CoinMarketCap Lists Metacade Token Within Hours of Crypto Exchange Listings. More MCADE Exchange Listings Are Imminent

CoinMarketCap Lists Metacade Token Within Hours of Crypto Exchange Listings. More MCADE Exchange Listings Are Imminent

New GameFi token MCADE, the native token of Metacade, enjoyed a successful listing on leading crypto exchange Uniswap at the beginning of April, soon after which the world’s leading price-tracking website for digital assets, CoinMarketCap, listed MCADE on its site.

MCADE is set to be listed on more top crypto exchanges in the next couple of weeks, already having been listed on Bitmart, a leading CEX. Another listing in May on the exchange MEXC is coming too – which is sure to heavily impact the token price. The impact of these listings will be thoroughly assessed on CoinMarketCap by investors keen to see whether the expansion of Metacade to a broader audience will have the expected boost to the MCADE price.

What is Metacade?

Metacade aims to upset the GameFi status quo with its plans to build the largest play-to-earn (P2E) gaming arcade where gamers, developers, and crypto fans can congregate and unite, earn passive income, and celebrate their passion for gaming. To this end, Metacade will create a thriving online platform that caters to the broadest gaming interests, thus maximizing the platform’s total addressable market (TAM). As a result, Metacade will host the most comprehensive array of online video game titles anywhere in the GameFi sector.

To access the wide range of features in Metacade, users will need to hold the native MCADE token. In addition to unlocking the most comprehensive rewards system in the GameFi sector that goes far beyond the usual P2E capability, MCADE token holders will gain extensive utility and increasing governance as the platform devolves voting rights to the members as part of its transition to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) by 2024.

Crypto markets and investors love nothing more than community-led governance that fully embraces the founding principles behind the Web3 sector, and Metacade certainly ticks all the boxes. As well as having fully certified and verified platform coding, the project team was also validated by CertiK. Metacade’s outstanding whitepaper outlines the project’s detailed roadmap for the future. It also underlines the project team’s commitment to precise and meticulous decision-making.

An example of the team’s thinking can be seen in the incentivization to build community, whereby users are rewarded each time they post social content to the hub. This can be in game reviews, alpha sharing, or participating in sub-forums or live chats. Not only does this drive user engagement with the platform, but it illustrates Metacade’s commitment to being a community-led GameFi project.

How does MCADE work?

As well as unlocking powerful utility and increasing governance rights, the MCADE coin is the primary currency that powers Metacade’s entire ecosystem, from the wide-ranging rewards system to exchanging transactions, such as buying merchandise on the platform.

Metacade has taken steps to ensure that unwanted MCADE tokens don’t flood top crypto exchanges by limiting supply to 2 billion.  These excellent tokenomics are just another part of the overall package put together by Metacade’s project team.

Another exciting facet of MCADE is that it will provide the stimulus for the platform’s pioneering Metagrants scheme, which offers developers crypto funding to support the creation of brand-new GameFi titles exclusively for Metacade. Developers submit concepts to a pool that the MCADE community vote on. The favorite ideas are awarded a grant from the central treasury to support the venture, meaning that the community is engaged in the evolution of the platform’s game library. At the same time, Metacade pushes innovation in Web3 to greater heights.

How will CoinMarketCap help MCADE investors?

CoinMarketCap is the world’s most widely used price-tracking website for digital assets. Its stated aim is to make crypto discoverable and efficient by providing traders and investors with high-quality, unbiased, and accurate information to aid them in making informed trading and investment decisions.

Anyone interested in investing in MCADE can use CoinMarketCap to assess the performance of the coin across a range of timeframes, find out more about Metacade, access the latest news articles, and, most importantly, provide details on which crypto exchanges are listing MCADE.

MCADE’s listing on CoinMarketCap opens a brand new audience to Metacade and the platform’s rich suite of features, giving it an excellent opportunity to expand its user base even further, driving buying pressure on the fixed supply of tokens, and helping the coin reach its predicted end of year price of $0.50 on the top crypto exchanges.

Is MCADE a good investment?

MCADE’s recent crypto exchange listing on Uniswap has increased the excitement around the platform, which outperformed expectations with the pace of its presale sell-out, which raised $16.4 million. After launching on Uniswap at $0.022, significantly higher than the presale beta price of $0.008, expectations are that once MCADE continues to list on other top crypto exchanges, the price will increase significantly.

With the platform still in its infancy and a range of exciting features rolling out in the coming weeks and months, and MCADE being exposed to an ever-growing audience and potential user base, MCADE looks to be one of the best crypto investment opportunities of the year.

You can find more information, including where to buy MCADE, here.

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