Vis in the world

Vis in the world

Created using Figma
Issue your own NFT which can be verified in real-time
VIW is the world’s first platform that can issue NFT based on personalised IPFS with best security.
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关于 Vis in the world

VIW is a platform that validates NFT's Creator and Brand through a verification team and then creates NFT through smart contracts created by each Creator.

And NFT can be created based on the content connected to the creator's IPFS. In this way, smart contracts created by each work and Creator are not controlled by exchanges or centralized systems.

The NFT smart contract linked to Creator's IPFS is created through the Deploy page, and after creation, the NFT transaction allows the buyer to acquire full ownership while the transaction is actually displayed in the buyer's wallet and check the transaction history

How it works

The NFT created by Creator can increase the value of NFT through brand verification with artists and can directly delete or transfer ownership of smart contracts linked to Creator's own IPFS.

Buyers can directly receive and own NFT with verified artists and brands as personal wallets. Just as Creator can create and delete NFT, buyers have full authority to delete or modify NFT directly. However, buyers should pay more attention when purchasing NFT that have not been verified by artists or brands because the value of NFT may be undermined.


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