5 new and best ongoing ICO projects to invest in 2023

5 new and best ongoing ICO projects to invest in 2023

Investors from all over the world are looking for different chances to invest their funds and make a few X. Some of them invest in real estate, others – in traditional financial assets – stocks, obligations, futures. Others invest in non-conventional financial assets – cryptocurrency. All the crypto coins could be divided into traditional (like Bitcoin) and new (which could help to earn a few X on the initial stages to investors). This article is devoted to the new projects which are ready to propose investors their coins to invest in on the initial stage in 2023 (it is called Initial Coin Offering or simply ICO). All the projects were thoroughly checked by the experts. The list of five new and best ongoing ICO projects to invest in 2023:


  1. BlaBlaGame (BLA) – Rock-Paper-Scissors crypto game with games protection – recommended GameFi leader of the list;
  2. Hedera (HBAR) – analog of current blockchain transactions system;
  3. Byepix (EPIX) – based on Web 3.0 blockchain platform;
  4. O-MEE (OME) – Social Network and NFT Platform;
  5. Kryptview (KVT) – research-to-earn platform.

Below we will consider each ICO project in details to provide as much information as possible about ongoing ICO projects 2023 to invest in.

1.     BlaBlaGame (BLA)

The leader of the list is BlaBlaGame. BlaBlaGame is a super innovative GameFi and play-to-earn platform – live Rock-Paper-Scissors crypto game with real users. This outstanding project was launched and created by Ukrainian crypto expert team. The idea of the game: users sign up on the BlaBlaGame platform and start playing with other users Rock-Paper-Scissors crypto game and earn. Players can create their own bids in USDT or native BLA-token or play in already created games. The security of the platform is on the highest level as all the players bids are protected with advanced SHA-256 encryption mechanism. Two cryptocurrencies are available to play the game: USDT and BlaBlaGame token (BLA). It is profitable to play with the use of BLA-token as the fee for win in the game is less (2.2%) than playing with USDT (3% from the total amount of the game). BlaBlaGame is ready to propose limited bonuses while buying BLA tokens and innovative staking program. BLA tokens could be bought directly on BlaBlaGame token sale platform for different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT and others: https://blablagame.io/buy-bla-tokens BlaBlaGame offers players referral program: they can invite their friends and colleagues to the game and earn referral revenue in USDT and BLA for their wins in Rock-Paper-Scissors crypto game. Moreover, active BlaBlaGame players earn a daily cashback in the end of the day for their wins in Rock-Paper-Scissors game. Finally, there is a 10-level rating system on BlaBlaGame which says: the higher your rating is the more bonuses, rewards, cashback and referral revenue user earns. For thousands of people BlaBlaGame has become an excellent play-to-earn platform which gives users daily profits. Deep analytical reports claim that BlaBlaGame is considered as leading projects for listing on TOP crypto exchange – Binance. Hurry up and do not lose your chance to invest in BLA tokens and earn high-volume bonuses: https://blablagame.io/buy-bla-tokens

Token tickerBLA
Issued onEthereum blockchain (ERC-20)
Number of tokens1,000,000,000
Soft cap1,000,000 USDT
Unsold tokensWill be burned
Investment riskVery low

2.     Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is a proof-of-stake platform or as they called themselves ‘The third generation public ledger’. Despite BlaBlaGame, the project is at the development stage only so it is not quite safe for early investors. The project is going to combine the network with speed transactions, low fees and fast transactions confirmations and low energy consumption. In fact, this is what other blockchains have already done (for example, Ethereum or Solana). Hedera promises to launch the services for tokens creation, consensus and building smart-contracts on Solidity. Right for now, the project is on the early development stage. It needs time to investors to look at the development stage.

Token tickerHBAR
Issued onNo information
Number of tokensNo information
Soft capNo information
Unsold tokensNo information
Investment riskHigh

3.     Byepix (EPIX)

Byepix does not have a live product. The idea of the project is to launch a Web 3.0 MetaVerse system with EPIX token. They are planning to develop metaverse for VR, AR and Web XR systems. The metaverse would be based on protocols which could be applied for B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), C2B (consumer to business), C2C (consumer to consumer) directions. According to the plans, users in metaverse would interact with each other with use of protocols. The project does not describe the speed and security of this communication.

Token tickerEPIX
Issued onBinance Smart Chain
Number of tokens1,000,000,000 EPIX
Soft capNo information
Unsold tokensNo information
Investment riskVery high

4.     O-MEE (OME)

O-mee does not have a live product as well. O-mee is planning to develop social network and NFT-marketplace to let creators, artists and brands to trade the digital goods on marketplace. The risk of the platform is that there is great number of live working NFT-marketplaces and it would be quite hard to compete with them. Moreover, the team of the project is not KYCed, so the risk of investments rises.

Token tickerOME
Issued onEthereum blockchain (ERC-20)
Number of tokens800,000,000
Soft cap8,000,000 OME
Unsold tokensNo information
Investment riskVery high

5.     Kryptview (KVT)

Kryptview system is going to launch in a few years the research-to-earn platform. According to the idea, the platform is driven by crypto community. Crypto community could look for new amazing crypto projects in the internet. For the search of valuable project crypto community will rewards the user with native tokens. It is not quite clear if the tokens could be exchanged to traditional crypto on the exchange.

Token tickerKVT
Token typeERC-20, ERC-721, Ethereum blockchain
Number of tokens300,000,000
Soft capNo information
Unsold tokensNo information
Investment riskVery high


Investors all over the world participate in the ICO since 2018. The main idea of earning significant rewards from ICOs is to find the clear and very promising projects on the early stage of ICO which could possibly let the investors make a few X on the invested funds. In this article we have collected 5 new and best ongoing ICO projects to invest in 2023. Among the considered projects, the best and most promising ICO of 2023 is BlaBlaGame (Rock-Paper-Scissors crypto game with BLA token) because the project is already live and launched by the experienced team from Ukraine. BlaBlaGame let the users play the game and earn significant rewards in USDT. According to analytical reports, BlaBlaGame’s token BLA is considered as one of the projects to be listed and traded on top exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. Take a precise look and enjoy investing in the best ICO of 2023!

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