KFC Exchange – A New Global Exchange

KFC Exchange – A New Global Exchange

1. Current reality of Bitcoin exploitation

Proof-of-work (PoW) method, in which mining machines are used to generate hash, are classified into cloud-based exploiting, requiring operators to own their own equipment and the customer may hire hash power to mine the token and exploit in which the client’s mining machine is used and managed by a mining entity.

Theoretically, to mine cryptocurrency, anyone in the world can download an exploitable program onto their device and mine it by running the software. In fact, during the early years of Bitcoin exploiting, individuals could exploit money with a PC, but as the competition intensified and exploiting became difficult and fast, it is currently very difficult for individual users to mine coins.

Today, specialized machines such as ASIC must be used for mining with this trend, cryptocurrency mining continues to be focused and expanded.

However, smaller cryptocurrency miners have ceased operations due to combined regulatory factors and market decline in 2018. Large-scale cryptocurrency mining companies in China are located in the north (Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hebei, Heilongjiang) and southwest (Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou).

Thus, it can be seen that larger cryptocurrency mining tools are located in certain areas. This indicates that such large mining facilities require locations that meet certain conditions.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand which factors are important in determining where to install new mining facilities:

  1. Providing cheap electric power
  2. The regulatory landscape is favorable for the cryptocurrency market including the mining industry
  3. Political stability
  4. Fast and reliable internet connection

Cold weather (to reduce cooling costs for mining equipment)

The above five factors must be considered to choose the optimal location for cryptocurrency mining

Another commonly mentioned issue related to the cryptocurrency mining industry is excessive energy consumption for mining.

The trading industry has played an important role in rapidly increasing and expanding of their cryptocurrencies and ecosystems. Trading platform have been the easiest channel for customers to get cryptocurrency. They are the most business entities involved in cryptocurrencies, and are also creating the most jobs. Even in the future, the trading industry is expected to maintain an important position in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Confidentiality, fraud, identity verification, government regulations, relationships with banks and a lack of talent are the main risk factors in regulating cryptocurrency exchanges. Most big and small exchanges all agree that such risk factors increased in 2018 over the year 2017, the biggest risk factor among them is security. Next comes the legal burden, lack of talent and fraud. Hacker against exchanges is an important issue that even Bithumb, the largest exchange in Korea, has been exposed. To set up and operate cryptocurrency exchanges, project teams should prioritize security, regulation, and procurement of security tools.

2. What is KFC exchange?

KFC Exchange is one of the few global exchanges with the highest level of security and speed by applying the Crystal of BitFury and the ERC20 standard, has opened up a new path for investors and financial community. 70% of the revenue of the commissions generated from the Trading Platform will be paid daily to investors participating in entrustment to KFC.

KFC Exchange is an emerging Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform, supporting many Altcoins as well as tokens newly issued from ICO projects. The headquarter of KFC Exchange is located in Hong Kong and launches to investors after the domestic regulations on Crypto are approved.

3. About KFCE Token

ERC20 token is a smart contract, respecting ERC20 standard, implementing a third-party payment process including 2 steps:

First, the token owner approves a third party to spend the token on their behalf.

Then, the approved third party may spend this token amount. These tokens can be sent to any Ethereum address.

KFCE Token Distribution Rate

10% Pre – ICO 10,000,000

20% Bonus For Investors 20,000,000

50% ICO 50,000,000

20% DEV Team 20,000,000

4. Investment policies of KFCE

KFCE has 5 investment packages ranging from $ 500 to $ 100,000, interest rates range from 0.5% to 1% / day, Investment term from 4 to 6 months.

Investors may withdraw trading capital after the end of the investment term. Profits can be withdrawn to BTC / ETH / KFCE tokens daily. Investors are entitled to internal liquidity of KFCE Token to the community or receive compound interest opportunities when KFCE on ICO.


  • Investment Amount: $500 – $5000
  • Daily Profit: 0.5%
  • Investment term: 240 days


  • Investment Amount: $5500 – $10000
  • Daily Profit: 0.6%
  • Investment term: 210 days


  • Investment Amount: $10500 – $20000
  • Daily Profit: 0.7%
  • Investment term: 180 days


  • Investment Amount: $20500 – $50000
  • Daily Profit: 0.8%
  • Investment term: 150 days


  • Investment Amount: $50500 – $100000
  • Daily Profit: 1%

Investment term: 120 days

KFC Exchange Investment policies

5. KFCE’s Roadmap

KFCE has a clear development roadmap in the next 3 years.

·  August 2018: KFC Exchange – The new global exchange was founded by experienced experts of cryptocurrency market.

·  December 2018: Research and set up blockchain platform for KFCE Token.

·  February 2019: Build the platform operating cryptocurrency KFC Exchanges.

·  July 2019: Open Pre-ICO by rewarding investors participating in KFCE entrusting investment.

·  October 2019: Introduce the internal trading platform KFCE. Open the portal can invest 20% of the capital by KFCE Token.

·  November 2019: Open the portal can invest 50% of the capital by KFCE Token.

·  December 2019: Open the portal can invest 70% of the capital by KFCE.

·  January 2020: Open the portal can invest 100% of the capital by KFCE Token.

·  February 2020: ICO Sale Open.

·  April 2020: Launch KFC Exchange centralized digital currency exchange.

·  June 2020: Create a KFCE Token application for payment of transaction fees on KFC Exchange without trading on website.

·  2020 – 2022: Develop more attractive interest policies and expand KFCE ecosystem.

A big exchange like KFCE has opened up new opportunities for investors to increase assets. Investors can contact us directly or join information channels to update the market and get our best support.

Website: www.kfcexchange.com/


Youtube: https://bit.ly/2mgR1Qi

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