First Islam-compliant Cryptocurrency “Caizcoin” launched

First Islam-compliant Cryptocurrency “Caizcoin” launched

Being the first Islamic coin on the cryptocurrency market, Caizcoins’ objective is to enable everyone to participate in the modern financial world, providing technology based financial services that comply with Islamic values.

There have been other approaches before but nothing comparable with Caizcoin. This coin has been the first to get certified as an official Islamic blockchain and cryptocurrency with the final vision to provide financial freedom not only to 1.8 billion Muslims but to everyone globally.

Caizcoin is working with an international team of prominent Islamic scholars and economists, as well as business, finance, and technology experts to define the concept of a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency that adheres to the rules of Islamic finance.

Why Choose Caizcoin?

Global money transactions have become a standard practice in our world. People are in the need of being able to transfer money from one country to another without having to wait several days and to pay high transaction fees.

Caizcoin offers a variety of advantages through building an innovative and technology based financial solution. This is characterized by its own blockchain that allows faster and anonymous transactions on a global level according to Islamic financial standards. Furthermore, the Caizcoin wallet guarantees maximum security and data protection. This Islamic cryptocurrency can be defined as a stable coin, since it will be backed by precious metals.

In addition, Caizcoin provides an API for easy integration of 3rd party vendors, that should encourage and ease its usage as a currency. All vendors and partners within the network are validated to adhere to the values and standards represented by Caizcoin. For instance, the Islamic coin will partner with organizations and institutions to enable Wagf and Zakat donations and Islam-compliant e-commerce.

Caizcoin provides a solution that integrates both the modern western and the Islamic world. It is defined by Islamic values such as trust, justice, honesty, and compassion as well as modern values like freedom, open-mindedness, independence, and future-orientation.

Amongst the advantages is freedom from any form of fees until a certain ratio of withdrawal. Furthermore, the absolute security of the Islamic blockchain and the KYC procedure guarantee safety for the users’ data and verification of every member in the network.

In summary, all the transactional history remains anonymous. Every transaction of every user will stay secure due to the strong technology of the Caizcoin blockchain. With that said, transactions are not limited by country or number of participants, and funds can be sent globally.

The Team Behind Caizcoin

The founders and team of Caizcoin are business, tech, and finance experts both from Europe and the Muslim world, offering guidance on how to apply the Islamic values in the world of digital finance. The project has been originally founded in Germany while Caizcoin advisors include worldwide major Islamic economists, finance experts and scholars who helped to ensure that the coin is “caiz” (admissible).

The first to be released will be the blockchain and the coin which sets the foundation for more innovative financial solutions to come.


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