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BlockSurvey is a privacy-first platform. No ads, no trackers. Protect your respondents' data and privacy with BlockSurvey.
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关于 BlockSurvey

"BlockSurvey," literally meaning "Survey on the Blockchain," allowing digital rights such as data protection and identity ownership. Their audiences are mainly people looking for a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tool to gather data from a broader audience considering data privacy and security. They seek to ensure our consumers get the best options for privacy and data security.

With BlockSurvey, you will finally be able to collect the information you need and stop worrying about protecting your data and your participants’ privacy. We're your trusted solution provider, and we're proud of that.


Own your data

From now on, your data will be stored encrypted in your decentralized private storage and only accessible by you. You have full ownership. We can't see your data—no more data leaks and data breaches.

Protect your respondents' privacy

Stop having to worry about your respondents viewing ads, trackers, or other third-party scripts that are known to pose privacy, security, or confidentiality risks. No ads, no trackers, no cookies.

Increase completion rates

Each response is end-to-end encrypted and collected, preserving your respondents' privacy. Also, with the intuitive, branded, conversational style surveys, you can double your completion rate.


End-to-end encrypted

Responses encrypted using your public key. Only you can unlock to see it.

Brand kit

Keep your branding language consistent using your fonts, themes, and logos.

Custom domain

White label your forms and surveys using your own domain.

Team collaboration

Collaborate as a team in creating forms and surveys in realtime like Figma.

Email auto responders

e.g., Thank a respondent for taking your survey or send a response copy.


Connect to 500+ apps using Webhooks using Zapier, Integromat. Direct notifications to Slack and Discord.

Skip Logic

Create custom flows in your forms based on answers. Also called as conditional logic, branch logic.

Built in analytics

Obtain key insights and ideas from collected data. Includes pivot tables, word cloud, and sentiment analysis.

Embed, Widgets

Add your form and survey to your website as embeds, popups, cards, and sliders.

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