8,200 nodes that Ethereum shows off. Those countries which have more nodes on their network have freedom of speech. As per the collective data available on the network of cryptocurrency, Singapore is carrying the highest number of nodes relative to their populations and the Netherlands comes in second place where the density is higher for Bitcoins, all over the world.

As per the study done by Cornell University on the Geographical Distribution of Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes

In terms of population, Bitcoin odes’ densities are higher which is why they are clustered closer to each other on their network. According to the study conducted by Cornell University, the nodes running from the data center of their respective countries are approximately 58% of all Bitcoin nodes whereas the count of nodes of Ethereum is about 30% running from its data center. Moreover, the nodes available on the Ethereum network are widely spread. This becomes the main advantage of the strength of Ethereum over the network. The data centers indicate the node clustering over the Bitcoin network that miners are responsible for running the important part of all Bitcoin networks. Hence it is worth saying that miners who are having more economic power over the network are benefited from a huge political influence. But this theory is somehow different in the case of Ethereum because it works on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism where validators’ duties are fixed to take the duties of the miners.

Final thought 

Although both Ethereum and Bitcoin lovers are well known for the advantages and disadvantages of their resolve network nodes. There are several but the nodes count is comparatively less which is a reason for thought. Although the nodes were empowered politically within their network, they also made it more resilient. Hence the increase in the count of nodes is a must. And it can happen when the network of crypto will be distributed over more geographical locations all over the world for both the networks in equal proportion.

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