Crypto has exploded onto the gambling industry – what you should know

Crypto has exploded onto the gambling industry – what you should know

Make cryptocurrencies are having an impact on everyday life and every industry. You can now pay for your weekly groceries using crypto, invest, and even receive your wages in Bitcoin and other popular options. The success and growing craze around crypto mean it comes as no surprise to learn the multi-billion dollar global gambling industry is starting to take an interest.

The most famous online Vegas sportsbooks allow customers to deposit, place bets on sports and casino then withdraw their winnings all in crypto. You can do this without leaving the comfort of your home, thanks to the wonders of online betting. Gamble on the Superbowl while watching the big match live on television or collect your horse racing winnings in Bitcoin from the trackside using your smartphone.

Modern gambling allows you to decide how you bet, when you bet, where you bet, on what you bet and even how you pay for your bets. You are in complete control thanks to the advancements and ambition of the leading bookmakers.

In this article, we introduce our readers to betting using cryptocurrency. Read on and you’ll find everything you need to fund your gambles. We even explain how you can claim a free sportsbook bet today.

How to use crypto for betting

Not all bookmakers accept cryptocurrency to fund your bets, not yet anyway, but the best do. The number is growing all the time and we’re not far off it being industry standard. The great news is you can find a reputable bookie for crypto quite easily and quickly. Just make sure the online betting app you choose is licensed, regulated and legal in your region. There will be an “About Us” page on betting apps with all the information you need.

Crypto can be added to other deposit methods such as debit cards and e-wallets. That means you aren’t limited to one option when paying for your bets or collecting your winners. Visit the member’s area and click the deposit link. There you’ll find all the payment methods that are open to you as an online bettor, such as VISA, PayPal and Bitcoin. For most bookies, Bitcoin is the standard crypto but some firms do cover others.

To deposit funds to your betting account using crypto you simply click the Bitcoin option then register your account details to pair your crypto account with your betting account. Input the amount you wish to deposit, check and then confirm.

The transfer will be made automatically from there and will be instant. This allows you to add funds and place bets on football, horse racing, greyhounds, boxing, tennis and all your favourite sports without delay. Ideal if you are gambling on the go or eager to get your stake down at the best odds. No waiting around for the transfer to clear.

How to register

Before you can use crypto or any form of payment to gamble online you must have an account registered to your name and address at a legal sportsbook. You may visit the bookie and have a look through the features, but if you want to place bets, you must be registered. This can be done in a few minutes by following these steps that can be applied to all major sportsbooks when using your home computer or smartphone.

  • Visit the homepage of your chosen bookmaker
  • Click the register button and fill in your details
  • Create a username and password
  • Click the member’s area>deposit?>Bitcoin
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm
  • Your funds will be added and ready to use

The most popular bookies give their customers a welcome bonus when you create an account, make your first deposit and place a bet on sports. The welcome bonus is usually a free bet to the value of your first bet. Why do they do this? It’s to attract customers to their site, encouraging you to choose one app over the mountains of competition.

You won’t hear a bookmaker tell you this, but you can join as many betting sites as you wish and receive free bets at each. The more sign-ups, the more free bets and the more accounts.


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