Belgium’s only Cryptocurrency platform suspends activities

Belgium’s only Cryptocurrency platform suspends activities


Digital money aficionados in Belgium have been left disheartened after the country’s just cryptographic money exchanging stage, Bit4You, declared the suspension of its exercises. In addition, websites like will assist traders in their trading journey.

Bit4You, which was sent off in 2018, was one of only a handful of exceptional stages in Belgium that permitted clients to purchase, sell, and store cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The stage was well known among financial backers, brokers, and cryptographic money devotees, as it gave a basic and secure method for putting resources into computerized resources.

Reasons behind the suspension

The organization referred to administrative vulnerability and absence of lucidity as the primary purposes behind the suspension. In an explanation on its site, Bit4You said that it had been “compelled to suspend its exercises until additional notification” because of “the complex and developing administrative structure that applies to the cryptographic money area in Belgium.”

The declaration really shocks numerous in the local cryptographic money area, as Belgium has been somewhat moderate in its way of dealing with digital currency guidelines.

In 2020, the nation executed a new enemy of tax evasion rules for cryptographic money exchanges, which were viewed as a positive step towards more prominent authenticity and standard acknowledgement of computerized resources.

Impact on users

The suspension of Bit4You’s exercises has left numerous clients in an in-between state, with some unfit to pull out their assets from the stage. In its explanation, Bit4You said that it would “do all that could be within reach to guarantee that clients’ resources are protected and gotten back to them straight away.”

In any case, the most common way of returning clients’ resources could take time, as the stage should follow administrative necessities and guarantee that all exchanges are authentic and agree with hostile to illegal tax avoidance rules.

Alternative options for Belgian investors

The suspension of Bit4You’s exercises has left a hole on the lookout for digital currency exchange in Belgium. Notwithstanding, there are as yet elective choices for financial backers who wish to purchase, sell, and store digital currencies.

One choice is to utilize a worldwide cryptographic money trade that works in Belgium, like Binance or Coinbase. These stages permit clients to purchase, sell, and store a wide variety of digital forms of money, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Another choice is to utilize a shared cryptographic money trade, like LocalBitcoins or Paxful. These stages permit clients to trade digital currencies straightforwardly with one another without the requirement for an incorporated trade.

The Future of Cryptocurrency in Belgium

The suspension of Bit4You’s exercises features the administrative difficulties that digital money organizations face in Belgium and different nations all over the planet. As the digital money market proceeds to develop and develop, almost certainly, we will see more administrative investigation and oversight.

In any case, numerous in the local cryptographic money area accept that guideline is important for the drawn-out maintainability and standard reception of advanced resources.

By making clear and steady administrative systems, states can assist with building trust and trust in the cryptographic money market and guarantee that clients are shielded from extortion and other criminal operations.

Bit4You’s plan for the future

As well as reporting the suspension of its exercises, Bit4You likewise shared its arrangements for the future in its assertion. The organization expressed that it would be working intimately with controllers and partners to guarantee that it could continue its exercises straightaway.

Bit4You underscored its obligation to conform to every administrative prerequisite and give a completely safe stage for its clients. The organization likewise communicated its confidence in the drawn-out capability of cryptographic forms of money and its longing to keep serving the requirements of Belgian financial backers and merchants.


The suspension of Bit4You’s exercises is a difficulty for the cryptographic money local area in Belgium, yet it isn’t the stopping point for computerized resources in the country. As the market keeps on developing, we are probably going to see new and inventive stages arise that give improved answers for financial backers, dealers, and digital money lovers.

Meanwhile, clients of Bit4You and other cryptographic money stages ought to guarantee that they grasp the dangers and advantages of putting resources into advanced resources and do whatever it takes to safeguard their resources and guarantee consistency with significant guidelines.

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