Kudoken Token

Kudoken Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A blockchain ecosystem incentivizing businesses partners and community participation through the use of token redemption for rewards. Participation is easy!
To be announced
1 billion
10% team
10% airdrop
49% public market liquigity
15% gaming
7,5% marketing
5% banked staking reserves
3,5% philanthropy aspect
平台, Cryptocurrency

关于 Kudoken Token

Simply, interact with any of our first party and partner programs; then decide how you want to use your Kudoken rewards. Concert tickets, Pizza, Photography packages, Merchandise, One-of-a-kind NFT’s from superstars in entertainment, plus exclusive tiered content from our unique rewards store. As we add business partners the incentives keep growing! Kudoken has an unparalleled amount of use cases to interact with and redemption is easy. Once you’ve received tokens by way of mining, air drops, entertainment platform participation, or purchase. You can use Kudoken to interact with our platforms, exchange them for rewards, grow your plot of tokens through staking, and/or turn them in for currency via Uniswap exchange! Unparralled Useability Kudokens’ ecosystem and business outreach will continually adapt allowing the community access to a range of new activities, payments, and rewards offers. As we develop business partners, the rewards available keep growing! Kudoken makes use of some of the most popular mechanics in blockchain technology and the crypto industry today. Air drops, Token Burns, Staking Multipliers, Gaming, NFT’s, and more. A true utility token with acceptance for purchases in person, or online, as direct payment and/or rewards redemption. Our state-of-the-art partner/customer incentive system gives participants access to exclusive services with a set Kudoken purchase amount. As a program participant you will be able to get great value pricing and exclusive services/merchandise only available with Kudoken. Kudoken Rewards Store Kudoken rewards store is home to ultra-rare digital and physical assets in a first of its kind blockchain rewards store. Kudoken rewards will showcase exclusive 1-of-1 digital content featuring art from legendary performers covering a wide range of entertainment types. Music, Comedy, Celebrities, Youtube, Gaming, and more. Just wait to see what’s in the vault each unlock, then decide if you are going to be the big spender and collect exclusive rewards. With a proprietary one-of-a-kind auction vault system, the asset cannot be previewed until someone initiates the minimum bid. Once the bid minimum is met, the asset teaser clips will be on display. Then the 24-hour auction timer will commence. Once the timer hits zero, the highest bid takes the 1-of-1 and we move to the next asset. This sets a new precedence in rare NFT digital art and is another Kudoken exclusive. Own a piece of history. Environmental and Animal Philanthropy Giving back is a core value to the Kudoken team as we practice community driven efforts focused on supporting our ecosystem. Kudoken philanthropy mechanics tackle sustainability, assisting causes that protect both animals and the environment. Kudoken development team has participated in countless efforts related to both animal and environmental conservation. Included in the Kudoken ecosystem is a philanthropist mechanic that benefits both the animal/environmental cause and our investors/participants alike. Through staking Kudoken for set periods, a monthly number of tokens are allocated to the participating sanctuary. Sanctuaries may use the Kudoken as they choose to assist with their cause by working within the network to gain resources they can use towards their cause. The staking amount is then protected through the non-profit/good cause’s pledge; and the cause is assisted with Kudoken to support their mission WildCat Ridge Sanctuary WildCat Ridge is a sanctuary for more than 80 animals including Bobcats, Caracals, Cheetahs, Cougars, Hybrids, Lions, Lynx, Servals, Tigers, and more. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to their mission to provide a safe, natural lifetime home to all of their “residents”. They are contributed to by direct donation support and ran by a grassroots team from the founders, board of directors, to their amazing volunteers. Kudoken team takes distinct pleasure to be able to contribute efforts on behalf of the community and support such an amazing cause. Find out more and donate directly at their website: https://wildcatridgesanctuary.org/   Big Island Farm Sanctuary Located on the Big Island of Hawaii in beautiful Naalehu, Big island farm sanctuary is a privately owned and operated 25-acre, off-grid, animal rescue, offering a life of love and happiness to farmed and feral animals in need of sanctuary. Through interaction and education, we help people learn the truth about animal agriculture, make a meaningful connection with the animals we commonly call food, and show people how they can help stop the needless suffering of animals and the devastation to our planet, all while improving their own health. Find out more by visiting their website: bigislandfarmsanctuary.com



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Gabriel Rogers
Jessie Sponberg
Noor Ul Ain Afaq
Blockchain Specialist, Coder Smart Contract, Air D...
Jesse "Rush Wun" Tul...
Executive Officer, Merchandise & Rewards, Rush Wun...
Hamza Gulistan
Game Developer CEO, Rapiddev Games
Rapid Dev Team
International Marketing Representitive/Business Ou...
Jayln'd Rogers
Director of Social Media Interaction, Video Game C...
Logan Heatherington
International Marketing Representative, Business O...

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