Shareslake uses the Cardano technology to accelerate startups and company funding

Shareslake uses the Cardano technology to accelerate startups and company funding

They try to change the stock markets, they tokenize company shares into the blockchain. But they do not stop on that trivial step.

Shareslake was created to solve the limited concept and inefficient design of the current markets. In the current markets, the stocks are negotiated mostly into the secondary market. Nevertheless, when an investor buys shares of a company the company is not actually funded. It is just an exchange of shares between two investors that pay a commission to an intermediary broker. Shareslake’s main objective is to provide funds to a company every time their shares are transacted, after all the fact that investors want to buy the shares means that they want to fund that company to get a future income when it increases their profit.

The Shareslake culture is always trying to benefit all the participants in the network and the ecosystem.

Shareslake is able to provide up to 2% over a company market cap to the underlying company annually.

This creates the perfect ecosystem for a company, specially for startups since apart from the normal funding in current stock markets, or by venture capital, they receive a periodical fund.

To be able to opt for that benefit, the company has to accept the Shareslake coin (Redeemable) for their products, giving real usability to the coin.

Also, Shareslake benefits investors not only by eliminating intermediaries, but also implementing a protocol to securely remove the network fees when investing in those companies. So, buying stocks in Shareslake is totally free for an investor.

The value of the Redeemable (Shareslake ‘s coin) comes from two different sources:

  • It can be exchanged by shares that potentially produce more
  • It can be used on a daily basis, since it can be used to buy products or

All the information about the project can be found at The Twitter is

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